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From Fragmented to Focused, Runnion Equipment Repositioned and Grew

For Runnion Equipment, based in Lyons, Ill., timing for beginning the National Crane marketing program couldn't have been worse. Soon after the dealership launched the program with marketing partner Winsby Inc. toward the end of 2009, the housing market fell off a cliff. At that time, more than 70 percent of the company's business was housing-related. “We have had to change our direction and focus on the customers that are buying,” said Pat Runnion, CEO of Runnion Equipment.

Sales Are Up
Since launching the program, parts revenues have dramatically increased, along with service and rental sales. New equipment sales have also recovered nicely. Research conducted at the onset of the project ranked what was most important to National Crane customers and prospects and gave focus to the dealer's marketing efforts. “We were doing a good job, but we probably weren't touting it as much as we should,” added Runnion.

Messages Are Focused
Winsby helped focus Runnion's message on customers and developed a methodical process to get messages out via email marketing. Prior to hiring Winsby, Runnion's marketing efforts had been fragmented, with responsibility falling on the company president and vice president. “They help keep the ball moving and take things off our plate that we don't enjoy doing,” said Runnion. He notes that the cost is far less than what it would be to hire a dedicated marketing person.

Expanding into New Markets
Winsby has also helped the company go after new markets. “They put together targeted brochures and emails geared to the market,” said Runnion. “They also obtain appropriate target lists that they call to identify decision makers for the sales team to follow up with.”

A Partner that Understands the Business
Runnion feels there is an added benefit in working with an agency that understands the equipment industry. “You are not paying for them to learn your business,” explained Runnion. “They know who we are. Really, they have become more of an advisor to us.”

A New Facility Was Needed
Runnion Equipment moved into a new location to accommodate the increase in their business in 2019. They simply ran out of room and needed more service bays to accommodate their growth.