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Winsby receives invoices from Bergquist each month, then calls their customers to ask them to rate Bergquist, based on their experience. Bergquist's star rating is the total of all ratings and verified reviews from real customers.



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Verified Buyers

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5.05 Rob
The ease of ordering and if I have a question, if they don't know there is always somebody available who can help.
5.05 Sean
Those guys at Berquist are great!
5.05 John Fellon
They always have the parts I need and the deliver quickly.
5.05 Ronald
they are a great bunch of guys to work with!
5.05 Rob Tucker
We have worked with them for years and never had a complaint!
5.05 Joe
Great company!
5.05 Kent
I am pleased with everything at Berquist!
5.05 Logan
I never had a problem with them.
5.05 Jeff
I've been working with them for 20 years. They are great!!
5.05 Verified Buyer
They do a fantastic job!!!
5.05 Paul
They are a good company and good to work with.
5.05 Steve
They are good at answering questions and are good to work with.
5.05 Josh Hollifield
They do a good job getting the equipment that we need.
5.05 Dave Colthorp
They go above beyond to help me with questions or to find a part that I am needing.
5.05 Brian Denton
I like the quality of the equipment. It is very dependable.
5.05 37872
They are very knowledgeable and the people I deal with on the phone are very nice.
5.05 Jerry Allen
They're usually are my 'go to,' they're easy to deal with.
5.05 Chip Murphy
They have great customer service. The delivery times are good and they have quality products.
5.05 Garett Reid
No issues, it worked beyond my standards. I'm very pleased.
5.05 Matt Siegfried
They're shipping and order processing are amazing.
5.05 Dave Tamboli
These guys are tremendous
5.05 Jay Briseno
They ship on time and respond quickly to our on-line requests.
5.05 Mike - 911
The salesman is very responsive and gets back to me right away anytime I call. The customer service is excellent.
5.05 Brennan Green
Ralph does a great job. He is personable and a wealth of knowledge. We really enjoy working with him.
5.05 Jim Burton
They do an around good job and they are easy to work with.
5.05 Paul Johnston
Rob Poole Is top notch. I can call at anytime if I need equipment and he is right on it. That is why I get all my equipment from Bergquist.
5.05 Pat Athen
I like that I can call and take to a person on the phone. I like the quality service and the quality of the products.
5.05 John or Eugine
They do a great job. That's why I continue doing business with them.
5.05 Mike
I like the employee knowledge and that I can actually get someone on the line when I call.
5.05 Adam
The product knowledge is great and the delivery is very fast. Bergquist is top notch.
5.05 Matt Morrison
I like the product availability. They usually have the things I need.
5.05 Rick Collins
I can call over there and they are very helpful answering my questions. Ordering on line is really easy as well.
5.05 Jeremy
We like the free shipping is nice and I think the variety products is very good.
5.05 Trey
They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
5.05 Daniel Towns
We have been using Bergquist for 20 years and the employees are knowledgeable
5.05 1226-S
The orders are shipped correctly and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when I call.
5.05 Logan
They are easy to communicate with and they always the answers to my questions. The employees are top notch.
5.05 Rick Moseley
The service is excellent, the delivery is quick and they are very helpful when I call.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Bergquist has great customer service and they are a good partner.
5.05 Clint Whitenack
I've been ordering from Bergquist since we started and they always do a good job.
5.05 Randy
They shipping is good and they have very good products.
5.05 Joyce Parsons
Joe is a great guy to work with. We can call anytime and they always are helpful.
5.05 Tracy Pettiette
We like the free shipping on orders over $400 and the quality of the regulators.
5.05 Harry Michael
They are very knowledgeable and helpful. What is important to us is they know our business and what we need. They are very helpful.
5.05 Randy
Bergquist has what I need, and they are quick to deliver their products.
5.05 Mike Martin
The employees at Bergquist are good to work with.
5.05 Cailean jacques
They are easy do deal with and very responsive, getting back with me quickly.
5.05 John Schmidt
They seem to really care about the customer and they are very knowledgeable.
5.05 Robert Clifford
Bergquist has what you need, the catalog is excellent.
5.05 Matt Burba
Ordering online with Bergquist is easier than the competition.
5.05 Cindy Haines
Bergquist has quick responses.
5.05 Matthew Trugillo
They had the equipment I needed when I could not find anywhere else.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They have all the equipment we need for our trucks and trailers.
5.05 Tim Stroud
Good product availability, quick shipping and friendly people.
5.05 Mark Rusick
Dave Leonard is great to work with. He is always very knowledgeable and helpful.
5.05 Robert Morgan
They have really quick delivery times and they don't charge me freight back orders.
5.05 Dan Leary
They have always treated us well over the years.
5.05 Dave Rice
The shipping time is very fast, usually next day, which is great.
5.05 Crystal Ellison
The availability and selection of hard to find equipment.
5.05 David Dean
I work with Richard and I know if I need something he can always find it. He does a really good job.
5.05 Angie
The shipping is really quick.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are really great to work with and they get invoices sent quickly.
5.05 6992445
They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
5.05 8099
They make it very simple to order and quote. The delivery time is very good.
5.05 Rob Schenz
The most impressive thing is the speed of delivery. We usually get our order within one ore two days.
5.05 Lori Herman
They are very nice and knowledgeable and the they delivery quickly.
5.05 Wally Overly
I like the online system. easy to get all information on the items. the shipping and the invoices. The site works very well.
5.05 CHRIS
The guys are great to work with. They are knowledgeable and always know what I need.
5.05 Angie Bennett
The ease of communication. They are always there when we need them.
5.05 Barb Crabtree
They are also ways very helpful. They are great to work with.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They very helpful with finding me equipment. They are so much better than our previous supplier.
5.05 Joe Fabian
They have good product knowledge. They have helped me numerous times over the years.
5.05 Andrew Cooker
They product availability and they answer any questions I might have.
5.05 Kyle Pinion
We like the few fireplace items we order.
5.05 Richard Sandifer
They usually have the equipment I am looking for.
5.05 Tom Weder
Good value and good product availability. We also like the shipping policy.
5.05 Sam Clark
Ralph is very helpful finding me hard to find, odd parts we need.
5.05 Gerry Wood
They have quick shipping and they are very knowledgeable. They are super to work with.
5.05 Robeert Noble
They are a really reliable vendor.
5.05 Leavell
I like their knowledge and promptness. They are great to work with. they always have the answers to my questions. They are really doing an excellent job under the current business conditions.
5.05 Chris Gibson
Its easy to find products and the customer service is excellent.
5.05 Taylor
Good products and the best thing is being able to call and get some on line quickly.
5.05 62108
Richard our sales representative does a great job for us. He is knowledgeable and helpful with ordering. It is great to work with him.
5.05 Anita Bobo
When I call they are always very helpful and friendly.
5.05 Ryan
They good material and products. The free shipping and pricing is great and our salesman does a great job.
5.05 Justin Barfield
The employees are great to work with. I love working with Bergquist.
5.05 Justin Lancaster
Very happy with them and gentleman/salesperson Don Hellard is my go-to and he takes good care of us.
5.05 Christina Hollis
Ralph, In Outside Sales, is wonderful He really takes good care care of us.
5.05 58
They can source products from other locations which help with availability and they are a good group of people.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are very nice people to work with.
5.05 Brandon
I like the ease of ordering, the communication and the expertise.
5.05 9018
The sales Rep is very personable, nice and very knowledgeable.
5.05 Eric Stephens
They get the products out quick and it is very easy to order by phone.
5.05 Ellen Smith
Bergquist does a good job and they has the products we need.
5.05 Wanda Johnson
They help me out a lot when I am not sure what parts I need.
5.05 Pete Chaney
They are super reliable. We know if others don't have it Bergquist always does.
5.05 RW-3603
They have a good supply products and they are knowledgeable. They have good people.
5.05 Kevin Hamblin
I have had zero problems with Bergquist since we start work with years ago. they do a great job.
5.05 Jason McNichols
Bergquist has what I want, and Ralph the sales rep is good to work with.
5.05 Randy Kube
Been working with them for years.
5.05 Steve Catling
Timeliness with products and had no issues.
5.05 16116
Dave Leonard does a great job for us.
5.05 Yolanda Ortiz
Product availability online accessibility.
5.05 Dan Baker
Excellent service and good products.
5.05 Kadden Green
They have every we need and the deliveries are always on time.
5.05 Jimmy Gordon
Dealing with Bergquist is very simple and easy. Customer service is great.
5.05 Allan Tuttle
Bergquist is very knowledgeable, they have good products and pricing. Shipping is reasonable.
5.05 910860-1
Bergquist has always sold me a decent product.
5.05 Mark Urban
We have done business with Bergquist for decades.
5.05 Tabatha Smithy
Good pricing and good customer service.
5.05 John Hutcherson
Convenient and good service.
5.05 Paula Ridge
Usually always got what I need.
5.05 Cameron Derouin
Service is good.
5.05 Mike - 911
I have been with Bergquist for a long time. They have fast delivery.
5.05 Joe Brown
Bergquist has good product availability and location.
5.05 Marlene Schimelfenig
The products at Bergquist are good and easy to use.
5.05 1416 Corey
Bergquist has knowledgeable staff.
5.05 Jodi Traverse
Bergquist has always been good to us.
5.05 Jered
Bergquist is a good company, and they are professional.
5.05 Scott
Bergquist has great quality service and the employees have good knowledge about the product.
5.05 Mike
All of the above responses.
5.05 Mason Bartlett
Bergquist is very reliable.
5.05 Errick Retcher
Bergquist has great service and reliability.
5.05 Teri Artman
Bergquist has good prices and good service.
5.05 Barry Rousdy
Bergquist is knowledgeable and has good service.
5.05 Linda Hicks
Everything is good when I order from Bergquist, and they usually have everything I need.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Bergquist does good work and I get quality service from Ralph Poole.
5.05 Pat Athen
Bergquist has a good amount of knowledge, we get the product quickly, and the orders are correct.
5.05 Cassidy Cotton
Bergquist was on-time, had good customer service, and was very helpful.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Bergquist has excellent service and is very knowledgeable. They had a great follow-up.
5.05 Lon Hamilton
Bergquist has good service and reliability.
5.05 Ray Taylor
Bergquist has great pricing and availability.
5.05 Ed Burton
Bergquist has good service
5.05 Adam
Bergquist has great reliability and commitment to the industry.
5.05 Jerry Allen
Bergquist usually has things in stock that others do not.
5.05 Emily Thompson
Quick lead time, very helpful.
5.05 46538
The employees at Bergquist know what they are doing.
5.05 John or Eugine
Bergquist has never messed any of our orders up.
5.05 Tom
Bergquist is competitively priced, they get everything quickly. The staff is knowledgeable.
5.05 Mark
They will most likely be what someone is looking for.
5.05 Mike Swanigan
The order got here fast and it was very simple to purchase.
5.05 Myra Bell
Bergquist has some products other companies do not have.
5.05 mert
Bergquist is reliable.
5.05 1226-S
Bergquist always has what we need and delivers quickly.
5.05 Jeff
Bergquist does a great job, I have never had a problem with them.
5.05 Rick Moseley
Bergquist is reliable.
5.05 Ronald Boisseau
Bergquist gives good service.
5.05 Logan
I recommend Bergquist all the time. The salesmen have great knowledge. The availability is great, and they have a fast delivery time.
5.05 Shawn
No one is better than Joe from Bergquist for knowledge. He is very helpful.
5.05 Nicole Swearingen
Bergquist has been very reliable.
5.05 Greg Davis
Bergquist always has everything I need, they are always helpful.
5.05 17-97013
Bergquist is close by and has what I need.
5.05 93-0112
We have always had excellent service from Bergquist, and the sales employees are very knowledgeable. We have been working with Bergquist for 20+ years.
5.05 Matt Sauder
They are consistent and accurate
5.05 Steve Warren
Bergquist has all the equipment I need in stock, on the shelf.
5.05 Jim Pauk
Working with Bergquist is seamless.
5.05 Mike
We have been dealing with Bergquist for a long time and have never had a problem.
5.05 Gary
We have not had any problems with Bergquist. No complaints.
5.05 M56-7213
The employees are knowledgeable. Parts have a quick delivery.
5.05 Steve Sockrider
I have never had an issue with them and they always have what I want.
5.05 Joyce Parsons
They are nice on the phone and Joe, my sales man is very knowledgeable and does a good job for us.
5.05 James Russell
I like the equipment availability and ease of ordering. The deliveries are very prompt.
5.05 Shane
They always have what we need and deliver is quickly.
5.05 Brian Riley
The ordering is easy and the deliveries are usually the next day.
5.05 Ashley Stevens
Bergquist is quick and reliable.
5.05 Dominic
We have a good working relationship with Bergquist. They are always helpful.
5.05 Nick Crozer
Easy to work with them, and it's easy to place our orders. Have no issues or complaints.
5.05 Dave
Never really any problems.
5.05 Kenny Albrecht
Never any issues always treated me good.
5.05 Stanley Looney
I've never had any trouble when I order from them. I get what I asked for.
5.05 Ron Coffey
They get our products to us when we need them.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are reliable.
5.05 Dave Ellsmore
I like the ease. The guys I talk to there make it easy to place an order.
5.05 Bill Stouffer
This goes way back. I've been in the business for 35 years. The original owner of Bergquist help us out when we started.
5.05 Emma
Never have any issues.
5.05 Ryan Rawe
When we do purchase, we always get wonderful service.
5.05 Greg Kidd
Delivery was outstanding.
5.05 Robert Morgan
They've got what I need and get it to me fast.
5.05 Brian Lincoln
They always get what we order to us the next day. They're good people to work with, I've dealt with them for about 35 years.
5.05 Mark Voiles
They're knowledgeable and competent professionals.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are knowledgeable, timely, all in all, they are a good company to work with.
5.05 John Ellis
Their knowledge, product line, and shipping are great.
5.05 Bob Shannon
They have what we need in stock, easy to place orders with them and they get them sent out in a day or two.
5.05 Kent
They have provided me good service for nearly 30 years.
5.05 Ben
I have never had any issues with them.
5.05 James B. Hudgins
They have everything I need usually. They are good to deal with, but they do not have what I need right now.
5.05 Dave Barrett
They've just done what they said they were going to do.
5.05 Ron Hitt
They just usually have what I want and get it out quick.
5.05 Scott Davis
Tom used to be in sales. He's a super nice guy. I just call him direct. He takes good care of us
5.05 Matt Siegfried
I can call them for a part and it is almost guaranteed to show up the next day.
5.05 Brandon
They have the product I need and delivery is very fast
5.05 Corporate
Have no complaints, we place our order and they deliver them on time.
5.05 Tim Patterson
Have no issues or complaints, easy to order they are professional and they have what we need in stock.
5.05 Aaron Middleson
They have good equipment, they deliver on time and they are easy to work with.
5.05 John Fellon
Have no complaints, they deliver on time.
5.05 Mark Avery
They do a good job. Easy to order from them.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They answer their phones, things are done efficiently, get products quickly.
5.05 fax
I have recommended them to others, have no complaints.
5.05 Dave McKinnion
They have always taking good care of us, have no complaints.
5.05 Pam Grace
Very happy with them, easy to order from and the orders are always correct and the customer service is great.
5.05 Kurt Lorenson
Have no issues with them and they deliver on time.
5.05 Alex Stoller
They are very knowledgeable and they have very fast delivery.
5.05 Wally Overly
They answer my questions when I have them and they ship promptly.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I worked for them for 10 years. I like them. They're all good people and they took care of me for a long time. They helped me buy this business.
5.05 Ross Bradbury
They're very convenient in their location and well stocked with products.
5.05 Mike Hope
Questions always answered and problems always handled
5.05 Alicia Hall-McGown
They have really great customer service and the availability of a certain regulator is very good.
5.05 Joel Emerson
They pick up the phone, I can talk to someone.
5.05 Bob Blake
I've dealt with them for many moons. They've always had professional sales reps. Going back 30 to 40 years, I don't think I've ever had an issue with Bergquist.
5.05 Ms. Wisecarver
Everyone was very friendly and helpful.
5.05 Andy Lumbrezer
I do all the time. They're fast. They're knowledgeable. They know what I'm talking about even when I don't know what I'm talking about.
5.05 Tom McMillan
They have a good line of products.
5.05 Ryan Hofferber
They're very knowledgeable and they always have the stuff I want.
5.05 Luke Zimmerman
Delivery is good ordering online easy.
5.05 John Ridley
I like the quick delivery times.
5.05 Julie DeShazo
Never had any issues. Hassle-free.
5.05 Gene Maners
They everything well very happy with the products and service.
5.05 Chad
They are very knowledgeable so I always get the parts I need. The quality the parts are very good as well.
5.05 pat
They are knowledgeable and friendly and are very responsive. They are a good company to work with.
5.05 Doug Maudlin
They just knew what I needed and got me the product.
5.05 Linda Koenig
They are prompt at getting our orders out to us.
5.05 Elizabeth McElveen
We've done business with them for years. They're friendly, helpful, and they know their stuff.
5.05 Chuck White
Fast shipment
5.05 Bill Cunningham
Knowledgeable people, no problems getting parts, very happy
5.05 Adam Miller
Availability and very good customer support." "Craig and Richard are very supportive. Absolutely.
5.05 Malchom Ratliff
They seem to have the products I need in stock.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Their products are good quality. They're easy to work with.
5.05 Eric
They have what I want.
5.05 Harry Michael
They're just a class act. They're knowledgeable and helpful.
5.05 Maurice Butler
The guys I generally talk to there are knowledgeable and ship to me in a timely manner.
5.05 Danny Thomas
They've got good prices and a good selection of items that are hard to get elsewhere.
5.05 Marty Gillespie
They basically have in stock what I need when I need it.
5.05 Jan
They really had products in stock that others did not.
5.05 Forrest Kavanaugh
I've been dealing with them for the last 15 to 20 years.
5.05 Kim Woodard
Just easy ordering.
5.05 Jon Summers
Their customer service is always good and the products arrive in a timely manner.
5.05 Wes Monkres
They usually have everything I need in stock at prices usually better than anyone else's.
5.05 Dora Fertig
Whenever I call, they're very knowledgeable. They recognize me. They're helpful.
5.05 Bob Tippy
Best guy to talk for fireplaces is Richard. He's the fireplace guru
5.05 Joe Dunfee
Availability. Everything I order I have the next day. That's what I really like.
5.05 Karyn Kertis
I've not had any issues.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're very helpful and knowledgeable.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything is very clear.
5.05 shop
They have good customer service. I've been buying from them for 10 years.
5.05 Bill Bell
They're knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. They're top notch.
5.05 Donna
All of the above: on time delivery, good pricing and everything else I just rated.
5.05 Will
Whenever we have questions we just call them.
5.05 Leslie Thompson
Availability and low maintenance.
5.05 Drew Harris
They are niche outfit that helps us with our propane equipment needs. They have stuff you can't find elsewhere.
5.05 92648
we spend very little time with the equipment but everything with that order went really well.
5.05 Casey
we are a propane company so we use the equipment 100% of the time. but they always deliver really quickly for us
5.05 Toot Tomerlin
Always a good experience haven't had any issues with them.
5.05 Bob Briscoe
Everything was fine, have no complaints.
5.05 Ronny Jackson
Have recommended them to others. They deliver on time and we use them all the time
5.05 Tami Cralley
Have no complaints, easy to order from them and they deliver it on time.
5.05 Jim Hicks
Have used them for years and never had any issues with them.
5.05 Tom Neidlinger
Have used them for over 10 years and have no complaints.
5.05 Levone Kiser
They were just real helpful when we tried to order.
5.05 Jay Backer
I'm going to be selling them. Every thing has been great. Andy Carnes has done a great job for us.
5.05 Jack Green
They meet all of our needs. Everything is satisfactory.
5.05 Rob Goodrich
We've been with them for a long time, people that you know and can trust.
5.05 Bridget Kroening
They deliver quick and easy to order from.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Was the first time I ordered from them, and they where easy to order from and we got the shipping in 2 days. Will be using them again.
5.05 Garett Reid
They always seem to know, they have what we need.
5.05 Harold Herrell
Have no issues with them, easy to work with.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Their products get here fast. That means a lot. It helps us stay on schedule.
5.05 Joe Fabian
They're pretty knowledgeable and we usually get things the next day.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Works well, always in stock. Very good.
5.05 sheldon wiebe
Reliability - ordering, shipping and products have been good.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Would not recommend to friends because they are wholsalers pricing and availability good for colleagues
5.05 Elizabeth
Fast shipping, good prices.
5.05 Jim Grote
The people there know what they're talking about. They're very helpful.
5.05 Scott Daugherty
They know the parts you need.
5.05 Dave Durbin
Ninety nine out of one hundred they have what I need. When you call them, even if you don't have the parts number, they know what you're talking about.
4.55 Paul White
They just tell me up front whether it's back ordered or if they can deliver sooner.
4.55 Bill Barger
The availability and timely shipping.
4.55 Verified Buyer
I have been working with them for several years and they always answer the phone with nice people ready to help. They work well with us.
4.55 Trisha Smith
The customer service is very good.
4.55 Jamie
They are are very helpful finding the products I am looking for.
4.55 Roger
They are easy to work with and they are very accommodating to our needs.
4.55 35201
Bergquist has great product availability. We have never had an issue with their products or getting the products.
4.55 Jason Titus
I like the product availability.
4.55 Megan Holbert
The ease of ordering and doing business. They are very knowledgeable as well.
4.55 Steve Haines
We are happy with their services and have no issues.
4.55 Dave
It is easy to order and they have quick delivery.
4.55 70157
I like the fact that I can get someone on the phone instead of a machine. And when I do talk with someone in customer service, they know the business and are knowledgeable.
4.55 Tyler Perryman
Every time I call they have been friendly, and they have parts in stock.
4.55 Paul White
Bergquist is pretty knowledgeable.
4.55 Ronald
Bergquist has good service
4.55 Jim Hope
They are dependable and have a good delivery time.
4.55 Terry Bryant
We deal with other vendors, so it depends on the location.
4.55 Alan
I'm satisfied with what Bergquist does for the most part.
4.55 Gary
They are reliable and responsive.
4.55 Karen Halstead
The customer service is very good. They respond to any returns very quickly.
4.55 Kevin Beachy
Bergquist is a great company, but they are very specialized in propane with quality products.
4.55 Matt Morrison
First time using them no issues.
4.55 Josh Toth
I always try to recommend and push you guys as much as I can.
4.55 Jasmine
No Issues at all
4.55 Tim
They always do a good job and they have lots of products.
4.55 Dwayne Meyer
They always very knowledgeable, courteous, and have what we need when we need it.
4.55 James Patczynski
I like the availability and the variety of the products.
4.55 Marla Meyers
They had what we need and the price was good.
4.55 Carrie Engle
I really like the free shipping for orders over $400.
4.55 Linnaea Dohse
They are fast response and the people are very friendly.
4.55 Lisa Beavers
It was very easy to order and they were responsive.
4.55 Eliz
4.55 Lacey Pelletier
They're responsive, timely, and knowledgeable.
4.55 Daniel Anderton
The customer that we order the for are very pleased with the products and they haven't had any complaints.
4.55 Verified Buyer
always satisfied with Bergquist normally get regulators
4.55 Verified Buyer
Easy to order from them and the deliver on time.
4.55 Kim Busta
Haven't gotten any complaints from the guys so everything is going good.
4.55 Ron
4.55 Brian Beeber
I like their knowledge of the products and getting the products quickly.
4.55 Nicole Studley
The heat is so much better than it was with my last furnace. I'm very satisfied.
4.55 Paul
In general, it's their knowledge and it's easy for me.
4.05 Aubry Cumberford
They are easy to work with and it is easy to order.
4.05 Jim
I like that they have all kinds of equipment you could want.
4.05 Roy Reed
They have timely responses and they are very helpful.
4.05 Verified Buyer
I like the availability and we have a good relationship with employees which is very important to me.
4.05 Bob Briscoe
They have the parts we need.
4.05 Howard
They always have what we need and have a fast delivery.
4.05 Scott
They are knowledgeable and they always have the equipment we need when others don't.
4.05 Steven Schwertz
They delivered to us quickly and was easy to work with them.
4.05 Verified Buyer
They get the product out pretty quickly. They are up front on inventory and have good parts availability.
4.05 Susan Dovel
Lack of products.
4.05 Ken Johnson
I have always gotten what I ordered from Bergquist, and everything has always been in stock.
4.05 Pat Dow
It was a quick process to get the equipment we needed from Bergquist.
4.05 Paco
I get along well with them.
4.05 Chris Abell
Bergquist usually has the things I need.
4.05 Ken Salmen
Bergquist has great reliability and quality.
4.05 Paul Beauregard
Bergquist has great reliability and good service.
4.05 Sean
Bergquist is good, knowledgeable, and has good products.
4.05 Joe Zakham
I have dealt with Bergquist for 20 years and they have always treated me right.
4.05 Bill Long
Mick is quite knowledgeable and helpful.
4.05 Mark
Bergquist has good reliability.
4.05 Kerry
We got what we needed from Bergquist However, you need an account to use them.
4.05 Emily Mattison
Bergquist has great reliability and we get what we need from them.
4.05 Stephen Tanner
Berquist has always been good for us, but we always compare propane dealers.
4.05 Eddie Szymoniak
We have been doing business with Bergquist for a long time and I am happy with their service.
4.05 Brad Glokey
The employees have a good attitude and are very knowledgeable.
4.05 Keith Dalton
Bergquist has upscale employees to deal with.
4.05 DJ
They were knowledgeable, everything I ordered was shipped.
4.05 Martin
They are pretty good.
4.05 Dan Roberts
You don't have to wait, everyone answers the phone.
4.05 Ross White
Product availability, that's what drives us to do business with Bergquist.
4.05 David Mosier
Have used them for years and very satisfied with them.
4.05 Scott Parsons
They just had the stuff in stock.
3.55 Verified Buyer
For us, it's their knowledgeable and friendly staff. They're right down the street from us.
3.55 Jacob Smith
They are consistent, efficient and professional.
3.55 Dustin Burbaker
Bergquist has good availability and quality products.
3.55 36848
They have a good supply
3.55 Les Burhill
Bergquist has good reliability and availability.
3.55 Terry
Price and availability could be better
3.55 Bill
As far as I know, they seem to be okay.
3.55 David Miller
They provide knowledge on the products.
3.55 Butch Baker
They've always had good service.
3.05 Eddie Szymoniak
I've had times the wrong parts were shipped. My orders have been mixed up. There have even been times where substitute parts have been shipped, they fit, but they're not the parts that were ordered.There's been some confusion.
3.05 Hap
Unfortunately, there is not enough availability of equipment at Bergquist. There are other places where the equipment is cheaper. It is not necessarily Bergquist's fault that they have these issues because of the circumstances.
3.05 Lee Smit
I have to wait a long time for parts that are on backorder. For example, I have been waiting for a product for 2 months. The backorder issues make my business more difficult. However, Tom Schlenger is great to work with and very knowledgeable.
2.55 Steve Lyons
We don't order a lot from Bergquist. I order from other places that are closer and we have worked with for longer.
2.55 Verified Buyer
Their lead times are long and they often don't have the items in stock.
2.55 Anita Foss
Their pricing is very high. I only use them when I can't get what I need elsewhere.
0.05 Henry Jessen
I ordered a part for a reel, I have been dropped. And I keep having to call Bergquist back.

About Bergquist

Bergquist is the largest independent propane equipment distributor in the U.S. In business for more than 50 years, the company offers a complete line of propane, high pressure valves, and anhydrous ammonia parts, equipment, and supplies from a wide variety of leading manufacturers. Plus, Bergquist also offers on-site product demonstrations and expert advice on finding the right propane equipment for your needs.

The Bergquist Academy is a comprehensive training program covering everything from product usage to CETP preparation and exam proctoring. Instruction can be provided at Bergquist's training centers, on-site at your location, or through video training packages available on Bergquist's website. In addition, the Bergquist Academy offers educational materials, such as the basic properties of propane, regulator and line sizing charts, product posters, and more.

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Toledo, OH
1100 King Road
Toledo, OH 43617
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Shakopee, MN
327 Marschall Road, Suite 355
Shakopee, MN 55379
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Bowling Green, KY
1344 Memphis Jct. Road
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Kansas City, KS
11006 Parallel Pkwy, Suite 204
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