Common Problems

  • Declining margins
  • Customer list isn't expanding
  • Revenues aren't growing
  • Customer complaints

Typical Improvements
with Winsby

Increased revenue and purchase orders

  • Send emails regularly—Customers on an active email list make purchases two to
    three times more often
  • Calling to verify contact information—Identify key decision makers for
    targeted industries
  • Market Research —Understand your competitive position and learn how to
    differentiate your products

Expanded market share

  • Company materials—Help your sales team close sales by communicating
    everything you offer
  • Website—Reinforce what's important to your customers when selecting a source
    for your products

Satisfied customers

  • Customer satisfaction surveys—Learn your referral score, a strong indicator of
    sustainable growth, and develop strategies to improve your score
  • Proprietary portal—You can address customers' problems quickly when you
    have real time results