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Our Strategies


We work with a wide range of companies, from groups that have never really focused on marketing and have grown throughreferrals and cold calling by the sales team, to organizations that have an extensive marketing staff and have decided to outsource specific functions, usually because the current structure made it difficult to complete the tasks on schedule. The range in size for the companies we work with is broad, too, from startups to public companies with revenues over $25 billion.

Customized Marketing Strategies


Our most popular strategy is one that includes all the basics, The Core Program.

We’ve adjusted it over time as we’ve tested new ideas and discovered tools that work well to help businesses grow. This approach provides the marketing basics, along with ways of measuring what’s working and what isn’t, both from a marketingstandpoint and operationally.

Email Design

Distribute Emails

Emails are a critical touch point for any type of customer now. They provide information and remind customers to purchase. Any business should be distributing them regularly to stay in touch with customers and to try to convert prospects to customers. Every type of business should be sending emails. Easy to say, but it’s not so easy to do, since you need a writer, a designer, a programmer and a list manager to make sure it’s put together and distributed correctly. That’s why we’ve included emails in the Core Program, because we’ve already pulled together a staff with all those talents!

Lead Generation

Build Your List

List expansion needs to be constant. Whether you’re updating current employee information or adding new prospects to your list, if you want to grow, you need to update your list constantly. That’s why we’ve included list verification calling in the Core Program.

Website Visitor Tracking

Identify Website Visitors

Website visitors are interested in your products and services, but if you don’t know who they are and when they visit, you may never have the opportunity to welcome them as a customer. That’s why we’ve included ClearTail in the Core Program.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Conduct Customer Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys provide insights to what is wrong—and right—in your organization. You change personnel, you modify a procedure, and you’ll find out pretty quickly if there’s a problem when you ask your customers. There’s an online portal where data is available in real time. That’s why we’ve included monthly surveys in the Core Program, to help you identify problems quickly.

Key Metric Analysis

Track Key Metrics to Judge Results

Key metrics are those things to track that we’ve seen make all the difference in hundreds of businesses. The sales group doesn’t know who to follow up with, unless they are alerted with the last time their accounts purchased. Many of them have a routine for following up with customers based on how often they should be purchasing. But how often are they purchasing? We have a report online that tells them exactly that information, by sales rep. We also track the number of accounts you have and what categories of products and services they are buying. We’ve developed a Growth Score that predicts what will happen, based on your history … unless things change. That’s why we build our key metrics portal for easy access by our clients and include key metrics in our Core Program.

Online Marketing Strategies


Website Design and Optimization

Revamp Your Website

Your website tells the world what products and services you offer. It tells your story. It needs to be informative, easy to understand and navigate, and provide all the details and all the knowledge that you can provide. Why? Because then you will be regarded as THE expert, and that is critical in searches that are related to anything you do. We also think it’s important for your website to be well designed and appealing, too!

Online Reputation Management

Build Your Online Reputation

Online listings are often inaccurate. Over the years we’ve actually seen companies change addresses and phone numbers for their competitors’ listings, which is why we offer a service to maintain listings from over 300 sites accurately. We monitor them constantly to assure that they are correct.

Online reputation management is very helpful to boost the ranking of your website, too. Search engines like to see online reviews, and we have ways of encouraging your customers to post positive reviews to help your position and your reputation.

SEO Optimization

Review andBuild SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to where your company shows up in a search with various keywords. We’ve watched search engine positions drop dramatically when Google changed the rules (which now can happen within 24 hours, based on their ability to scan the internet more efficiently), which is why we’ve figured out ways to maintain top listings, no matter what the rules are.

Identify Website Visitors

Identify Website Visitors

Website visitors are interested in your products and services, but if you don’t know who they are and when they visit, you may never have the opportunity to welcome them as a customer. That’s why ClearTail is a critical component in the Online Focus.

Social Media Management

Engage on Social Media

Social media is another way of engaging with customers. The hardest part about it is getting your staff to share stories about what is going on in your company! Once that part is put in motion, there is never a shortage of something to talk about. We’ll set up ways to make it easy for your staff to communicate the stories to us to post.

Corporate Video Production

Develop and Post Videos

Videos are an easy way to tell a story quickly. You can’t reach everyone by phone or by email, but you can come a lot closer to casting a wide net by posting videos that provide information about your products and services on YouTube … and your website.


The companies we work with that rely on us to be their marketing team say things like, “They are relentless” and “Winsby keeps us on task” and “They help keep the ball moving and take things off our plate that we don’t enjoy doing” and “It’s like having a huge marketing department behind me.

In addition to everything in our Core Program and our Online Focus, we are adding anything that comes up, everything that needs to be done to increase your exposure, market your company properly, and help you grow.

Company Materials

Marketing materials are still necessary. Sales reps still make sales call, and it’s nice to hand someone something to review, rather than pull out your computer and go through your online presentation. We write, design and arrange printing for all types and sizes of brochures, tearsheets, cards, and pamphlets.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective way to meet new customers, but they can be expensive. Make sure your booth is the one with all the traffic, the one that everyone is jealous of and is talking about. Do it right!

Public Relations

Media relations is the art of making sure you are the company that is being talked about in your field. We’ll publicize your company and what you’re doing that is new, different, cutting edge, or notable. If your news is local or national, we’ll make sure it’s being talked about.

Who’s on your team?

Writers, designers, programmers, account managers, callers, videographers, business analysts, researchers, and specialists in social media, prospect lists, and media relations.