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Drug Package

4.1 199 surveys

Verified Buyers

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5.05 Purchasing Department
They do an excellent job!
5.05 Mike
You guys do a fantastic job! I am very pleased!
5.05 Paul
They are excellent at what they do!
5.05 Alex
They are always timely!
5.05 Katherine Carver
They do a great job!
5.05 Don
Everything was great.
5.05 Amy
I have no problems with Drug Package.
5.05 Lauren
They are a great company!
5.05 Kay Brigman
They do a great job!
5.05 Mohammad Azim Sarfraz
They are good to work with and they have a lot to choose from.
5.05 Kara
Everything went smoothly, haven't heard anything otherwise.
5.05 Ashley Ontiberos
They are easy to work with, they have the supplies already in stock and ship them to us quickly.
5.05 Jim Schwartz
We've been doing business with them for 35 years. Everything is all good.
5.05 Sharon Flening
They have the products that we need, it is easy to work with them.
5.05 Allison Shirley
It is really easy to order from Drug Package.
5.05 Lilian A.
drug package always has what I am looking for. Whenever we need help, the employees are there to assist.
5.05 Roddy
I order through my main guy who sells me labels from drug package and it's always a pleasure.
5.05 Ed Campbell
I haven't had any issues with Drug Package.
5.05 Johnny Wong
Everything was good at Drug Package.
5.05 Jamison Wright
In my experience working with Drug package, the employees are competent, and they have great customer service.
5.05 Dawan M.
They are a great vendor to work with they have the supplies delivered to us quickly and they understand our needs.
5.05 Anita Ward
It's easy working with them and they get the supplies to us quickly.
5.05 Matt Terrana
I have had no issues with Drug Package.
5.05 Maggie Lee
Drug Package delivers on time.
5.05 Cassidy Sisson
Our products got to us in a timely manner.
5.05 Katrina Shoffner
Drug Package is efficient to work with.
5.05 Cynthia Cardona
Drug Package is easy to work with, and they contacted me immediately after I ordered. They have great customer service.
5.05 Verified Buyer
There is a great selection of products, and all my custom orders have come ahead of schedule.
4.55 Laurie S
They do a great job!
4.55 Tim
They do good by us all the time!
4.55 Kimberley Dowell
Have used their services for years and they usually get the supplies to us as quick as they can.
4.55 Barry
They are a great company!
4.55 Jill Pugh
They are easy to order from and they had the supplies in stock and had them shipped to us quickly.
4.55 Sherri Staffer
Drug package has what we need for a reasonable price.
4.55 Verified Buyer
Drug Package has been good to work with.
4.05 Malli Hadimani
Good vendor to work with and they are professional.
4.05 Aanal
They do great work!
4.05 Kim Wong
My experiences with them has been good and they are always professional.
4.05 Sara Hayward
They usually have the supplies in stock and are helpful.
4.05 Alex Chu
They have a variety of supplies to choose from.
3.55 Josh Foster
Drug Package has the products we need at a good price point.
3.55 Logan Miller
Drug Package is easy to do business with.

About Drug Package

Serving the medical industry for over 100 years, Drug Package specializes in developing custom packaging for pharmacy products. They offer labels, bags, medication blister cards, prescription HangUp® bags, prescription pads, medication carts, COVID-19 related products, and more. All their products, both stock and custom, are expertly crafted using the best available materials, and production is closely monitored for quality control and on time delivery.

Drug Package's products are in stock to ship from their centrally located U.S. manufacturing facility, to ensure your pharmacy or medical center receives the supplies it needs fast.

Read the Drug Package reviews below to see what people are saying about them in our phone surveys.

Drug Package Location

O'Fallon, MO

901 Drug Package Lane
O'Fallon, MO 63366
800- 325-6137
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