About us

Our Firm

Winsby works with businesses all across the world to help them grow,
using proven, analytical driven practices. Based in Chicago, IL, Winsby has
clients in almost every continent. We care deeply about their success.

Our Clients

  • Manufacturers with distribution networks
  • Global corporations
  • Distributors
  • Service providers

Our Founders

Steve Clegg and Deborah Frakes

In 2003, Mr. Clegg and Ms. Frakes founded Winsby Inc. Since its start, the
company has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide that include
manufacturers with distributors, global corporations, and service providers.

Previously, Mr. Clegg was with AEA Investors, Inc.
and served on the boards and in executive
positions for companies in a wide variety of
industries. He began his career in international
finance. He received a BS from the United States
Air Force Academy and an MBA from the
University of Chicago.

Ms. Frakes has experience with a wide variety of
successful businesses, including manufacturing,
distribution and service. She began her career as
an environmental consultant in New York. She
earned two degrees from Columbia University—a
BA in environmental conservation and an MBA in
finance and marketing.