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Great Southern Equipment

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Verified Buyers

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5.05 Jay Bricier
They've always done what I needed them to do and taken care of everything.
5.05 Bill Guevara
Everyone that works there, by far, does an amazing job and has great knowledge! I would recommend them to anyone I know.
5.05 Reed Wilken
They were just on top of stuff.
5.05 Steve Goddard
Great Southern Equipment is easy to work with, they have the parts, and we have no complaints.
5.05 Lisa Carlton
Aimee was knowledgeable, professional, and accessible to us even during off hours on the weekend. I enjoyed working with her. We would definitely rent from Great Southern again.
5.05 Verified Buyer
every time I call, they help me with the services I am needing.
5.05 Micah Cason
They're just very responsive. That's the name of the game in my world.
5.05 Johnny
They are timely and knowledgeable.
5.05 Verified Buyer
we get good service every time we contact them.
5.05 Nicki Randolph
good company we use you guys often when we need the service. no issues at this time.
5.05 Mike Holocond
They do a good job with their services.
5.05 Shane Swartzmiller
They are reliable.
5.05 Brian
Everything is perfect with the way things are run with purchasing and ordering.
5.05 Dale Thacker
great services never had any issues, would definitely recommend.
5.05 James Bell
They are good and treat you like family.
5.05 Jake Benitez
They have rollers we use.
5.05 Peter Millana
They just always take of us.
5.05 Todd Tillman
It's been my experience that the equipment is well maintained and with low hours, I don't know how long that's going to last.
5.05 Matt Spencer
They are very knowledgeable.
5.05 Jimmy Silas
They are very polite and do what they can to help me.
5.05 Adrian Montano
There's one mechanic there who's about to retire, he always helped us out.
5.05 Daniel Coston
Nothing in particular, they're friendly, they help me out.
5.05 Tim Steward
The machine broke down a few times but they were quick to come out and fix it. They were responsive.
5.05 Verified Buyer
We have been doing business 20 years. We have a long standing relationship.
5.05 Alex Nicholas
If I need a part they are the only ones in town that have it. The two parts guys I know there are pretty good.
5.05 Dana Connor
I don't know, they answer the phone.
5.05 Rance Kleiber
They've been responsive which is a rarity." "I have an older machine. I think their field service people did a good job considering what they had to work with.
5.05 Tim Pakhnyuk
I give a phone call and my sales rep tells me if the part is in stock. It's super easy.
5.05 Brenda Tyson
I haven't had any issues.
5.05 Joe Dzilinski
They're a local business with very hands on management.
5.05 Chris Law
They're just easy to deal with. They did what they said they were going to do.
5.05 Roger Tantelon
For all of the reasons that I gave them the 5's; knowledgeability, pricing, and availability.
5.05 Mike Cogdill
It was handled very well.
5.05 Gavin Dietzel
Those boys do a really good job!
5.05 Eli Glover
They are always there when I need them!
5.05 Caleb
They do a really great job!
5.05 Daniel Fangmeyer
They are Always reliable!
5.05 Timothy Brown
They do an awesome job!
5.05 James Flores
They do a great job for us every time!
5.05 Gordon Bigness
They do a fantastic job along with our Sales Rep.
5.05 Rodney
They are great bunch of guys!
5.05 Verified Buyer
We were thrilled with the rental and the customer service of the Rental Staff!
5.05 Ken @ Nappa #472
Those guys do a great job!
5.05 Corey Ackerman
They're just easy to deal with and they provided me with a good machine at a great price.
5.05 Michael Irving
They are awesome at what they do!
5.05 Jay Bugg
They communicate well and they had inventory.
5.05 Eric Seiler
Thomas was awesome. He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
5.05 Sherry Dean
I like their salesman and they do a good job. We've never had an issue with them.
5.05 Mark Brown
They have been doing a great job for us for years!
5.05 Rochelle
Every time they do a great job for us!
5.05 Robert Ackley
I love working with Great Southern Equipment. Mike Story out of the Orlando Branch is OUTSTANDING. He always provides us with excellent service.
5.05 Danny Sitjes
They have excellent parts and a good price.
5.05 John Devivo
5.05 Greg Mann
They've always treated me like I was "The Guy." I have nothing but the highest accolades for everyone there.
5.05 Sami Issawi
They worked with us on the price after the diagnostic and they were very knowledgeable.
5.05 James Taylor
They have knowledge and they got the part to me quickly. They were outstanding.
5.05 Ron
Every time they are the only ones who have what I need!
5.05 Rick Johns
They are always dependable!
5.05 Kenny Hart Jr
I've had these calls before, all I can say is that they did a great job.
5.05 Jonathan Mendez
They come fast and they always try to make us a priority.
5.05 Matthew Clark
They have always done a great job for us!
5.05 Rick Stclair
It a pleasure working with GSE!
5.05 Rey Doria
A great bunch of guys work there!
5.05 Misti Flowers
They are always Available!
5.05 Mark Minich
They are awesome!
5.05 Verified Buyer
We have specific equipment that they handle that no one else can work on. I'm happy with them.
5.05 Jerry Jones
Those boys are awesome!
5.05 Bret
They are great at what they do!
5.05 Tammy Gale
They're very friendly and easy to work with.
5.05 Estela Torres
The accuracy, the techs usually get it right the first time.
5.05 Jerome
They do an awesome job!
5.05 Theresa Boykin
They always do a great job!
5.05 Steve McCullough
I'll be calling them again because I had a good experience with them. They went above and beyond.
5.05 Lester Clark
They got the parts to me in 2 days.
5.05 Tim Himes
They were real responsive and got the machine to us when we asked for it.
5.05 Yenny Rodriguez
They're really good.
5.05 Oscar Rodriguez
Everything is good.
5.05 Adam Wisneski
Rental worked really good and they had it ready once we called in for it.
5.05 Glenn Counts
Everything worked out well.
5.05 Woody Sanderson
They are good to work with and the usually have what we need in stock and get them to us as quickly as possible. Have no complaints.
5.05 Donald strength
They are always doing a great job for me!
5.05 Danielle Kierstead
They do a great job!
5.05 Bill Moody
They are a good vendor to work with and I have no complaints about them and the services they provide us.
5.05 Chris Sieu
Just keep doing what you do!
5.05 Deanna
We have a great relationship with them. They do a great job for me.
5.05 Cory Youtzy
They always do a great job for us!
5.05 Josh Keeperman
Always happy to work with GSE!
5.05 John
They do an awesome job!
5.05 Archie J Johns
Great Southern is always helpful!
5.05 Nancy Rosso
They are always been helpful !
5.05 Shane Leblanc
They are very helpful!
5.05 Sam Plum
The guys there are so friendly.
5.05 Rick Holborn
They are great guys!
5.05 John McKnight
I have a Kawasaki machine, they come through for me by getting those parts.
5.05 Fred
They are great!
5.05 Steve
They do a fantastic job!
5.05 Mike Sanders
5.05 Iscen
They are fabulous!
5.05 Dexter Williams
They made things easy. They're very knowledgeable.
5.05 Micah Cason
I already have. Ron always gets back to me in a timely manner.
5.05 Louis
They are awesome!
5.05 Mike Crawford
They are great!
5.05 Dustin
They are great!
5.05 Andy Gibbens
They are awesome!
5.05 Andrea Fuller
They do a great job!
5.05 Linda Swanson
They are great!
5.05 Jim McDonald
They are great!
5.05 Ap
Every time I need something , they are there to help!
5.05 George
They are great!
5.05 Greg Richer
They're very knowledgeable. They have good service.
5.05 James Bell
They've been good to me. They treat me like family, they're just good old boys. They go above and beyond.
5.05 Jeffrey Schenker
Believe it or not it, my parts came 2 days later. Really good job.
5.05 Timothy Broom
They were on point. They took care of me right away and the communication was outstanding.
5.05 Gene Gardner
If you need Liebherr parts, I'd recommend them.
5.05 Troy Timmons
They are just always responsive, informative and on time.
5.05 Cody Martin
Parts were good and available right away.
5.05 Gary Killette
They communication is great; they do excellent work on our equipment, and I recommend them to others all the time.
5.05 Curtis
They usually have the parts already in stock, the communication has always been good, and I have no complaints.
5.05 Robert Russell
They're great people. They're on time and prompt. They're easy to work with.
5.05 Alex Titeo
They figure it out.
5.05 Anton Keller
It's always a good experience and I have used them for years.
5.05 Alex Nicholas
They are always there when I need them!
5.05 Carlos A Andino
They treat me like family.
5.05 Anthony Keith
It's mainly the service manager,Rick. It starts from the top down. He was very responsive. He even let me call him over the weekend.
5.05 Dylan
Every time I come in they take good care of me!
5.05 Tim Steward
For the little bit we do with them they have good communications and good response time.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything is always well!
5.05 Jose Centeno
They take good care of me.
5.05 Adam
They have been very helpful!
5.05 Christopher Woods
The only ones who could figure out what was wrong with our machine!!
5.05 Mike Gonzalez
A very professional company!
5.05 Steve Bivens
It was just good.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They always do a great job!
5.05 Izzy Kahatib
They really know their stuff about heavy equipment.
5.05 Jhoan Rodriguez
They had all the parts I needed.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything has been fine. We've had no problems with them.
5.05 Henrique Hoffman
They're very good guys.
5.05 Jeremy Dumas
They had what we needed in stock and got them shipped to us quickly. They are a good vendor and easy to work with.
5.05 Billy Wright
It's easy to work with them, they are friendly and professional.
5.05 Colen Anceschini
Have used them for over 40 years and we have a great relationship.
5.05 Felisha Minor
Great Customer Service!
5.05 Mark Hall
I've dealt with Tom for 25 years. He always calls me back, he always helps me out.
5.05 Paul Brick
They've got everything and I don't have to worry when I call.
5.05 Jusue
Very Professional!
5.05 Verified Buyer
They always communicate well, they're easy to deal with.
5.05 Johnny
They are great!!!
5.05 Cindy
Great customer service!
5.05 William Willson
I've done business with them for years and they've always been able to help me quickly.
5.05 Todd Tillman
The salesman, Aaron, is very accommodating. He's really good. Everything has been great so far.
5.05 Andrew Dellar
I like their knowledge. I love how they can break it down for me. They explain it to me.
5.05 Jimmy Silas
They were polite and willing to help find out exactly what I needed.
5.05 Brian Ross
The staff is great!
5.05 Gavin Dietzel
The best bunch of guys to work with!
5.05 Jimmy Holyfield
Everything worked out as it should and I have no complaints or issues with them.
5.05 Eli Glover
They are a great company to work with.
5.05 Tom Darragh
They do a good job for us.
5.05 Kyle
Don always take good care of us. He is helpful and Knowledgeable.
5.05 Daphne Sloan
We have used them for a long time and they do a good job.
5.05 Connie Strawder
They are a great company. John Austrader is the reason we keep coming back. He is the best
5.05 David Logan
They're nice, real nice.
5.05 Salt Weekley
Well, in times of need they've been there. Overall, they're treated me very well.
5.05 Joe Dzilinski
They are an exceptional company with great customer service.
5.05 Mark Brown
They're knowledgeable, personable and they've been their for a while.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They've always been helpful and available. The equipment sales staff is top notch.
5.05 Sherry Dean
They're just easy to work with.
5.05 Todd Tervatt
They've been good so far.
5.05 Casey Sweat
They were easy to call, get a hold of, and they returned calls. Overall, they were easy.
5.05 Jc Diaz
We purchase a lot of parts and never had any issue. Great Southern is great.
5.05 Todd Phillips
It's just the ease of everything.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They did everything well.
5.05 Loreto Perez
I go to them every time I need parts. Steve does a great job.
5.05 Simon Moritz
It was a good experience, in fact, we're now in the process of buying a machine from Great Southern.
5.05 Clay Milwee
The guy at the parts counter is a fantastic job helping me find the parts I needed.
5.05 Ricardo Gonzalez
Basically, whenever we are ordering they know exactly what we're looking for.
5.05 Dan Johnson
They offer good services, we use 3 of their locations, they have always done good work on our equipment, and it has always been a good experience.
5.05 Mark Rungy
They do a great job and I have recommended them to others.
5.05 Lloyd Glover
I don't have time for all of that.
5.05 Stan Le Master
I don't know how I will rate them after this month. They're going stop carrying Kobelco.
5.05 Cassie Carroll
They have a lot of the harder to find stuff I'm looking for.
5.05 Matt Spencer
Any time we've had questions they've always come through with the information we've needed.
5.05 Steve Godwin
Our rentals have been good. We rent equipment too, so they've always been willing to work with us and our customers.
5.05 Robert Ackley
They are a helpful company. They always have what we need.
5.05 Mike Hilingus
The employees are so friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
5.05 Richard Bynum
GSE has great Customer Service!!!
5.05 Matthew Clark
I already have. If I have a question I call them and they figure out what I need.
5.05 Debbie
GSE is a great company. I've been doing business with them for years.
5.05 Estela Torres
It's just the service. They stay on top of it. They get it done.
5.05 Manuel Rey
The service and personnel
5.05 Kevin Bush
Dealing with them for a long long time.
5.05 Roberto Galinanes
Good parts and personnel
5.05 Darrell Bowers
They knew exactly what part I was asking for and went right to it.
5.05 Mark Yelnick
It was a very difficult part to find. They were straight up and did not ask for prepayment.
5.05 Adam Wisneski
Great customer service. Every time you call, someone answers.
5.05 Brenda Tyson
They are a good place to get rollers I need.
5.05 Heather Chow
Steven Zamora has always been really helpful to us.
5.05 Elizabeth Aguilera
They have always been very good to me. They were very responsive and the customer service was great. very happy with the experience.
5.05 Leon Jackson
Service and parts
5.05 Michael Mc Cammon
I've been working with them for a long time.
5.05 Ken Laws
They've been across the board with with me all time. They've treated me well.
5.05 Donald Majewski
Any time I call, they're courteous and quite professional.
5.05 Jim Kopley
Been dealing with them forever, they have what I need.
5.05 Misti Flowers
Everything was great.
5.05 Caleb
Always been good to deal with in the 31 years of working with them.
5.05 Verified Buyer
great company
5.05 Chris Sieu
You guys do a great job
5.05 Daniel Coston
great company
5.05 Josh Keeperman
great Company. I get me Belco parts from GSE.
5.05 Gordon Ashley
Has no problem in recommending to those who live in the region. He lives in OK.
5.05 James Corbitt
Great Customer service
5.05 Deanna
Orlando branch really helps us out.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Good service.
5.05 John Salonen
We've bought a lot of machines from them through the years. They sell them and they service them. This won't be the last time I buy from them. I have no complaints.
5.05 Kenny Hart Jr
product availability
5.05 Frank
very professional
5.05 Wright
Great Customer Sservice
5.05 Tony Robbins
great service
5.05 Dan Brown
great service
5.05 Lizet Pascual
Fast shipment, good customer service and good prices.
5.05 GT
product availability
5.05 Patrick Grozier
timely service
5.05 Peter Millana
great service
5.05 Zia Kam
they are dependable
5.05 Wayne Simmons
product availability
5.05 Rick Holborn
They're just great people.
5.05 Jennifer Cartrette
They answered our questions and did exactly what they said they were going to do.
5.05 Victor Cifuentes
Everything was nice.
5.05 Mike Augeri
Great service and staff.
5.05 Robert Callaway
Wayne, my salesman, did an outstanding job. He delivered a demo with lightning speed, the very next day. I was impressed. We didn't need any additional explanations about operation or warranty upon delivery, that was all taken care of beforehand with the demo.
5.05 James Flores
They're easy to work with.
5.05 Andy Gibbens
Just customer service.
5.05 James Bell
They're good, they're like family. They help you the best way they can.
5.05 Verified Buyer
everything done in a timely fashion
5.05 John Deville
product availability
5.05 Verified Buyer
delivery very timely
5.05 Larry Green
Shannon Smith knows her stuff. She's really good.
5.05 Curtis
very knowledgeable
5.05 Ray Sasser
product availability
5.05 Verified Buyer
ease of ordering
5.05 Crystal
product availability
5.05 John Lewis
5.05 Paul Donahue
ease to order
5.05 Taya
great professionalism
5.05 Terry Payne
product availability
5.05 Tom Kisamore
equipment very reliable
5.05 Rocky Miller
Great professionalism
5.05 Carlos Rodriguez
ease of ordering
5.05 Thomas McNamara
great Customer service
5.05 Verified Buyer
We've been using them forever. It's a good working relationship.
5.05 Scotty Ayers
They get the parts when I need them. I've only used them once.
5.05 Ryan Carroll
Good response time.
5.05 Sara Louis
They were polite on the phone. They sent me the information we needed and an invoice.
5.05 Brandon Mauldin
Easy all the way through.
5.05 Ryan Moore
They've always been good to me.
5.05 Paul Cole
Great work.
5.05 Anna Gonzalez
We export and use the same suppliers over and over again. We have a good relationship Great Southern. We trust them.
5.05 Daniel Sarver
Really easy to work with.
5.05 Gary Sloan
They go out of their way to help me.
5.05 Frank Schlaff
They did everything but they can't control the price.
5.05 Jose Centeno
Everything is always good.
5.05 Tim Himes
Ease of ordering
5.05 Barbara Capling
Everything was good.
5.05 Judith Guffey
We have a nice relationship with the dealership.
5.05 Troy Post
They just answer the phone when you call.
5.05 Walter King
They're very knowledgeable about the equipment they carry.
5.05 Preston Schram
The salesman was very responsive.
5.05 Henry Blanco
They answer the phone every time. They are clear with the answers and they tell you the truth.
5.05 Michael Haberman
Any time I need something they have it and I get it in timely fashion.
5.05 Marcos A Acosta
I go there all the time.
5.05 Jorge Hernandez
The customer service.
5.05 Gary Steel
I would recommend them.
5.05 JP
They're just an easy company to work with.
5.05 Noel Villatoro
They're very helpful. They are willing to take next step to help the customer.
5.05 Billy Wright
They told me exactly how it was going to happen. They're friendly and knowledgeable. They were good to go.
5.05 Troy Timmons
They've always been there for us.
5.05 Daphne Sloan
It's super easy to order something. They're very knowledgeable.
5.05 German Balndon
Consider them the #1 vendor, have parts available when I call, and they are knowledgable.
5.05 Verified Buyer
We purchased the parts from you.
5.05 Connie Strawder
We've done business with them for over 30 years.
5.05 Aric Loor
Very satisfied.
5.05 Colen Anceschini
I have done business with Great Southern for many year and they do a good job.
5.05 Charlie Rowe
They treat me and my wife really well. I can't say anything bad about them.
5.05 Andrea Fuller
They do a good job on the maintenance of our equipment.
5.05 PJ Alanis
Always treated me good.
5.05 Izzy Khatib
Easy to work with.
5.05 Wayne Ripley
Declined to answer.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're generally quick on getting our parts to us. They've great service.
5.05 Oscar Rodriguez
Everything was excellent.
5.05 Kyle
Mike,and John are the people I deal with. They answer all my questions. They have been really good. They've helped me a lot.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Guys from Tampa always do a great job.
5.05 Colen Ceschini
The sales man was very helpful and knowledgeable.
5.05 James Avery
It's the only dealer around, they are fine to work with.
5.05 Rick King
Parts and service are good, I work with them everyday.
5.05 Greg Mann
They had the parts in stock and the guys there are great.
5.05 Julio Bolivar
They have what you need. You can find it there.
5.05 Gabriel Cadavid
Been working with them for 10 years and they always treat me well.
5.05 Tyler Crowder
Good experience
5.05 Paul Brick
The have what I need and it is easy and quick to get parts.
5.05 Dereks
They have the parts we use.
5.05 Sherry Dean
I like working with Wayne. He does a great job.
5.05 Steve Bivens
They had the machine in inventory which most do not these days.
5.05 Yenny Rodriguez
Really helpful with machine and got it fast.
5.05 Don Lee
Great guys, got me in and out and they keep in touch.
5.05 Melissa Vega
Pretty good experience.
5.05 David Freeman
Customer service is excellent.
5.05 Mark Rungy
It is easy to order and they get me the parts quickly.
5.05 Dan Johnson
The provide us excellent service and the are very easy to work with.
5.05 Ricardo Gonzalez
They have good customer service.
5.05 Dalen Himschoot
They are responsive and communicated about the repairs very well.
5.05 Lloyd Glover
You guys are going to keep calling me until I answer. They had what I needed. If someone has a Kawasaki, they're the people to go to.
5.05 Tim Steward
They do great work on our equipment, easy to work with them and we have no complaints.
5.05 Sam Wyrick
I get plenty of help from my representative at the Ft. Myers location.
5.05 Ali Cooper
They had the parts in stock and got them to us quickly. No issues or complaints.
5.05 Moe Moussavi
They usually have parts in stock and get them to us quickly, they're a good vendor to work with and I don't have any complaints about them.
5.05 Tom Darragh
They're great whenever I have a problem I can call them up, I couldn't speak highly enough of them.
5.05 Jonathan Mendez
They always help me out.
5.05 Jeffrey Colburn
The customer service was good, they had the parts in stock and delivered quickly.
5.05 Alfredo Prince
Good service. Steve Zamora is especially helpful.
5.05 Chris Connely
The salespeople Aaron and Julie have been great to work with. Purchasing with Great Southern Equipment has been a good experience.
5.05 TC Carlisle
They good customer service and the are quick to respond to your calls.
5.05 Joe Weber
Dealing with Great Southern Equipment was easy, efficient, and smooth.
5.05 Scott R Eccles
We had great communication with the representative.
5.05 Johnny
Everything worked out well, have no complaints or issues.
5.05 James Cats
We haven't had any issues with them, and they usually have the parts in stock.
5.05 Brian Ross
They do a real job servicing our equipment, never had any issues with them.
5.05 Jonathan Betacur
Always a good experience, they are professional, and they are easy to work with.
5.05 Willie Townsend
They have good availability of parts.
5.05 Toby Martin
They are good people to work with,
5.05 Verified Buyer
We have been dealing with them a long time and they take good care of us.
5.05 Sue Kort
They find parts that I have a problems finding elsewhere. I call them up and they have the knowledge to know what I need.
5.05 Mofic
The response is always prompt.
5.05 Accounting
They get back to us in a timely manner, they always go over the work with us and just good company overall.
5.05 Madeline Mundez
Everything was good.
5.05 Rick
Everything was great.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I've always had a good experience with them.
5.05 Salt Weekley
Everything was good.
5.05 Caleb
great sales team.
5.05 Eugene Extet
They're great.
5.05 Jerry Jones
i recall a service not a parts purchase being done. but everything went really well./'
5.05 Mike Vandertulip
They were quick and sufficient.
5.05 Cindy
The parts guy John does great work. He is very helpful and knowledgeable.
5.05 Elizabeth Ruiz
They are always there for us. They have great service and quick turn around times on parts orders.
5.05 Rey Doria
The Customer Service is very good and they are very accommodating.
5.05 Misti Flowers
They make it easy to order parts and the pricing is good.
5.05 Brett Knight
They made it real quick and easy.
5.05 Dottie Moran
Billy Knight is my sales rep and he is very helpful and makes it very easy to order rental equipment. He is fantastic to work with.
5.05 Alex Nicholas
Getting parts was easy and I like how I con communicate on-line to order the parts.
5.05 John DePond
The parts service is just good.
5.05 Trey Pinion
These guys are the best in the business.
5.05 Roberto Jimenez
They have the parts I can't find anywhere else and service technicians are very good.
5.05 Steve Godwin
We're business neighbors.
5.05 Jimmy Silas
They just know what the hell is going on.
5.05 Elizabeth Aguilera
They're very accommodating. We have a very aggressive business scheduled. Our equipment is always in use. They sent their technicians after hours, that was something I really appreciated. It was great service. They're always fantastic.
5.05 Sean Wicks
Good service and great employees.
5.05 Andrew Gershman
They easy to work with and they have the parts I need for my machine.
5.05 Ravi Khodra
I have not used them very much, but the few times I've used them things went well.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They are quick to respond and very cooperative.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They've taken care of us. The have good customer service. They've always been super helpful.".
5.05 Erika Olsen
They are the only place that has the parts we need.
5.05 Nick Edenfield
They usually have the equipment I need and they delivery it quickly.
5.05 Patricia Rowe
As far as I know it's been good feedback.
5.05 Tag Eure
We've had no issues with them before.
5.05 Robert Ackley
The customer service is excellent. The service technicians and sales guys really know what they are doing and they get the job done.
5.05 Ryan Tyson
They are very friendly. they are good guys to work with.
5.05 Chris Sieu
I like the ease of ordering parts by email, the quick response and delivery.
5.05 Verified Buyer
The parts work well. Always love purchasing from Great Southern.
5.05 Brenda Tyson
Good experience with products, they don't break.
5.05 Josh Keeperman
Everything is always good with those guys.
5.05 Greg Reynolds
Greg didn't speak, he just said that everything was good and give all high scores because he had to go.
5.05 Kirk
They do a pretty good job.
5.05 Daniel Kilgore
They are very responsive. They get right back to me every time I call.
5.05 Zia Kam
I like the guys that I dealt with buying parts. It's a company I enjoy doing business with.
5.05 David Ratcill
The people are very easy to work with and they have the parts I need.
5.05 Eric
It is always a good experience with them, they do good service work on our equipment, they are knowledgable and they are really easy to work with.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They always deliver right away.
5.05 Verified Buyer
they always show up on time and get it done is a great time manner.
5.05 Scott Adams
Shannon, in parts, does a great job for me. She is always aware of what we need and she is nice to work with.
5.05 Brian Johnson
I work with Al and we work very well together. He does a great Job.
5.05 Andy Gibbens
I really like the customer service. They do a good job.
5.05 Mark Jones
They usually have what we need already in stock, their communication is great and they have reasonable prices on their parts.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They really good Customer service. They do a great job.
5.05 James Bell
They're like family, they'll help you the best they can. They'll go above and beyond.
5.05 Mike Crawford
Let me tell you, I don't do all that 1 to 5 stuff. They've just always had good service. They're really good.
5.05 Accounts Payable
The parts and service departments are great. If you can't figure it out, they'll figure it out for you. The sales guys are good,too.
5.05 Jerry Gilvin
They are the best, have used them for many years and haven't had any bad experiences with them. They delivered the equipment when they said it would be delivered and they always have what we need.
5.05 Ray Sasser
We have bought quite a few pieces of equipment from Great Southern and we have had good experiences on every purchase.
5.05 Don Zorder
The parts guy is very knowledgeable and responsive. he gets back to you right away. He does a great job.
5.05 Sam Stoia
If you want a Link Belt part you don't have any choice.
5.05 Kenny Hart Jr
They're very knowledgeable and it's easy to work with them and the customer service and parts department are the best. We have used them for years.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I've been using them for a few years, they always do a great job, and Mike Story is one of the best managers I've dealt with compared to any other company.
5.05 Gordon Ashley
I've had nothing but good service from them.
5.05 Ricky
They've worked on my equipment before. Everything is super easy. I can't complain.
5.05 Larry Green
They are friendly and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.
5.05 Kevin Whitfield
They have excellent customer service and they usually have the parts in stock.
5.05 David Rose
Everything was all good.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They always have the equipment. Nothings ever been a problem.
5.05 David Logan
Good relationship
5.05 Frank
Good relationship with the company.
5.05 Patrick Workman
They always take good care of us. Mike at our location is really good and always look out for us.
5.05 Estela Torres
I think everything is pretty much satisfactory.
5.05 Dan Brown
Easy to deal with.
5.05 Pamela Hall
They always have what we need and we get it quickly.
5.05 Peter Millana
They've just always taken very good care us.
5.05 Verified Buyer
It's always a good experience, they usually have what we need in stock and their professionalism is great.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They usually have what we need in stock, the parts guys are great and I have no complaints or issues.
5.05 Northstar
They do really good work, their communication is good and they are a good company to work with.
5.05 Jose Centeno
They had to special order my parts and it only took a week. Great staff and prices are fair.
5.05 Wynn Greene
I never hear about any issues with Great Southern.
5.05 Adrian Martinez
they responded so quickly.
5.05 Thomas King
Have used them for years, and it's always a good experience. Easy to order parts, they're professional, and just easy to work with.
5.05 Mark Cupito
They're very friendly, they have what I need, and they're easy to work with.
5.05 Deanna
We've had a great working relationship with them for over 20 years.
5.05 Denny White
Communication is good.
5.05 Tim Harrell
The parts we order are always in stock when we need them.
5.05 Mark Miller
Over the years they've been very consistent. Ron Lee is easy to work with and very knowledgeable.
5.05 Joel Uriarte
Fast service. Great customer service.
5.05 Amy Dykes
They're an excellent company.
5.05 John
They a very knowledgeable, easy to work with them, have competitive pricing and are just a good group to work with.
5.05 Linda Swanson
They were knowledgeable and had the parts available when we needed them.
5.05 Eric Newmark
The parts guy is very knowable and went out of his way to get me what I needed.
5.05 Verified Buyer
This is the first time purchasing from GSE. The parts availability is very good.
5.05 Josh Eveland
We use them all the time, they have what we need in stock and it's easy to work with them.
5.05 Lucious Martin
They're the only ones who have parts for our machine.
5.05 Neil Nettles
They are local and very helpful finding equipment.
5.05 Wayne Treco
We are happy with their service. I actually do recommend.
5.05 Chris
The ordering process was easy and we had no issues with the parts.
5.05 Steven Burkey
No issues with the parts. They were also available when I needed.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They usually have the parts in stock, they were very helpful and they took good care of us.
5.05 Denise Badillo
Service Managers, Larry Hunt and Lanny Holifield have great communication with us about repairs.
5.05 Anna Gonzalez
Great service. No complaints.
5.05 Kevin Hicks
The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Everything was great.
5.05 Robert Bolden
This is the first time using GSE. I was looking for a hard to find part and one of my customers recommended I go to GSE and sure enough they had the part I needed.
5.05 Andrew DeJonge
They had everything on time as scheduled and very professional staff.
5.05 Brian
Everything was great
5.05 AJ
It was all good
5.05 Benji Blessings
There was a female there who knew more about the parts than I did. I know that sounds sexist but I was just honestly impressed!
5.05 Dean Dekker
client couldn't talk because he was in the middle of a project.
5.05 Dereks
Shannon and Nicki are really helpful and always get back to us pretty quickly.
5.05 Jeff Bankson
Everything went rather well with my purchase. No issues to explain.
5.05 Tony Canton
The parts were good quality.
5.05 Shelby Bryant
They have the parts in stock and I have no issues with them.
5.05 Lizet Pascual
Other than delivery, everything is perfect.
5.05 George Martinez
Everything with Great Southern is great. I don't have time to go into detail but I can say we are very pleased.
5.05 Mark Rungy
Everything was great. If we haven't called you all then that means everything was all good.
5.05 Tyler Crowder
We didn't need a quote. Everything worked out fine. The service was great.
5.05 Verified Buyer
No issues and fast response time so I can't complain.
5.05 Jusue
No issues, the lady was very helpful.
5.05 Curtis
It's easy to work with them, and they usually have the parts in stock.
5.05 Rick King
They're a good company. I got my parts pretty fast.
5.05 Yolanda Hernandez
They have gotten the parts on time, they're very nice and knowledgeable.
5.05 Lena Himebaugh
The service was good.
5.05 Danny Sitjes
It's Steven Zamora. He's on top of everything. He's very good, very knowledgeable.
5.05 Art Griffith
Shannon and Lanny in parts do a fantastic job. They are super knowledgeable, very supportive and easy to work with.
5.05 James Avery
The parts guys are very knowledgeable and helpful.
5.05 Casey Lanthar
They found parts for me. Dealers are dealers. When there's only one in the state of Florida, that's who you deal with.
5.05 Oscar Rodriguez
Haven't heard anything bad about it.
5.05 David Milfted
I called, they had it. They sent the wrong part. They corrected it, sent the right part quickly. They didn't charge for the shipping.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Tom is never really in the office but he stated how the equipment was great and he had no issues.
5.05 Robert Stoothoff
The parts people are very knowledgeable and get me the parts promptly.
5.05 Leslie Ellzey
Customer service is very good and part delivery is very good.
5.05 Steve Jensen
they were really helpful and they got the parts in really quick.
4.55 Verified Buyer
We are very happy, and do a lot of business with GSE.
4.55 Verified Buyer
They are there for us when we need them.
4.55 Bruce
Never had any problems with them, they're great.
4.55 Michael Mc Cammon
We've been working with them for a long time.
4.55 Tina Jernigan
I have no idea. We had our own financing, there wasn't a lot to do.
4.55 Earl
They are great!
4.55 Tyler Crowder
The guys at Great Southern are fantastic!
4.55 Jacob Elogen
The only place that has what I need!
4.55 Grant Dakin
They got me my parts. They got it right the first time.
4.55 John
It was a great experience!
4.55 Jeremy
I am very pleased with this new machine!
4.55 Frank Statler
If they deal with my salesperson, who've I've known for about 30 years, even before Great Southern, I would recommend them.
4.55 Jerry Perry
Those boys know what they are doing!
4.55 Mike Vandertulip
This company is always kind!
4.55 Todd Pipes
They're convenient and helped me locate the parts I needed. I didn't have to call 10 different places to find what I was looking for.
4.55 Elizabeth Aguilera
We are ever so pleased with Great Southern!
4.55 Les Kemp
A very knowledgeable staff!
4.55 Leslie Ellzey
They do a great job!
4.55 Dan Brown
Fantastic people to work with!
4.55 Taya
A great sales staff!
4.55 Jim Kopley
I'm always satisfied with GSE!
4.55 Josh Eveland
4.55 Ryan Moore
They are always there for us!
4.55 James Davis
Very Professional!
4.55 Jose
They are fantastic!
4.55 Scott Adams
They are great!
4.55 Daniel Kreiser
They do a fantastic job!
4.55 David Glazer
They are great!
4.55 Paul Funderburk
Always recommend them!
4.55 Clay Carpenter
They are pleasant to work with!
4.55 Frank Bowe
They do a great job!
4.55 Judith Guffey
GSE is great!
4.55 Donald Majewski
They are always there when we need them!
4.55 Patrick Helmer
They were exceptional this time!
4.55 John
They are awesome!
4.55 Adam
They are doing a great job!
4.55 Lydon
They are awesome!
4.55 Jay Bricier
They are good.
4.55 PJ Alanis
They are great!
4.55 JR
The response time has become better, the new service manager is very helpful.
4.55 Verified Buyer
Everything was good but pricing was high.
4.55 Justin Fedder
They have great customer service!
4.55 Bobby McClurg
Those old boys know what they're doing.
4.55 Angie Sharpe
I'd rather deal with Great Southern. They do a bang up job. I've had a long relationship with them.
4.55 Kevin Whitfield
They always answer the phone promptly. They always get back to us when we are looking for a part.
4.55 David Pietkiewicz
They're just easy to deal with.
4.55 Scott
The Jacksonville branch is great!!!
4.55 Accounts Payable
A very pleasant company to work with!
4.55 Michael L Fairman
They are knowledgeable and helpful. It is easy to do business with them.'
4.55 Jake Benitez
The parts guy was extremely responsive. He followed through.
4.55 Jonathan Mendez
Any time I need something, Alex is very helpful. He's always there, it's good to know someone is there to help you.
4.55 Verified Buyer
great customer service
4.55 Nick Socha
Great service, willing to go above and beyond to help.
4.55 Roy Finke
Everything was fine.
4.55 Joe Crapo
great customer service
4.55 Jim Donaldson
very professional
4.55 Josh Eveland
They've had a lot of turnover during the 10 years I've been here but they always seem to get people who are pretty knowledgeable.
4.55 Simone Ramirez
ordering easy
4.55 Jenese Hart
Really like the products that they sell.
4.55 David Glazer
Working with them for 5 years and they're pretty good.
4.55 Derrick Santillan
They look up the parts numbers for me. It's easier.
4.55 David Pietkiewicz
To be honest with you, it's being able to get someone on the phone and get honest answers. It's just that simple.
4.55 Yogi Zink
On the last order they screwed up the parts number and wouldn't take it back. It was supposed to be a box of small relays. They need to admit when they are wrong." He did not want any further follow up on this issue. He felt that his overall relationship with GSE was good. "The return policy should have more flexibility. It should be on a case by case basis.
4.55 John Garcia
It depends on the need. They have the parts for what we use.
4.55 Henrique Hoffman
I had no trouble with them.
4.55 Carlos Mercado
Good service and knowledge.
4.55 Bill Watts
Haven't had any complaints.
4.55 John Devivo
Their knowledge.
4.55 Jeff Hunter
They have good equipment and the parts I need.
4.55 Norm Lewis
They usually have the parts in stock and get them to us quickly, and I would recommend them to others.
4.55 Michael
In general, they are very knowledgeable and fast. They do a good overall job for us.
4.55 Tim Mattoon
They have well trained technicians and the take the time to listen.
4.55 Daniel Coston
They are responsive on the service end and pretty quick to me parts.
4.55 Donald Majewski
Steve and Ray both did a great job on the sale. They were helpful and knowledgeable.
4.55 James Kress
They were very helpful getting my gas cap that I could not find anywhere else. I was referred to Great Southern by Florida Track in Dade City. The only reason I gave it an 8 was the fact that they order was wrong the first time. However, they jumped right on it had corrected it in just a few days.
4.55 Jim McDonald
They respond pretty quickly.
4.55 John Lewis
They have very good customer Service.
4.55 Mark Caton
Most of experiences were positive, there are no reasons not rot recommend.
4.55 Don
They're professional and they know what they're doing, and it's just easy to work with them.
4.55 AJ Wyman
They're professional and knowledgeable, they got the parts to us in a few days and it was easy working with them.
4.55 JR
Great Southern Equipment has been very helpful.
4.55 Verified Buyer
They are professional and easy to work with.
4.55 Verified Buyer
The parts were ready when I called in so I picked them up when they were ready. Didn't take long at all.
4.55 John Garcia
We like the equipment they sell.
4.55 David Wilson
Professional and helpful staff, the parts were great quality and available when I needed them.
4.55 Dean Kozlak
Other than the travel for my parts. Everything was great.
4.55 Richard Ruth
They pretty responsive to our needs. They quickly respond to any requests we have.
4.55 Jason Walters
They have good availability, a good collection, and they are on top of our needs.
4.55 Chuck
They came quicker than I thought, very very good.
4.55 Tom Groves
Everything was good and they had the parts in stock.
4.05 Kevin Whitfield
They've gotten better with service, it used to be hinky, over the past 8 months to a year.
4.05 TC Carlisle
They answer the phone and emails quickly. They jump right on it.
4.05 Brian Ross
I usually do quite a bit with their salesman. Generally, all the way around, I've had a good experience with Great Southern Equipment.
4.05 Jim Donaldson
I don't usually recommend places.
4.05 Oscar Harmon
Every time I call, they treat me well. Mister Thomas McIntyre is very helpful.
4.05 Kristin
They are good at what they do!
4.05 Alex
They always have what I need!
4.05 Zia Kam
I like the salesman.
4.05 Craig Smith
If they have the same kind of equipment as we do, but there's not much choice.
4.05 Verified Buyer
They're consistently available.
4.05 Jonathan Betacur
They always reply to my emails.
4.05 Dottie Moran
They are dependable!
4.05 Richard DiCarlo
I'll leave them wiggle room to improve.
4.05 Darren Oestreicher
It was just very efficient.
4.05 Jesus Hernandez
Man, I've got to go.
4.05 David Pilon
They are helpful!
4.05 Pam Bergeron
They are good!
4.05 Don Wainwright
They sent a service guy to me who was very knowledgeable. He arrived on time and they charged me what they said they would.
4.05 Mark Caton
They're very responsive.
4.05 Jenese Hart
Their communication is good, their sales person in very knowledgeable and quick to help.
4.05 Lane Goodman
I'm not sure, I guess its the service.
4.05 Denise Bevan
They pretty much step for us.
4.05 Oscar Harmon
They are a great company with a great staff.
4.05 Troy Parker
I go there because they are the dealer for my equipment and have parts I need.
4.05 Tyler Crowder
They were pretty good. They made sure I had what I needed.
4.05 Jonathan Betacur
Well, as far as I'm concerned they always give me a response, they give me answers. That's what I look for.
4.05 Brendan Wall
They were very knowledgeable.
4.05 Verified Buyer
Honestly, Mr. Al Ortiz is very responsive. I always contact him directly because he gets back to me quickly.
4.05 Verified Buyer
It's been a whole lot easier getting parts and service since they took over the Liebherr dealer.
4.05 Ivan Lopez
Bought a complete kit but only received one part
4.05 John
Overall pretty easy experience.
4.05 Verified Buyer
The woman who helped me was very knowledgeable.
4.05 John Pass
No one ever gets the top rating.
4.05 Andy Adreou
Service is good.
4.05 Patrick Workman
The grade A parts you have in stock
4.05 Brian Douglas
They're able to find the parts I need. They've also been very helpful helping me with manuals for my equipment.
4.05 Jared Rackley
Pretty good.
4.05 David Rose
They've always done well. They've helped me fix stuff.
4.05 Eric Newmark
Their parts people are very prompt.
4.05 Cydney Garrido
I like their parts availability.
4.05 Jhoan Rodriguez
I like the customer service.
4.05 Andres Mata
Issues with order, and long response time.
4.05 Joseph Reiger
They got us right in.
4.05 Izzy Kahatib
They were good, but there were some things they couldn't help me with.
4.05 Dean Kozlak
Still a little room for improvement in communication.
4.05 Raymond Corder
Their knowledge of parts is good.
4.05 Verified Buyer
Great Southern Equipment has a great selection of equipment. The mechanic was good as well.
4.05 Eli Glover
They always have the parts I need.
4.05 Kyle Vieira
Very understanding and they come out to help with the equipment.
4.05 Lena Himebaugh
They're there when we need them.
4.05 Joe Mardis
They've worked with me. I've used them for years.
4.05 Daniel Fangmeyer
Ron Lee in parts does a great job for us. He knows our business and he is always prepared for our parts needs.
4.05 Seth Robbins
Their staff is very knowledgeable about their equipment.
4.05 Brad Anderson
Everything was okay but we got a wrong diagnosis.
4.05 Archie J Johns
They good customer service.
4.05 Lane Goodman
They are helpful and knowledgeable.
4.05 Adam
I don't do a whole lot with Great Southern so my knowledge is limited.
4.05 Albert Pope
Their service department has always been there for me when I had questions. They've just been good to me.
4.05 Rick Johns
I know dave really well and we always get good service, just had a mishap with charges.
4.05 Freddie Hankerson
It is the only place I can get Gradall parts around here. Availability could be better
4.05 Cydney Garrido
Doesn't do the ordering of parts but the other people in her fleet use Great Southern.
4.05 Jenese Hart
I like their willingness to communicate and being there when I need them.
4.05 Malcolmb Davis
I like their parts availability.
4.05 Buck Williams
I just referred someone to you guys the other day. I've had a bad run in with the parts department but they made it right.
4.05 Walter King
Availability of the parts.
4.05 Verified Buyer
Everything went pretty well.
4.05 Michael Mc Cammon
We have a good arrangement. We've been working with them for a long time." "They do a pretty good job.
4.05 Verified Buyer
They've just been overall easy to do business with.
4.05 Duane
Great Souther Equipment was the only one who carried the parts we needed.
4.05 Jake Benitez
I am satisfied with their work. Overall they do a good job.
4.05 James Wachter
They got me the part I needed quickly and at a reasonable price.
4.05 John Pass
Shannon in parts doe a great job. She sharp and very responsive. She is great to work with.
4.05 Jon Hall
They have the parts we need for our equipment and they do a good job.
3.55 David Moorefield
because had more bad experiences than good but, recently been having more good experiences.
3.55 Jeremy Dumas
They're the only one that carries certain brands.
3.55 Philip Verela
My machine was brought in to be serviced. The tech was not knowledgeable. And in my opinion, the service was not completed but he said otherwise. I did not feel like the full service was completed.
3.55 Ricky Simmons
They were the distributor in the area, I was told to call them by the manufacturer.
3.55 Paul Roark
When I call, they call me back.
3.55 Troy Parker
They do a really good job!
3.55 John Pass
They are good!
3.55 Reed Wilken
They were fine. They're okay.
3.55 Carlos M Almeida
They were helpful when I had to return the item.
3.55 Nick Edenfield
They charged me $38 for 2 extra keys after I paid $200,000 for my Link Belt excavator. Other than that, everything was fine.
3.55 Joe Mardis
Really, the personal service from my salesman, Steve Tuton, has been key. We've been working together almost 17 years. He makes himself available to me around the clock if anything goes wrong. It makes a difference.
3.55 Orlando Ravelo
They're the only Hitachi dealer in the area.
3.55 Lena Himebaugh
I can't really think of anything.
3.55 Blake Dawson
They were knowledgeable about the parts.
3.55 JR
They have been able to work for me.
3.55 Jason Wisenbaker
Found identical piece for a much lower price.
3.55 Omar Zalikha
No one to recommend to.
3.55 Troy Parker
It depends on who answers the phone.
3.55 Lena Hinebaugh
Still waiting to receive invoices.
3.55 Tulio Silgado
Just general, they know what they're doing.
3.55 Richard Hill
Order got messed up.
3.55 Oscar Harmon
I didn't have a problem finding the parts.
3.55 Roberto Galinanes
The equipment they sell is good.
3.55 Verified Buyer
I don't like making recommendations.
3.55 Troy Parker
John, At the parts desk, is wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable and is very helpful finding the right parts.
3.55 Teresa Brown
We like to shop around.
3.55 Donna
They are close. They do a pretty good job. I have Gradall equipment which mean all the parts come out of Ohio so I do have to order parts. The ordering is easy and the delivery is as quick as it can be.
3.55 Justin Fedder
They get back with me very quickly when I email them about parts.
3.05 Andy Adreou
I have to go. Can I call you back.
3.05 Larry Green
They changed over from the Liebherr cranes to another brand, its created real issues with parts and training.
3.05 Bill Watts
Follow up and billing could be better, and they need more technicians.
3.05 Dave Jones
The response time to get the work done was too long.
2.55 Melissa Stevens
We had problems getting service done quickly, they're not available as quick as we need them. The service is slow, takes long to get repairs done for the past couple years.
2.55 Tim Williams
They don't have parts in stock, they always have to order them.
2.55 Dereks
If they can't go aftermarket they wouldn't have any choice.
2.55 David Bertram
They have no knowledge, at all, about Hitachi Equipment. It's not Lanny's fault, he's a wealth of knowledge, but it's a new line for them.
2.55 William Howell
I called in advance and was told they had plenty of hydraulic fluid available. I drove an hour to get to their store for 30 gallons and they only had 6 gallons. Six gallons.
2.55 Cecil Wilson
They don't have service personnel available. I have a trackhoe that they've had for 3 weeks and they still haven't worked on it yet.
2.55 Kenny Newlin
They sold me a wrong part, a fuel pump, after I gave them detailed information on the part. It broke and it was a real hassle with the parts manager getting my money back." "I only order parts from them now as a last resort.
2.55 Wyatt Hodge
They are the only people that sell Link Belt parts in the area.
2.55 Dana Connor
I have a hard time getting someone in the parts department to order parts or answer my questions.
2.05 William Willson
They are convenient, 5 minutes up the road from me.
2.05 David Lau
We have Kobelco equipment that is out of the country need to be repaired. GSE will not give us part numbers, just sell the parts. We need to confirm the part numbers before we send them out of the country to avoid sending the wrong parts. When addressing the issue,the field rep was not towery nice about us asking for the parts number, I feel the customer service treatment is not that great.
1.55 Steve Bivens
We are still waiting on the bucket attachments we ordered six or seven months ago.
1.55 Anadriazola
Carmen is a problem and she got very frustrated with us fast. We had two payments sent to this company one was for the merchandise and one for the shipping information. Carmen still called asking for the payment and informed her that it had been sent. Since then, no answer and we have not gotten our parts yet. I believe that there is a miscommunication or something with the payment. Customer service needs to be worked on as I was not the only one who has experienced this, my general manager has had a bad interaction as well.
1.55 Patrick Helmer
There was a lack of communication and miscommunications from Great Southern Equipment. There is also a long wait when equipment is serviced.
0.55 Luke
They have no clue what they were doing and had zero communication.
0.55 Frank Schlaff
I don't recommend buying parts from them at all. They want to charge $1,000 for a muffler for my Kawasaki loader. I can get a compatible muffler, brand new, online for just @230." "Their prices for Kawasaki and Hitachi parts are just stupid. I don't see how they can stay in business. That's probably why they hired you guys.
0.05 Micheal McConnell
They serviced our machine, charged us $7,700, told us it wasn't under warranty, we got the machine to the work site and it still didn't work. They came out again, claimed it was a bushing. In that case, what was the point of charging us the $7,700 in the first place? I'm still trying to work this out with them.
0.05 I Bowen
They are horrible!
0.05 Scott R Eccles
I've done business with them for 30 years. They've hired some really horrible people. They've gone down hill.
0.05 Andrew Lindzy
They sent two guys out to diagnose a problem who had me replace parts that didn't need to be replaced." "They never return calls. I called them between 10 and 15 times.
0.05 Fox Hodges
They kept me waiting for five weeks for the parts and it ended up costing be a customer. Im not happy at all.

About Great Southern Equipment

Great Southern Equipment is a heavy equipment dealer in Florida that specializes in construction and road building machines, material handlers, and equipment attachments. Find the right heavy machines from top brands like Link-Belt excavators, Liebherr earthmoving and material handling equipment, Hitachi construction equipment, Gradall excavators, and Vacall hydro excavators. They also offer Sennebogen material handlers, Sakai rollers, Kaiser walking excavators, and more.

Maximize uptime with heavy equipment service throughout Florida, a huge machine parts inventory with fast delivery, and certified technicians. Plus, check out their well maintained rental equipment options if you need a machine fast, or their large used equipment fleet if you have a tighter budget.

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