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Winsby receives invoices from Alliance Material Handling each month, then calls their customers to ask them to rate Alliance, based on their experience. Alliance's star rating is the total of all ratings and verified reviews from real customers.


Alliance Material Handling

4.4 471 surveys

Verified Buyers

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5.05 Carl Kohel
They've always been responsive.
5.05 Donald Whipple
Personally, I would recommend them 10/10. But Im not allowed to advertise on the job. Overall, everything has been great with them. If an issue were to ever arise, they are super quick to come back and fix it.
5.05 Lauren Walter
Eddie and everyone I worked with did a great job!
5.05 Mark Lobley
They are easy to do business with and I have had no issues with them.
5.05 Mike Bertram
When I call they respond quickly and their pricing is good.
5.05 Kowuki
They do a great job.
5.05 Rodney Malcom
great company to work with don't really have any complaints to give.
5.05 Sara Miller
It was easy to order and we received our parts in a timely manner.
5.05 Harpreet Singh
Everything worked out well and they are a good vendor to work with.
5.05 Matt Day
They make scheduling service a simple and easy process.
5.05 Raymond Zancan
They do good work on the equipment, and they are always there when we need them. I have recommended them to others.
5.05 Brian Shows
The technicians know what they are doing, and everything worked out well.
5.05 Denell Williams
Haven't any issues and they do good work on our equipment.
5.05 Chris
They do a good job.
5.05 Jodi Beatty
The technician is professional, helpful, and always does a great job.
5.05 Ricky Clontz
The sales team is great to work with and the equipment is great quality.
5.05 John Zajcevski
They do a great job. i have nothing to complain about!
5.05 Angie
Every time we do business with Allianace, they o a great job!
5.05 Bobby Brown
They show up quickly and do a great job!
5.05 Tiffany
The guys are awesome. They take really good care of me!
5.05 Reid Harison
They always to fantastic work for us!
5.05 Andrew Hill
They are fantastic!
5.05 Ken Dalla
They do a great job for us!
5.05 Clint Richardson
Every time the tech comes out he does a fantastic job!
5.05 Dawn Schnepf
They have great customer service!
5.05 Jonathan Meyer
They are a very professional group of people!
5.05 Alan Peddicord
They always do a good job for us!
5.05 Jeanine Harshman
They area great company and the techs are extremely professional!
5.05 Alex
The techs are outstanding!
5.05 Henry Vasquez
They are a very helpful company!
5.05 kelvin
They came and delivered our forklift.
5.05 Andrew Adjei
They are awesome!
5.05 Dean Depasquale
I have been working with them for over 10 years. They are great!
5.05 David Wawo
This was over the summer and everything went really well because I can't remember anything that went wrong.
5.05 Bryan Trice
Alliance is amazing.
5.05 Frank Perez
I never have no problems with Alliance!
5.05 Matt
They always do a great job!
5.05 C.K. Gregory
We have been using Alliance for years. We aren't going anywhere!
5.05 Kayla
We are extremely pleased with Alliance!
5.05 Tommy Walton
They are fantastic!
5.05 Matthew Brightwell
These guys do a tremendous job!
5.05 Keller Agtestudier
They do an outstanding job!
5.05 DDrew
Always do a great job!
5.05 Michael Stubblefield
Very pleasant people to work with.
5.05 Mike
They do a great professional job!
5.05 Greg returns 10/12 Harmon
They are great!
5.05 Ricardo Santiago
They are great!
5.05 Paul Wockenfuss
They do a great job for me every time!
5.05 Kia Yates
They are awesome!
5.05 Verified Buyer
They do an awesome job!
5.05 Patrick Wright
They are fantastic!
5.05 Victoria Pampalone
We order from Alliance all the time, always get exactly what we need.
5.05 Ap Karen Harkey
We order from there quit a bit and everything always works out great.
5.05 Mike
They were very professional.
5.05 Shirley
Everything was great.
5.05 Kowuki
The appearance looked really well as if it was brand new.
5.05 Yvette
Overall 10/10. I had a good experience.
5.05 Verified Buyer
We received everything correctly in one shipment.
5.05 Lane
Order was processed pretty quickly and everything worked out great.
5.05 Debbie Patillo
Everything was as expected with the new equipment and the customer service was great.
5.05 Jimmy Hummel
They are a great company!
5.05 Alisha Murray
They are a great company!
5.05 Betty Ford
They are always professional; they do good work, and they are always willing to help us out.
5.05 Mike Schuyler
They are awesome
5.05 Marsha Gochenour
Alliance does a great job for us every time!
5.05 Shawn O'Rourke
Everything thing has been fine. Great company!
5.05 Scott Paige
Every time we need them they are there!
5.05 Machenzie V
They do a great job for us!
5.05 David Hastings
They're very personable and they do what they say they're going to do.
5.05 Mike Bertram
They respond in a timely manner and they're easy to communicate with.
5.05 Peter Miller
They've kept my forklift running for 25 years. They're very good a preventative maintenance.
5.05 Jeff Bussink
Those guys do a great job! When I call they meet my needs!!
5.05 Jay Keller
They came and serviced our forklift.
5.05 Geff Sims
They've serviced the machines in a timely manner.
5.05 Raphael Lovo
They're pretty good. They have good knowledge and good customer service.
5.05 Donald Woodard
The quotes are on point. The technicians are on point. I have no complaints.
5.05 Steve Welch
Easy to work with them and they do good work on our equipment.
5.05 Jourg
They are a dependable company.
5.05 Brenda Green
They're a very good company. We enjoy doing business with them.
5.05 Kyle Wheatley
They are easy to work with and the guys I work with are very helpful and knowledgeable.
5.05 Beverly
They are knowledgeable and always hip the right parts.
5.05 Irene O'Connor
Have no complaints a good vendor to work with.
5.05 Brian Shows
They're very responsive. They're service department is great.
5.05 Carl Kohel
To be honest with you,I couldn't get a rental from my usual dealer. I have two good friends that are techs with Alliance. I called Alliance, they got it to me in a couple of hours.
5.05 Mike Little
I've used them for years. They work on all my forklifts.
5.05 Karina Alarcon
They do a good job servicing our equipment and they are easy to work with.
5.05 Allen Bohrer
They have serviced our equipment for years, they do work and I haven't had any issues.
5.05 Joe Zhao
I have been using them for years and it's always a good experience.
5.05 Adrian Mobilia
Have no issues or complaints, use them for their services all the time.
5.05 Leon Steigerwalt Jr
I would recommend them. Everything was pretty hands off and they handled everything.
5.05 Mathew Grubbs
It was great.
5.05 Karen Jacobs
Sales and customer service is good. They are very responsive when we call.
5.05 Clint Richardson
Everything went very well. I would not know about a quote because I don't handle that, but they come in and get things done in a day..
5.05 Genevieve Raphael
It wasn't a rental, it was a part for our forklift. But we didn't have issues.
5.05 Scott Robertson
Everything went very smoothly and they are very responsive to an issues we might have.
5.05 John Lynn
Good pricing and good products.
5.05 Sara Miller
If we have an issue they resolve it.
5.05 Samuel Gorgas
Their response time is very good. If we have any questions the get back to us very quickly. The customer service is very good.
5.05 Dawn Schnepf
It's just the fact I can get parts from them and they're very helpful.
5.05 Chris Pigula
They do a great job.
These guys are great. They make every thing very easy for me.
5.05 James Sullenberger
They've gone above and beyond to give good service.
5.05 Cory Henninger
They're just easy to work with. I call, they bring it.
5.05 Alan Peddicord
The guy, Tom the technician, was very friendly and willing to help.
5.05 Terri Mason
I like the fact that I can email them instead of having to call.
5.05 John Zajcevski
Overall, on time, good work and communication.
5.05 Dave Myers
They're very punctual.
5.05 Mr Worman
They come as soon as they can and they fix it. That's what they do, that's all I need. I don't need any special treatment.
5.05 Gene
I like having the consistent service by having a technician on sight every day.
5.05 William Spear
AMH has a very quick response time and they are always pleasant on the phone.
5.05 Angie Gray
The response times are good and they are nearby so we can get our parts quickly. Plus they manage their service plan very well.
5.05 Carlton Powell
They do good work on our equipment, easy to work with them, and would recommend them to others.
5.05 Jose Garcia
Great customer service
5.05 Jean Enroughty
Product in stock
5.05 Kurt Utz
very Professional
5.05 Jay Vincent
very professional
5.05 Sherley Luxama
Product Availability
5.05 Matt
very professional
5.05 Esteban Tijman
very professional
5.05 Jack Wu
timely service
5.05 Dennis Piskor
Great Customer Service
5.05 Carl Livesay
ease of ordering
5.05 James Ratliff
timely service
5.05 Syleana Nairn-Mann
Timely service
5.05 Randy Martin
Technician was informative and professional
5.05 Fran Genovese
very professional
5.05 Shawn Curro
We are very pleased with their work and we use them all the time.
5.05 Keller Agtestudier
They are easy to work with and they do good work on our equipment.
5.05 Mike McCarthy
In a nutshell, I had a major issue with a used forklift I bought with them, they stepped in and resolved the issue.
5.05 Verified Buyer
As far as sales, they're easy to deal with.
5.05 Mike Jernigan
very competent crew
5.05 Betty Ford
great expertise
5.05 Matt Levin
They Communicate very well.
5.05 Lan Tran
I have no complaints they take good care of us and make sure that we are happy with the services they provide.
5.05 Glen Turner
Have no problems or issues with them, they do good work on our equipment, and the communication was great
5.05 Ricky Harrell
They are easy to work with and it's always a good experience.
5.05 Marc Winans
Have recommended them to others, they easy to work with and always helpful.
5.05 Angie
Alliance has very knowledgeable technicians, and employees have great experience. They do a great job interacting with our team.
5.05 Tim Williams
They're courteous and they aren't afraid to answer a question.
5.05 Dave Pleasants
Everything worked out well and I have no complaints.
5.05 Ricardo Santiago
They had what we needed, shipped it to us quickly and I don't have any issues or problems with their service.
5.05 Eric Hauptmann
The warehouse guys were very happy with the technician and his work.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're just easy to deal with, we've been dealing with them for years.
5.05 Denell Williams
We have gotten our products quickly and had no issues with Alliance Material Handling.
5.05 Kayla
They have competitive pricing, the ease of working with them and we haven't had any issues with them.
5.05 Shawn O'Rourke
It's always a good experience with them and we haven't had any issues.
5.05 Steve Hapgood
They do really good work on our equipment, it's just easy to work with them.
5.05 J.B. Lindee
They did a good job and completed the work quickly.
5.05 Betty Tull
They do good work on our equipment and they have been good to us, and I have recommended them to others.
5.05 Doug Toler
They are very easy to work with and The customer service is excellent.
5.05 Stephanie Canatella
I like how when we scheduled service they arrive on time and the are very clear on the the service that needs to be done.
5.05 Chris Gormley
They went out of their way to find a technician for us quickly and they helped us out when we were in a bind.
5.05 Shahan Amath
The technician's knowledge and experience is very good.
5.05 Ron Runion
We could only use the machine a few hours until it broke down. When they came out they found it was overflowing oil. So much so that they came and picked it up and took it back on 2/7. I have not gotten and update on the machine yet.
5.05 Bill Hodge
We have used them for 9-10 years and we have never had an issue with them. It's always a good experience and we are happy with their services.
5.05 Jeanine Harshman
Everything is good
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything was good
5.05 Wayne Wrenn
Everything was okay
5.05 Yvette
They are always professional and they make sure we have what we need, and we have no complaints.
5.05 Brian Yawkey
They do a good job on our equipment, it's easy to work with them and they are always professional.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They do a good job on our equipment.
5.05 Reid Harison
Everything is alright overall but some issues with receiving invoices in a timely manner
5.05 Debbie Lacks Hanner
They are easy to work with and the guys haven't complained about anything so everything is going well with us.
5.05 Jodi Beatty
Everything was okay
5.05 Irene O'Connor
They do good work and they take good care of our needs.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They do a good job, they work quickly and they are always professional.
5.05 Danny Miller
Alliance Material handling has friendly and helpful staff.
5.05 Chase Routten
They were quick to respond and set up the service quickly.
5.05 Sara Miller
It was fine.
5.05 James Sullenberger
I was happy with everything.
5.05 Rodney Malcom
Everything went okay. We finally don't have to worry so much about Covid and they did great
5.05 Doug Ring
Everything was exceptional
5.05 Donald Woodard
Keith, the technician, is very professional. I have worked with him for some time and I have confidence in his abilities.
5.05 Mike Bertram
They are usually pretty efficient every time we call they answer.
5.05 Jess
We've never had any issues with them.
5.05 Jason Woodbury
Everything is great, we call them and they come out and fix it.
5.05 Beverly
They are very responsive, they get back with me quickly.
5.05 Roberta DeHart
They are very responsive when we call and the girls in the office are very nice.
5.05 Raphael Lovo
They get us the parts we need and email us to make sure they are the correct parts.
5.05 Chris Pigula
They are easy to contact and order parts.
5.05 Yesenia Morales
They took the time to listen and explain the issues with the lift and did a complete detailed inspection of the machine.
The Communication is straight forward and and the work invoices are detailed and easy the read. They do a good overall job.
5.05 Eric
It was great I just called and they got me the part I needed. I have already recommended them.
5.05 Derick Winekoff
They really did a great job. They were very polite, helpful and very professional.
5.05 David Mcasland
It was great
5.05 Michael Farrell
They are good guys and they do really good work. Alliance cost a lot less than other companies.
5.05 Clint Richardson
We've been dealing with them for a long time.
5.05 Kevin
I get a response back right away.
5.05 John Lynn
They are very easy to work with. We just call them up and they quickly deliver the equipment. a lot smoother than other companies we have dealt with.
5.05 Kim Martin
They easy to work with. They get us parts quickly and they have what we need in stock.
5.05 David Kennedy
This was our first time using Alliance and the booking over the phone was easy and they did a good job.
5.05 Jay Keller
They just got me what I needed.
5.05 Justin Kidd
They have a fast turnaround time on service.
5.05 Kim X305
I like that I can email them and they respond quickly with pricing and availability.
5.05 Gene
It is a pretty seamless process and they are easy to work with.
5.05 Darrell Evans
They are prompt and respond to me right away. They come out and preform the service quickly.
5.05 Hanna Spriggs
We were recommended to them and so far they have done a good job. The service is very clear and straight forward.
5.05 Cindi Black
They've not bothered us. They stay out of our way.
5.05 Dawn Schnepf
They very good at customer service and they are very responsive in answering and questions I have.
5.05 Angie Gray
We have a program set up through Alliance Material Handling where we always have the parts we need.
5.05 Daneille Banks
They are friendly and informative. They are very flexible and The pricing is reasonable.
5.05 David Hastings
I have a great relationship Mike. He is very helpful and does a great job.
5.05 Tim Jeter
The technician was very good. He understood the equipment and had a very good demeanor. He really wanted to help us be successful and I felt he was part team. Service was excellent.
5.05 William Spear
I like dealing with Alex. He does a great job and is a straight shooter.
5.05 Deneen Lane
They stay in touch with me on a regular basis.
5.05 kelvin
It does the job for us.
5.05 Matt
I think they're very competitive and seem to want to have people order their stuff.
5.05 Andrew Adjei
They're very professional. They explain exactly what they're doing.
5.05 Antonio Martin
The customer service, response time, just all around good people. Especially Anita, she's awesome.
5.05 Samuel Gorgas
They communicate well and the response time is very good. I can always depend on Alliance.
5.05 John Hakans
Our service rep is very responsive. He gets right back to me. Jordan Zeitler does a really good job.
5.05 Scott Robertson
They've been easy to work with. It's the same machine we've had for a while. We just renewed the contract.
5.05 Larry Patrick
They're here when I need them. When I call them, they're here. The response is quick and they do good work.
5.05 Keller Agtestudier
The technician was pretty flexible with my schedule. He was very knowledgeable and did a good job communicated with me on the repairs.
5.05 Greg Blum
They are responsive and reliable.
5.05 Genevieve Raphael
Everything went well. The equipment was on time and worked well.
5.05 Terri Mason
They are easy work with and they are forthcoming on information to keep our forklifts operating.
5.05 Naseem Kahn
The technician that was sent our was super knowledgeable and worked quickly to repair the equipment.
5.05 John Zajcevski
It's just easy. They're very knowledgeable.
5.05 Angie
The technician is very familiar with our equipment. He's been working on our equipment for a decade. He's very knowledgeable.
5.05 Jim
We've had no problems with them.
5.05 Randall Bookholt
They play off like a smaller company would. They take care of the things that need to be done.
5.05 Julia Baggish
They're responsive and their pricing is very competitive.
5.05 Tony Miske
They're prompt when they say they're going to be there. They're patient. We have a good relationship with them.
5.05 Jerry
I love Bill. He's very easy to work with and very personable. He deserves a raise.
5.05 Sandy Proctor
They were totally awesome.
5.05 Dan Lewis
I like their response when I call for emergency service.
5.05 Craig Curtin
Their office kept us informed about what was going on. I thought that was great customer service.
5.05 Dr. Roland Dowdy Iii-Vp
I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
5.05 Joe Bankard
They actually are very knowledgeable about all types of equipment, not just their equipment.
5.05 Jerry Franciotti
They do a very good job with servicing our equipment, it's easy to work with them and they are professional.
5.05 Charlotte Keys
They're knowledgeable and professional, their communication is great, and they do good work.
5.05 Debbie Patillo
They provided a quick response and the tech was very knowledgeable.
5.05 Alclelland
They're a fellow Crown dealer. We deal with them all the time.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're just easy to work with.
5.05 Ap Karen Harkey
They are professional and they are knowledgeable about their work.
5.05 Michael Pitrick
Alliance material handling has great service, good knowledge of staff and they're expedient.
5.05 Chris
They get to the job when they say they're going to.
5.05 Mr Worman
They responded and did the work. They did what they promised.
5.05 Sandy
Their service is great. Everyone I've spoken to has been helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable.
5.05 Rick Sawyer
They deliver quickly, are easy to place orders and they are professional.
5.05 John Cox
Everything worked out great have no complaints and it's easy to work with them.
5.05 Gary Hensley
Alliance had what I needed.
5.05 Dean Depasquale
They show up when they tell me they're going to be here.
5.05 Lisa Rogers
We love Alliance. Been working with them for years now and actually in the process of purchasing some more equipment.
5.05 Sonya Cantu
The dependability is great.
5.05 Ricky Harrell
Everything is good with them, they had what we needed and got it delivered to us quickly.
5.05 Drew Patterson
Everything went smoothly, would purchase again.
5.05 Shannon Denton
Everything is great with Alliance. No complaints or issues on our end.
5.05 Denny
Oh Alliance does a excellent job. We have absolutely no issues.
5.05 Doug Champ
We had no issues with the piece of equipment. Everything worked just fine.
5.05 Brian Defazio
I mean if we hadn't spoke to you or had any complaints then there isn't any issues.
5.05 Reid Harison
They come out promptly and they do good work.
5.05 Dave Strevig
Everything went really well. Rental worked good.
5.05 Beverly
They are quick to respond and parts are readily availabile.
5.05 Ronald "J.R." Lewis
The parts guy was very helpful finding me the part and getting it to me the next day.
4.55 Karen Lee
Overall their technicians are amazingly responsive.
4.55 Kurt Utz
We ordered stone and got stone. They did what we asked them to do.
4.55 Beverly Oberry
They tell us everything that they are doing for the service order. Always
4.55 Jeremy Endlich
The buying process was easy and the equipment is of good quality.
4.55 Angie Gray
They do a great professional job!
4.55 Cindi Black
They are very professional!
4.55 Jourg
They do a good job for us all the time!
4.55 Jason Woodbury
I have no complaints with Alliance! They are great!
4.55 Thomas Walton
I have been doing business with Alliance for years. They are great!
4.55 J.T. Sutton
I always enjoy working with Alliance!
4.55 Mathew Grubbs
They do a good job for us!
4.55 Bill Collins
They service our whole company. They are great!
4.55 Mohamad El Tawekgi
they do an exceptional job for us every time!
4.55 Jill Evans
They were extremely professional!
4.55 Chris
They are always helpful to us!
4.55 Aloma Miller
Great customer service from the rental staff!
4.55 Shirley
A very professional company!
4.55 Cheryl Lee
They are extremely helpful!
4.55 Andrew Adjei
They are very dependable!
4.55 Christopher Aiani
They are always professional!
4.55 Diana Belton
They do an incredible job!
4.55 Mike Weekley
Very professional!
4.55 Linda Davison
They are fantastic!
4.55 Rob Miller
They are great!
4.55 Jennifer Spiasak
They are great!
4.55 Tim Thornton
They do a fantastic job!
4.55 Phil Hamilton
Very professional!
4.55 Brian Yawkey
Great company with great customer service!
4.55 Tom O'Shaughnessy
They do an outstanding job!
4.55 Shawn Curro
They have great customer service.
4.55 Michael Perrin
Very professional!
4.55 Jose
we are always pleased with Alliance!
4.55 Aaron Duval
They treat us with great care!
4.55 Clev Hudspeth
They are very professional in their service!
4.55 Corie X155
We have worked for years and have never had any problems!
4.55 Mark Lobley
They are great!
4.55 Verified Buyer
They are great!
4.55 Frank Thomas
They are great!
4.55 Elliott Neese
They do a fantastic job!
4.55 Jeff Rowe
They do a great job!
4.55 Denell Williams
Always ready to help!
4.55 Chris Bohrer
They do a great job!
4.55 Johnny Thompson
I have no complaints with Alliance. They are good!!
4.55 Arthur Egolf
They're the dealer for the machine I have.
4.55 Chris Goggil
It was real easy to schedule it.
4.55 Doug Ring
They do great work on our equipment and they are easy to work and I have recommended them to others
4.55 Todd McCormick
I don't honestly know.
4.55 John Hakans
The main thing is that they've always shown up on time. Their responsiveness has been satisfactory.
4.55 Merle Reis
We have a good relationship with them and they communicate very well with us.
4.55 Mary Alvey
great customer service
4.55 Ron Wagner
parts availability
4.55 C.K. Gregory
product was in stock
4.55 Kowuki
Would recommend them and we have no complaints.
4.55 Chris
They do good work on our equipment and I have no complaints.
4.55 Apollo Playton
They are easy to work with and they are always helpful and professional.
4.55 Todd Hicksonbot
It's always a good experience working with them.
4.55 Cheryl
They had the equipment in stock and we have been using them for a while now and have no complaints.
4.55 David Privavo
Everything worked out well and the technicians are good at what they do.
4.55 Larry Brush
I like them, they are easy to work with and technicians do a good job.
4.55 Karen
the machine was in good condition and worked well.
4.55 Lenn Casey
The service was well done, they were very detailed and there were no hiccups.
4.55 Robert Link
They do good work on our equipment and they're always available when we have work that needs to be done.
4.55 Bill Overton
They do a good job and we have no issues or complaints.
4.55 Alex
Everything was okay
4.55 Kenny Porter
Everything was good
4.55 Shawn Curro
We've ordered pieces of equipment that are extremely overdue, so they are servicing our current equipment, maintaining it until the new equipment arrives. They've gone above and beyond to help us.
4.55 Mary Alvey
Their response time is usually pretty good.
4.55 Adrian Mobilia
It was easy and quick to get them out here to repair the equipment.
4.55 Banner Samuelson
It was a good experience. Jordan the salesman was good to work with.
4.55 Larry Brush
They are responsive and Jerry, the technician, is very good.
4.55 Chris Goggil
They communicate well.
4.55 Steven
They are professional, easy to work with and they had what we needed in stock.
4.55 Anthony Cervino
We have always had great experiences with the technicians at Alliance Material Handling. Chris from Jessup Maryland does great service work.
4.55 Billy Clements
I haven't had any issues.
4.05 Rick Acker
Were both in the same business and they have been good so far.
4.05 Mike Sharber
We've always had good experiences working with AMH.
4.05 Mr Worman
It did its job!
4.05 Daniel Stewart, Jr.
They are dependable!
4.05 Paul Hash
They are awesome group of people!
4.05 Donna
They are very reliable!
4.05 Karen
They are great!
4.05 Lou Manzano
Their rental staff is great!
4.05 Erick
They do a great job!
4.05 Bill Overton
They're near us and they come when we call them.
4.05 Darrell Evans
I haven't had any issues in the past.
4.05 Robert Link
Every time I call them they do a great job!
4.05 Larry Brush
They take care of us in timely fashion.
4.05 Jason
They are a very professional company.
4.05 Francis Zink
They've just had the parts.
4.05 Manny Velasquez
We are very close to them, just a couple of minutes drive in the same neighborhood.
4.05 Deneen Lane
First time using Alliance. Good company
4.05 Verified Buyer
quick response when we call for service
4.05 Naresha Patel
They are easy to work with and they do service work on our equipment.
4.05 Christopher Aiani
We've had no problems.That's what matters.
4.05 David Hess
They do good work on my equipment.
4.05 Vance Miller
We buy products fromand and occasionally rent equipment. They do a good job.
4.05 Pat McShane
They had the equipment in stock and they delivered it when they said it would be here and I have no complaints.
4.05 Peter Wekenmann
Just that on service work and follow-up, we have had issues with them. I'm looking at the option of renting to own.
4.05 Jose
For the most part everything was alright
4.05 Nickie Loving
Responsiveness. They repair equipment on time.
4.05 Joe Scheer
Eddie in the service and Roger Hisey do a great job. They really helped us with the service work and the invoicing.
4.05 Daniel Stewart, Jr.
Overall, it was a nice experience.
4.05 Adam Biondolillo
They came out quickly.
4.05 Jenaee Powerll
They had competitive prices and what we needed." "I've had problems recently with the quality of the work and the timeliness of the service department.
4.05 Mathew Grubbs
They're pretty easy to talk to. They're pretty good at making what you need happen.
4.05 Rodell or Clarence
Our service tech is very competent. Overall, he's very easy to work with and pleasant.
4.05 Nate Harvey
When the technician was actually here, he worked quickly.
4.05 Joe Zhao
They arrive on time and are easy to work with.
4.05 Callena Burns
The sales rep was really great. He was responsive. The back end needed some work.
4.05 Jarrod Cox
They're competent parts people.
4.05 Trent
I like their on time service. If I have a problem they're here immediately.
4.05 Greg returns 10/12 Harmon
They respond quickly.
4.05 Sharon Chen
The salesmen are very nice and willing to listen.
4.05 J.T. Sutton
I like the product.
4.05 David Morris
They're very accommodating. Whenever we have issues,they work with us.
4.05 Eric Bonner
I don't know how to answer that.
4.05 David Privavo
They're very flexible when they come to the warehouse.
4.05 Brent Roundtree
Our technician Marvin is very proficient in repairing and maintaining our equipment. He is easy to work with and is very friendly.
4.05 Wilfredo
Communication could be better with them.
3.55 Karen Jacobs
I just don't recommend places to anybody.
3.55 Kevin
Better clarity would go a long way with them.
3.55 Brian Shows
The sales team is great to work with. However, we have 6 machines down right now and we are experiencing difficulty with getting them serviced. There are a lot of new service technicians and they are hard to get a hold of. We are having to reach out to them multiple times to get responses. I'm very frustrated right now and would like to get a resolution to this.
3.55 Rodney Crouch
Overall they do a great job!
3.55 Dan Lewis
I purchased a new lift from Alliance but needed to rent one in the meantime. Alliance refused to give me a discount on the rental and the delivery time on the new lift was very long.
3.55 Ryan Tran
They do a good job!
3.55 Anthony Cervino
They do alright
3.55 Kevin Swaganer
They've done well.
3.55 Patti Mitchem
Alliance gets the equipment to us fast. However, the invoices are not always correct.
3.55 Borivoje Cirkovic
The representative was good but he didn't mention the delivery fee.
3.55 Robert Griffin
Delays and prices.
3.55 Kenny Burton
This was the first time we've used them.
3.55 Verified Buyer
They are good at finding equipment and options for our business needs.
3.55 Sarah Egan
I guess they've been available when we need them.
3.55 Verified Buyer
We bought a forklift from them. They've always been on time with scheduled maintenance.
3.55 Allen Bohrer
I think our sales rep, Anita, is very good.
3.05 Dan Lewis
I ordered a brand new forklift well over a year ago and the delivery time keeps getting pushed back.
3.05 Anthony Cervino
When I call billing to pay the invoices I never get someone on the phone and no one returns my phone calls.
3.05 Verified Buyer
Let's just say I only do business with Alliance because of Mike Shaeg. I would be elsewhere if he wasn't there due to problems I would face in the company" and then he hung up.
3.05 Rob Pittman
Just from history. We've had issues previously. This was just replacing a hose. How do you rate that?
2.55 Gina Cucco
They hardly call back.
2.55 William Riggs
They're extremely expensive.
2.55 Steve Brauch
The issue was that, after I talk to Alliance Material Handling, They immediately set up the service no one called me to confirm the appointment. The technician went to the wrong place and I never received the service. I was charge $600 on service I never got. It was a big headache to work out and in the end paid $150 travel fee for really no service.
2.55 Jason
The Quality of products is 50/50
2.55 Jason
The quality of products is 50/50
2.55 Frank Perez
The service department and the technicians are great and have used them for years.
2.55 Mert Sayilkan
They did no call us to setup the maintenance work. The technician showed unannounced and it took a lot longer than expected. We were charged for the hours that there was no work done.
2.55 Frank Thomas
I used another company and got much better equipment and service than Alliance.
2.55 Matt Thomas
They used a subcontractor to do the work. My experience was not good.
2.55 Dominic Raimondo
Their follow through is horrible.
2.55 Al Soske
We had several issues with billing not being correct and slow delivery of the equipment.
2.05 Kelly Wood
We've had various issues with not getting transparent pricing, being overcharged for labor, and incorrect pricing.
1.55 Joe -- available after 4/15 Zhao
It's too expensive, and the service is not good. They come out, look at it, tell me there's a problem, then charge me $300 just for looking at it.
1.55 Walter Nihog
They were not able to fix the machine.
1.55 Jared Kaufman
Poor communication
1.55 Barry Melanson
They quality of the work was substandard.
1.55 Mike
The repair was terrible they had the machine for two weeks and we didn't get updates and it wasn't fully fixed. It's done and over now I don't want to hear about it again.
1.05 Beverly Oberry
It's way overpriced. It's just not worth it.
1.05 Don Anderson
It was terrible from the start. The forklift broke down right away. They sent a tech out. He took a look at the machine, said he would be back in 2 days to complete the repair." "Two days turned into 2 weeks. Then he couldn't fix it and Alliance took it into the their shop where it stayed for weeks. We had to pay two months rental for another forklift and the repair bill from Alliance was outrageous.
1.05 Pete Maxwell
We have had a hard time on getting shipping and tracking information. Noone has returned my calls. They tried to make a delivery yesterday without notifying us and it was not delivered. Nothing has been easy with this order.
0.55 Verified Buyer
They have long standing quality issues. I purchased equipment that turned out to be garbage. Things are expensive to fix and adds up bills. It's too expensive to keep equipment running.
0.55 Glen
Unfortunately, none of their people want to work on my equipment. Nobody seems to care." "I order parts. If something comes in, I don't get a call. If something is back ordered, I don't get a call." "And there pricing is ridiculous. That was my last order with Alliance. I found a company in the Midwest that is more responsive and, even with shipping cost, is cheaper by about 15% on average.
0.55 Ike Karaman
I did not receive what i ordered
0.55 Robert Knott
I called ahead and told them what parts and service we needed. The technician came without the parts with no service done. Then Alliance billed us for the parts and the installation when that did not even happen. This issue has caused us to terminate the relationship with Alliance Material Handling.
0.05 Marc Soules
They performed lousy service multiple times, they didn't show up on time and I had to chase them around to get a mechanic.
0.05 Verified Buyer
Had a forklift repaired and within 24 hours the forklift is down.
0.05 Tom Wisseman
I'll never do business with Alliance again because of their salesmen. It was the worst buying experience I've ever had.
0.05 Marc Soules
We're set up for quarterly maintenance and they don't show up on time. I have to chase to get a technician to perform the contracted maintenance we have a signed contract to get.
0.05 Annis E Mailley
Communication was very poor. Their pricing is outrageous." "They didn't give me a quote, told me the work would be covered under warranty, and then sent me a bill.
0.05 Beverly Oberry
It's just the pricing, the pricing is too high.

About Alliance Material Handling

Established in 1955, Alliance Material Handling has been providing warehouses and material handling operations with the equipment they need for over 65 years. They offer sit down, stand up, and walk behind forklifts, lift trucks, and pallet jacks from top brands that include Clark, Doosan, Crown, Combilift, Princeton, and Sellick. Alliance also sells used lifting equipment to meet any budget and maintains an extensive rental fleet for short term or one time jobs.

In order to maximize your uptime, Alliance stocks a large inventory of forklift, warehouse, and material handling parts, and can locate hard to find parts from their nationwide network. Plus, their factory trained technicians perform repairs and maintenance on all the brands they carry and most that they don't.

Read Alliance's reviews below to see what people say about them in phone surveys.

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8320 Sherwick Ct
Jessup, MD 20794
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