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ESSCO Truck & Equipment

4.8 50 surveys

Verified Buyers

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5.05 Verified Buyer
These guys do a really good job! I have no complaints.
5.05 Dean Reux
I don't ever have ant complaints with Essco!
5.05 Sam Dagher
Avery professional company!
5.05 Larry Mele
We are always pleased with their services.
5.05 Ken
They do a good job!
5.05 Candie
They do a great job!
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are very professional!
5.05 Carlos Dasilva
Everything was great.
5.05 Brian
They are a great company with a helpful staff.
5.05 Mark
They are an awesome company!!!
5.05 Anthony Vultis
This is a great company! I'm very happy with them.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They guys really take care of me.
5.05 Joe Benford
They are a great company
5.05 Chris Johnson
They always have what I need.
5.05 Tyler
They have always been helpful to me.
5.05 Peter Franchini
The technicians are superb!
5.05 M Lituchy
They are very easy to work with
5.05 Verified Buyer
They do a great job.
5.05 Nick Delvento
They are extremely accommodating and knowledgeable.
5.05 Fiorella
They are a great company.
5.05 Hadi Kurit
They do a fantastic job.
5.05 Mario Oliveira
They are a very professional company.
5.05 Albert Silva
They're pretty direct and they get back to me. They're doing their job as they should.
5.05 Anthony Bono
It all about communication. They get things done.
5.05 Mike Schuhlin
The sales team is very responsive and I like the new series Link-Belt equipment that they offer.
5.05 Brad Bourque
We checked with a number of companies in the area. Essco came back with better pricing and newer equipment.
5.05 Moshe Fridman
They're a great company. They're quick and convenient. The equipment is in perfect condition.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They responded right away to what I needed.
5.05 Joe Sullivan
Availability of parts and pricing.
5.05 Larry Hollis
I love those guys. Everybody there is very friendly and knowledgeable.
5.05 Ken Perefenko
They are a good company to work with and I haven't used them long but they have been helpful and friendly during every experience.
5.05 Mark Pillion
I deal with Nick in the parts department. He's superb. He's on top of his game. He's excellent.
5.05 Tracy Dawe
Nothing, really. They were just the distributor for the parts of some equipment we needed.
5.05 Jason Capozzolo
They were excellent.
5.05 Tommy
Their customer service. They always do the best they can for me.
5.05 Harry
All their repairs are very professional and detailed.
5.05 Rick Farrell
They had the product I was looking for. It just went bang, bang, bang.
5.05 Douglas Lurch
Their all backs are great.
5.05 Charlie Alicea
I didn't have any issues.
5.05 Gerardo Perez
Definitely. They got back to me right away and the equipment was in good condition.
4.55 Paul Castellano
Great bunch of guys!
4.55 Brian
These guys always do right by me.
4.55 Gabriella Freire
They are responsive and answer our questions".
4.55 Tom Chauhan
They are responsive.
4.05 Kenny
These guys do a great job. I have been dealing with them for years.
3.55 Verified Buyer
Does not appreciate giving her information for surveys
1.55 RJ
Charged me $100 delivery fee for an oil filter.

About ESSCO Truck & Equipment

ESSCO Truck & Equipment serves New York City, plus Central and Northern New Jersey, providing both heavy and light equipment, plus parts, service, and rentals. They offer the full line of Link-Belt Excavators, roadbuilding equipment from Dynapac, handheld power tools from Stihl, light equipment from Chicago Pneumatic, and a wide variety of attachment options. They also carry a selection of environmental solutions that include Erosion Eel sediment control devices, YakMat crane mats and FODS vehicle tracks. ESSCO has high quality parts for any brand, any model of heavy equipment, and their certified technicians repair and maintain your machines on-site or in their shop to minimize your downtime.

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ESSCO Truck & Equipment Locations

Staten Island, NY
20 Kinsey Place
Staten Island, NY 10303
Map & Hours

Farmingdale, NJ
1300 NJ-33
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Map & Hours