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FS Depot

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5.05 Josh Calabris
I've been dealing with them for 22 years. Everybody is fairly knowledgeable and friendly. I like the quality of the service.
5.05 Ken Miller
They're the ones that have the parts for my equipment.
5.05 Courtney Ostrowski
Their our primary supplier and they are pretty responsive.
5.05 Judd Dickinson
They're parts personnel are second to none. They're very diligent.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Professionalism and reliability.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They make sure, even if it takes a while, we get the parts.
4.55 Charles Klever
They are a great company to work with!
4.55 Corey Karle
I work very well with their parts support team.
4.55 Verified Buyer
They know their parts, they're very knowledgeable.
3.55 Clay Katzmarek
Their parts ordering sites are easy to use.
3.55 Cathy Bridges
They've done some expediting well.
3.55 Chris Haase
We have to order everything on an emergency basis in order to get it or it could take months to get it. Also, they could communicate better about parts availability. I used to deal with 3 people who would let us know about what's going on, now there's only 1 left.
2.55 Verified Buyer
They charge 10% for emergency shipping, which used to go out on the same day. Now it takes 2 days. I've had to use emergency shipping just to keep items on my shelves. Things have changed a lot since that order we placed in December.
1.05 Gary Hutchison
I have part orders that are in stock but are 5 months old. They say they can't ship them due to lack of people to get them out.

About FS Depot

FS Depot supplies OEM parts for equipment manufacturers, including Elgin, Guzzler, Jetstream, Truvac, and Vactor. With a 100,000 ft2 warehouse, their massive inventory of parts supports dealers for these manufacturers worldwide. FS Depot also provides the latest information on new parts and warranty information, and they offer comprehensive support to ensure their customers purchase the right parts.

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University Park, IL
2645 Federal Signal Drive
University Park, IL 60484-3167
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