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Kelbe Brothers Equipment

4.6 385 surveys

Verified Buyers

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5.05 Richard Knilans
The personnel are really good to work with.
5.05 Adam Graff
Easy to order and did a good job.
5.05 Dan Straley
The parts personnel are very knowledgeable every time I've dealt with them, they know exactly what I'm talking about. Other places, you have to give them a part number.
5.05 Dave Deangelo
They are very personable and we have relationships built up already.
5.05 Jordan Huron
They are very prompt, parts are in house and I haven't had any issues.
5.05 Tyler Gumm
We have a single point of contact that takes care of our business in a timely manner. Jake Reese is great.
5.05 Trevor Barnabe
Very helpful and they made sure we had what we needed.
5.05 John Kramer
I've never had a problem with them, they're great.
5.05 Bobby
They provide quality service.
5.05 Eldon Heatwole
They have great quality equipment.
5.05 Steve Grunewald
This was my first time renting equipment from Kelbe Brothers and I'm very impressed. I had such a great overall experience that I plan to rent all of my future equipment from Kelbe Brothers.
5.05 Tim Schwersinske
John does a great job, and they carry the brands of equipment that I enjoy using.
5.05 Bob Baier
They always do a great job.
5.05 Steven Anderson
They are always really fast. I called the location this morning, and they are bringing the parts this afternoon.
5.05 Brian Peterson
Every time I call they answer their phones and are very professional.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I've done business with them for a long time; they've always been good with everything.
5.05 Joe Clausing
They always do great, we've never had any issues.
5.05 Trevor Andrew
They do a great job.
5.05 Dean Carr
It's easy to order and we get our parts quickly.
5.05 Kyle Kochan
The availability of Hitachi parts.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Their employees are friendly and they get me the parts that I need.
5.05 Scott Kandziora
The service technicians are quick and they get service work done right the first time.
5.05 Cory Wagner
Kelbe Brothers provides great customer service. Their employees are top-notch.
5.05 Jeff Hassinger
We've done business with them for a long time and they have always provided us with great service.
5.05 Kevin Nawrocki
Ben is great at his job. He's helpful, knowledgeable, and makes ordering my parts easy.
5.05 Noah Featz
It's easy to order our parts and they're always able to get us the parts we need.
5.05 Andy Brown
They make ordering parts painless at affordable prices.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Our salesman takes really good care of us. We've had some items that were back-ordered but we received them quickly.
5.05 Kendall
It's easy to order parts and we always receive them quickly.
5.05 Mike
Kelbe Brothers has parts that no one else carries and we never have any issues when we order.
5.05 Rick Feast
Scott is wonderful to work with and my new equipment is working exactly as I had expected.
5.05 Mark Richmond
Everything went well and the equipment worked great.
5.05 Linda Huss
We just go there when we need parts. I don't have anything else to add.
5.05 Mark Merkel
The equipment is high quality and very dependable.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything was great.
5.05 Gerald Kuisle
This was the best buying experience I've ever had. Not only is the product great quality but Jake Reese is an amazing salesman who took the extra time to understand my needs. He went above and beyond during my buying process. He represented Kelbe Brothers, and himself, with integrity. Our company is looking to expand throughout Wisconsin. As a result of this stellar transaction, Kelbe Brothers has won all of our future equipment purchases.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Kelbe Brothers is great. They always take great care of our needs.
5.05 David Borda
Kelbe Brothers does a great job of taking care of our needs. As a business owner, they provide me with peace of mind knowing that if I call for service that they are there with such knowledge and expertise. They make working with them easy and their work is great quality.
5.05 Mark Kaup
Kelbe Brothers is on top of it! They provide excellent service and follow up with their customers. We couldn't be happier with the service they provide us. I wouldn't change anything about them.
5.05 Michael Linholm
They take great care of my business needs.
5.05 John Jacobi
Overall satisfaction
5.05 Verified Buyer
Kelbe Brothers offers quality products and customer service.
5.05 Fernando Mora
I always have a good experience with the company.
5.05 Ryan Murray
You guys are amazing!
5.05 Bill Hammerstron
This was my first experience and it was amazing.
5.05 Levi Coenen
Everything was great.
5.05 Mike
They are great!
5.05 Jeremiah Ladier
I have to go. No time is a good time.
5.05 Curtis Good
They were prompt and the guy knew what he was doing.
5.05 Adam Konz
They just came through for us. They had the equipment.
5.05 Mike Wollemamn
They always take care of me when I call them up.
5.05 Rob Bergman
They take very good care of me. I've worked with them for years. They are my favorite vendor.
5.05 Tom Oberhaus
They're just easy to work with.
5.05 Joe Marincic
They delivered and swapped out the equipment without me having to be there.
5.05 Jerry Engler
The performance of the rental was great.
5.05 Robert Mohr
Kelbe does a great job.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're outside sales guys are extremely responsive.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Other than the last few issues with my machine, they've been good. In spite of recent of issues, I will continue to do business with them.
5.05 Bill Cockroft
They're great and easy to work with. I work with Coleen on billing and she's really good.
5.05 Charles Arprip
I like my relationship with my sales rep, Jerry. He's really good. He really makes my job easier.
5.05 Steve Dorn
I like them. I like working with them. I've sent a lot of business to them.
5.05 Mike Sheperd
Our tech was very quick and everything worked well.
5.05 Josh Tarantino
It was a good experience.
5.05 Penix
It was a good experience.
5.05 Leon Kirsanov
They do what needs to be done and the work is good.
5.05 Blaine Sidders
No reason in particular, they do a good job in general.
5.05 Gregory
The technician communicated with us throughout the entire process.
5.05 Chris Jacobs
They're very, very knowledgeable. They're willing to help you.
5.05 Carrie Winklbauer
They're communication is good. They're polite, courteous, and get parts to us in a timely manner.
5.05 Eric Lalor
Kelbe Brothers always provide us with the upmost great service.
5.05 Sam Hatchett
They are always there when I need them!
5.05 Gail Spence
They do a great job for us all the time!
5.05 David Bennett
Was in great condition once arrived.
5.05 Dale Burke
We order from Kelbe quite often. Always price worthy and great staff.
5.05 Jim 262-332-1536
You guys are great! I received my order faster than anticipated!
5.05 Paul Senft
Kelbe does an amazing job.
5.05 Rick Lisowe
They treated me better than any other dealer. They treated us well.
5.05 Martin Meyer
They're very accommodating.
5.05 Stacy Behrans
So one part got lost in shipping but they did a really splendid job at getting another shipped out to us quickly.
5.05 Cindy Leaman
Very affordable and they always have what we need available.
5.05 Craig Romenesko
We order parts from Kelbe all the time. I never heard any complaints from the guys.
5.05 jamie
They do a good job for us!
5.05 Adam Pugh
Jake Rice does a great job. Always responds on time.
5.05 Scott
I've been doing business with Kelbe for 40 years. They are great!
5.05 Tyler Gumm
They do a great job!
5.05 Chris Riedel
They've always returned my calls.
5.05 Brittney Muenster
They don't have a ton of AG equipment, we are a farm, but I would recommend them.
5.05 Neal Heus
The salesman was very easy to work with.
5.05 Peter Leeson
The performance was good and the prices are comparable.
5.05 Hunter Fischer
They're good.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I've been using them for years.
5.05 Cory Wagner
This company does a fantastic job for me every time.
5.05 Tyler Weber
They got out to us really fast and didn't take long.
5.05 Jerry Mueller
I'm satisfied every time I deal with Kelebe!!
5.05 Luke Zeilhofer
Their sales team is outstanding!!!
5.05 Jeff Kholer
They do a great job for me!
5.05 Ryan Wilke
Everything went great. I used and recommended you all the first time and we've continued to use you all since.
5.05 Chad Johnson
Not really much input but I had no issues.
5.05 Dan
Couldn't tell that it was a rental.
5.05 Nicole
They do a real good job at providing you the exact parts you need.
5.05 Richard Knilans
Everything was good overall.
5.05 Scott Runge
Got the parts we needed with no issues.
5.05 Andrew Keyes
They had it in stock when I needed it so we're all good.
5.05 Diane Normington
caller hung up
5.05 Verified Buyer
They had the equipment in stock and they are easy to work with.
5.05 Butch Krug
They do a good job and I'm happy with the services they provide.
5.05 Chris Bartow
They do a good job and they have the equipment already in stock.
5.05 Joe Clausing
Everything worked out well and we have no complaints.
5.05 Bob Baier
Easy to work with them and it's always a good experience.
5.05 Peter Green
They are easy to work with they had the equipment in stock and delivered to us quickly.
5.05 Chris Elmer
They are easy to work with and they have always helped me out.
5.05 Thomas Harrison
They had the equipment in stock and we work well together.
5.05 Abina Clapper
They had the parts we needed in stock, and they great vendor to work with.
5.05 Ron Komarek
Everything was good.
5.05 Don Helgren
Good machines, excellent salesman to work with, and lead mechanic was very knowledgable and friendly.
5.05 Brad Housman
Everything went well.
5.05 Joe Mast
Pleased being able to call and get parts right the first try.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They did everything in a timely fashion and we received what we needed.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Already recommended.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Service was great, the team was super helpful.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Easy to work with, no high pressure.
5.05 Erik Hauser
I bought a skid steer loader and it wss awesome.
5.05 Ali Williamson
Happy between the staff and the product.
5.05 Mike Wollemamn
Everything was good.
5.05 Todd Soukup
They've been good to me over the years.
5.05 Jim Kmitt
Everything was clear and honest.
5.05 Dave Burgess
People were knowledgable and equipment functions well, overall we are satisfied.
5.05 Steven Anderson
Really easy to work with.
5.05 James Chesebro
They're consistent. They do what they say they're going to do.
5.05 Jason Gurskey
They answered the phone call and got right to it.
5.05 Leo Deiz
I went there by accident, I was actually looking for a different place. They turned out to be helpful and they had what I needed.
5.05 Jason Gwidt
The location was nice and Kyle was very prompt and helpful. He got a diagram to us very quickly and answered all our questions.
5.05 Corey Henke
I like that they're local. They have multiple locations in my state.
5.05 Leon Kirsanov
They repair all equipment as needed. I haven't had any issues. They're easy to work with.
5.05 Sarah Pershall
Was a very smooth process.
5.05 Alan Kapla
Very easy to deal with.
5.05 Larry
Ease of dealing with staff.
5.05 Erik Wildes
Always get great service.
5.05 Jermey Zimmerman
Local dealer
5.05 Jeff Logemann
They always do a good job.
5.05 Cory Krapfl
We have worked with Kelbe Brothers Equipment for a while and bought a lot of equipment from them. It has always been a good experience.
5.05 Scott Tiedeman
The parts employees were nice, easy to do business with, and knowledgeable.
5.05 Brandon Buntrock
Kelbe Brothers Equipment had a fair price and nice equipment. Also, our sales representative, Caleb, was very helpful and a good guy to deal with.
5.05 Brian Check
Haven't had any issues, they are a good vendor to work with.
5.05 Jen Boyd
Our sales a guy is awesome.
5.05 Kevin Sternard
We always that recommend them.
5.05 Donna Salamone
Kelbe Brothers Equipment has great service, the employees know what they are doing, and they fix our equipment quickly.
5.05 Tim Woodstocks
Kelbe Brothers Equipment does a good job with service.
5.05 Josh Normington
I have never had a bad experience at Kelbe Brothers Equipment.
5.05 Gary
Kelbe Brothers Equipment had the parts I needed.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Kelbe Brothers Equipment has great availability.
5.05 Mark Kolarik
Kelbe Brothers Equipment is easy to work with. They have a knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere.
5.05 Jade Kramsvogel
They're the closest Takeuchi dealer to me.
5.05 Merkel
The process went smoothly.
5.05 Bill Cockroft
Everything was good.
5.05 Wes Kempen
Easy to work with them and we get the parts delivered quickly.
Jake in matteson is really awesome and so helpful. That guy takes care of me every time.
5.05 Gary Sterzinger
good to talk to, and understood what I was trying to find.
5.05 Dan Finet
My first time purchasing and it went well.
5.05 Nick
they are the only dealer that's remotely close to us.
5.05 Ron Opper
Very knowledgable and fast. I called on a Friday right before closing time and the salesman still processed my transaction and I got the parts quickly.
5.05 Adam Konz
everything was good.
5.05 Doug Fromm
Excellent across the board.
5.05 Mike Hefter
I've never had an issue with Kelbe and actually prefer that they contact me directly next time.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They did a great job with servicing us. Never had an issue.
5.05 Chad Johnson
The staff is amazing. Sky Riley has been great to me.
5.05 Andy Gleichauf
They get a A+ for everything they do. When I call I always get my stuff in great timing.
5.05 Andrew Keyes
My first preference is usually available and the performance was outstanding.
5.05 Nick Van Wychen
Everything met my standards and I would definitely recommend.
5.05 Nathan Olson
They are the closest dealer, the sales team was spot on and helpful and even with there being a shortage in heavy equipment, they were able to provide me with what I needed.:
5.05 Ed Southall
I enjoyed it. It was a 2016 machine but ran well.
5.05 Christine Szlamczynski
The parts worked out great.
5.05 Alan Gossen
Kelbe has good service, and the staff is great. I had a good experience with Kelbe.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I have been working with Kelbe for 38 years.
5.05 Cory Wagner
Treated me well, and the machine did a good job.
5.05 Rob Behling
Kelbe has quality equipment and they are easy to work with. Andrew from Parts, and the owner is very reasonable.
5.05 James Behrenwald
If you all didn't hear anything then everything was good.
5.05 Brian Carelli
Kelbe Brothers equipment is easy to work with and they got back to me.
5.05 Eric Anebrenber
There's not really much I can do about the situation so I have no choice but to rate a 10.
5.05 Korry Bertram
Kelbe Brothers has great service, and they work hard to resolve issues.
5.05 Rob Karsten
We have had a long relationship with Kelbe and they have always treated us right.
5.05 Mike Miller
Good to go business with.
5.05 Ron Stone
Worked with in the past
5.05 Tracy
Everything with it was great! I know we had a service call twice and they did an amazing job, came right away too.
5.05 Jay Midbon
I love the equipment and its really reliable.
5.05 Kevin Gobbeo
No issues ordering parts or picking them up.
5.05 Tom Williams
The performance was great, the sales team was also helpful.
5.05 Rob - no longer with the company Redding
They were quick and professional.
5.05 Adam Schoessow
Kelbe brothers always does a great job.
5.05 Tim Colford
Very helpful, I have a good working relationship with them. If I have any questions or issues they are quick to resolve them.
5.05 Linda Huss
fair pricing.
5.05 Jim Thompson
They had the equipment in stock and it ran the way it should and have used them for years. I have no complaints about them.
5.05 Jason Martin
We are happy with them and recommend them all the time.
5.05 Dan Large
Great score across the board. Everything was excellent.
5.05 Matthew Kreitlow
The parts were great. We didn't have any problems with delays or anything.
5.05 Ryan Bachmann
all we bought was a handbelt and some keys and everything was fine.
5.05 Drew B.
Everything was great, the machine was new but we rented it out a couple of times.
5.05 David Bennett
I went to pick it up but it was ready and it worked great.
5.05 Petey Szohr
Everything went good. Excellent techs.
5.05 Angelica
Andrew Morgan always does a great job with assisting us.
5.05 Gregory
They respond really well when I need service. Very responsive.
5.05 Jerry Hoefler
The service is professional. Rental worked like new.
5.05 Julie Blough
Everything is always good with Kelbe.
5.05 Justin Krueger
They always have what I'm looking for.
5.05 Tony Schraufnagel
To be our competition, they are really good.
5.05 Julio Cruz
the features within itself was good. This was my first time buying something brand new.
5.05 Evan Zimmerman
Everything with the parts were good. They had them available in the warehouse right away.
5.05 Dan Cotter
They do a good job.
5.05 Penix
Client was busy at the moment but said everything was all good.
5.05 Blake Vrechek
5.05 Verified Buyer
Their staff.
5.05 Verified Buyer
I like the ease of service. John at the Madison branch is awesome.
5.05 Milo Smucker
I always buy local, and I have no complaints.
5.05 Sam Hatchett
Kelbe did a great job.
5.05 Rovila
I have had one experience with Kelbe Brothers Equipment, and it was perfect.
5.05 Cory Krapfl
They do a good overall job.
5.05 Dave Deangelo
Kelbe Brothers have been consistently spot-on with my service. They are very responsive as well
5.05 Kyle Bares
They are family owned and the are all about customer service.
5.05 Dave Churchill
It was easy to coordinate the service and it was done quickly and to our satisfaction.
5.05 Verified Buyer
They're always helpful. Nice and helpful.
5.05 Todd Gustafson
The are easy to work with and very helpful.
5.05 George Ruck
I have been doing business with Kelbe for over 30 years. They always do a good job.
5.05 Tony Chilelli
Never really any issues except this last time.
5.05 Scott Heitz
It was all good
5.05 Robby
It was great
5.05 Brad Graves
They usually get working on stuff right away, last couple time they started working on it right away.
5.05 Brandon
It's been good, yea you guys are good.
5.05 Gary Moech
Only Tak dealer we use
5.05 Jeff Meyer
It was great
5.05 Verified Buyer
You guys are off the charts I love doing business with you
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything was good
5.05 Tim Wolter
It was great
5.05 Noah Featz
Everything was great
5.05 Tom Lieske
Ben is a great guy
5.05 Mike Geurtz
Only issue was that they took off my credit card info and I ended up paying for the arpil invoice a week ago. Everything else was good
5.05 Joe Jackson
Everything was perfectly fine
5.05 Kevin Ludwig
It was very good
5.05 Adam Pugh
It was all great
5.05 John
Everything was excellent
5.05 Travis Bellman
It was so great I ended up buying a machine
5.05 Dan Sperloen
Everything went well
5.05 Verified Buyer
It was great the pricing for parts are just outrageous for everyone now.
5.05 Erik Wildes
Everything went okay
5.05 John Petes
Everything went well
5.05 Gary Schumacher
I was very impressed and everyone treated me like I was a regular customer
5.05 Chris Inda
everything went well
5.05 Andrew Keyes
it was fine
5.05 Ali Williamson
Everything was good
5.05 Brian Engel
everything was absolutely okay
5.05 David Udstuen
They got back to me right away and gave me a quote right away and finished the work before it was expected
5.05 Duran Schrader
Everything went well
5.05 rod bennett
Everything went okay
5.05 Verified Buyer
Everything was great
5.05 Matt McKibben
Everything went fine
5.05 Eric Poggleman
everything went well
5.05 Matt Lemke
It was fine
5.05 John Lombardo
It was delivered before anticipated we were very happy
5.05 Paula
It was very very easy and quick
5.05 Jeremey Larson
Smooth transaction
5.05 Alice Prueser
Ben was a really great guy
4.55 Tim Colford
Parts personnel are very helpful and very knowledgeable.
4.55 Luke Zeilhofer
sales have been great Scott has been great; he's the reason I stick around. Whoever is in charge of service is doing a great job.
4.55 Connie Wildbore
The rental staff is friendly and helpful.
4.55 Verified Buyer
They have great customer service and I love that you get to speak with a live person instead of an automated attendant.
4.55 Chris Bartow
Their rental equipment is good quality and works exactly as it should.
4.55 Jeff Kholer
They have great service technicians and keep our machines running.
4.55 Glen Martin
Scheduling service work is simple and the work is completed on time.
4.55 Curtis Rutkowski
I'm very happy with the service and parts from Kelbe. They do a good job.
4.55 Neil Earns
They do good work and are quick to get the job done.
4.55 Szymon Plona
I'm overall satisfied with the services provided
4.55 Brian Bautch
This branch is amazing however I haven't had great service at other locations.
4.55 Curtis Zimmerman
They always do a great job for us!
4.55 Clint Lampshire
They are awesome!
4.55 Travis Bellman
They are awesome!
4.55 Rupert Kotze
We love working with Kelbe! Their staff is alway accommodating!
4.55 Al Bowers
The service has been good and on time.
4.55 Jim Howe
They do a good job at helping me out.
4.55 Tammy Bollang
They usually have the parts in stock and have them sent to us quickly.
4.55 Kevin Pope
Easy and friendly to work with.
4.55 Todd
Very high quality.
4.55 Bob Purcell
I usually get my parts from them.
4.55 Dave Kalista
Kelbe Brothers Equipment carries good brands and sells good equipment.
4.55 Todd Kons
They have great communication, and it's just easy to work with them. It's always a good experience.
4.55 Dave Pluss
They usually have the parts in stock and they have reasonable prices.
4.55 Irvin Landis
I have no problems with them, I would recommend Kelbe.
4.55 Curtis Rutkowski
Great Service.
4.55 Paul
The parts team is really good.
4.55 Ted Jennejohn
Kelbe Brothers Equipment is easy to do business with. We have a good relationship with our representatives, and they always have the equipment when we need it.
4.55 Sheena
There's never any issues.
4.55 Peter Green
They're very timely in getting me what I need and timely in getting back to me.
4.55 Bill bingem
The guy at the parts counter was great. He knew exactly what I need and got the parts quickly.
4.55 Chris Tamm
I like that the salesman spent quite a bit of time with me on the equipment even coming out to me to explain the equipment.
4.55 Luke Zeilhofer
The sales representative Scott Reilly is great. He is one of the best we have dealt with by far. He communicates well and is very upfront .
4.55 Ann Neshek
Kelbe Brothers Equipmentt is easy to deal with and they are very knowledgeable.
4.55 Jason Aga
Good customer service
4.55 Robert(Bob) Schaefer
They had what we needed at a price that was acceptable, and they're easy to work with.
4.55 Verified Buyer
They take care of you the best they can, they do good I think they're fair.
4.55 Bob Baier
They a very good service department.
4.55 Todd Emmert
i like the service. The salesman are knowledgeable and helpful.
4.55 Scott Koval
4.55 Keith Hammersley
Everything went okay
4.05 Dave Pluss
The equipment we purchased in the past was excellent. Fair and honest on their dealings for buying new equipment.
4.05 Steve Riechers
It's not up to me to tell them where to go.
4.05 Joe Mast
this time was ok. There were other times where it was more challenging getting things figured out.
4.05 Ian Dudenbostel
They are expensive for after market part pricing.
4.05 Joe Swartz
My new machine has a hydraulic leak. I have reached out to Kelbe and once I'm done with my current job I'll be taking the machine in for repairs. Also, when I went to pick up the machine the store employees didn't know who I was or what I purchased. They also had it down that I purchased a much more expensive machine than what I actually purchased. It took over an hour and a half to get the paperwork straightened out.
4.05 Jim Hentrich
Your equipment is in really good shape and I like the controls on your equipment.
4.05 Adam
I feel that when we purchase some of the equipment it could have been easier with more communication as there are long lead times.
4.05 Kris O'Malley
On this repair the quote I received was underbid by $1,000.
4.05 Bill Lemke
Kelbe is located over an hour from me.
4.05 Verified Buyer
Supply chain issues and the pricing of parts. Andrew is always amazing though.
4.05 Verified Buyer
They are extremely helpful!
4.05 Nathan Wojcik
They easy to talk to.
4.05 Glenn Hupp
They always have the parts and they have quick shipping.
4.05 Ken Kernz
They do an awesome job!
4.05 Chris Ziegler
You guys are the only ones around who carry the parts we need.
4.05 Tod Pauly
The service is great, pricing is just a little steep.
4.05 John Kurk
There's a lot of choices out there.
4.05 Scott Kandziora
They usually answer their phone and are available to answer questions.
4.05 Robert Troeller
I like doing business with them.
4.05 Darren Pierce
Don't know anyone else who has Linkbelt.
4.05 Gary Gustafson
High Prices.
4.05 David Rhule
Jake in parts is really good to work with.
4.05 Ryan Elbe
Kelbe Brothers Equipment has a good selection of products.
4.05 Robert Weber
Not much history working with them.
4.05 Verified Buyer
Had little hiccups with grumpy parts guys.
4.05 Artie Klenne
They're good to do business with.
4.05 Alfredo Estrada
The technician is good, but there's only one lady down there who handles the invoices that I can just not put up with. Very very rude lady.
4.05 Gerald Diederich
About 85% of the time, they have what I need in stock already.
4.05 Dan Hubert
Some problems with availability, and if it is available then sometimes it has to be moved from a far city which is longer wait time.
4.05 Brandyn Grundy
The performance, delivery and invoices are top score.
4.05 Verified Buyer
I've been using them for years. They seem to have good quality equipment. They get it to me when I need it.
4.05 Verified Buyer
With any heavy equipment dealer, you're going to take it in the shorts. They spliced some wires and charged me $1,200. Compared to other dealers, they're all right. They do a good job.
4.05 Russ Vandenelzen
They worked with me through the transaction. I felt comfortable all they way.
4.05 Adam Duchow
They seem to have some things a lot of other places don't.
4.05 Craig Bassuener
I guess they're reliable as far as information and pricing are concerned.
4.05 Dylan Zetley
They have good availability on rental equipment.
4.05 Matt Salm
Everybody at Kelbe Brothers Equipment is great to deal with.
4.05 Trevor
Everything went well. Getting parts with Kelbe is a good experience.
4.05 Randy Blomberg
If they have Link Belt equipment they don't have a choice.
4.05 Tony Smith
They have good guys to work with. I liked working with Bob, the salesman. He does a good job.
4.05 Andy
Just because of their prices being top dollar and I had one bad experience years ago with them most of the guys there are really nice.
3.55 Verified Buyer
That's what i would give to any supplier.
3.55 Clayton Klink
Don't know
3.55 Darren Pierce
We've experienced issues with parts availability and long lead times for some parts.
3.55 Ryan Elbe
This is my first experience with Kelbe Brothers.
3.55 Tim Wolter
Depends what people need.
3.55 Shaun Spurley
It's a small dealership, not a lot of availability.
3.55 Mike Bailie
I only had one experience with them, so it's a bit biased. I had to tell them the part to order. They just acted as the middle man.
3.55 Matt Salm
Prices are high.
3.55 Rupert Kotze
Nobody gets a 10.
3.55 Tyler Weber
The parts are good and all but we would prefer a contact.
3.55 Verified Buyer
I don't know
3.05 Justin Ruby
He messed up my order. He sent me the wrong parts.
3.05 Artie Klenne
Service calls. They generally don't get things fixed the first time. You have pay for multiple trips.
3.05 Joe Naminski
They do a really good job but their pricing is super high.
3.05 Verified Buyer
The performance and pricing was good. The sales team could use some assistance though.
2.55 Jake Tucker
Inaccuracy in getting the parts I needed, parts that were quoted not matching the billed price.
2.55 Ryan Lowe
When I first called to order the parts, the staff told me that the parts I needed didn't exist. So, I had to research the parts myself. I had also called to ask about the pressure of a valve and was told that there was no way for them to look up the serial number of the part in order to answer my question, yet when I called to order the parts and gave them the serial number they were able to look it up without any issues. I'm not sure if that was due to company policy or what the reason was but it was frustrating for me as the customer.
2.55 Spencer Aurz
Kelbe Brothers prices are high.
2.55 Matt Thielen
Because Kelbe Brothers is located so far away from me.
2.55 Dusty
Im still waiting on my order.
2.05 Ken Schmidt
The invoices are always accurate but they are super high in price.
1.55 Jason Lein
They charged me a lot of money and I still have a broken machine. They don't seem to have a really good solution. They just want to throw thousands of dollars of parts at it.
1.55 Brett
I had and issue with the motor in my machine and I was told it took only 21 hours to take the motor out and replace. It took 24 hours.
1.55 Alfredo Estrada
My rental equipment was great but the customer service was horrible.
1.55 David Freund
The rental staff is horrible. They are misleading with the pricing and ended up charging me an extra $2,000.
1.55 Verified Buyer
It's bad enough that the prices are overly high.
1.05 Jim Harmann
The machine I had serviced is one that I bought from Kelbe Brothers Equipment a year ago. When I first started having issues with it I had my personal mechanic look at it. He stated that the issue was with the bypass which is located on top of the machine. He also stated that the bypass was not in the correct location and that it was something that would be better serviced by Kelbe Brothers. At the time of purchase I wasn't made aware that the machine included a bypass. When I brought it in to be serviced I spoke with Phil. It was at this time that I found out that the machine had previous issues with this part. However, I was charged full price for the service work. I feel as though I should have received some type of discount, such as 50% off, as I was not made aware of the issues at the time of purchase. I'd be interested in speaking with someone about this to see what they have to say.
1.05 Randy Kisner
I'm not happy with the service and charges.
1.05 Travis Desmet
The machine wasn't set up right at Kelbe prior to getting it on the job. It needs to be set up and operating when you pick it. I ended up spending most of the day watching a mechanic setting up the hydraulic jack attachment to the machine.
0.55 Gearrd Richard
They make the small business man feel unimportant
0.55 Bob Radtke
0.05 Jeff Thomm
We ordered the parts twice and they were delivered incorrectly. I was looking for a credit for the shipping. I have decided to wash my hands of Kelbe. They never have anything in stock. They always blame me for sending me the wrong parts.
0.05 Artie Klenne
Everything was okay
0.05 Manke
I sent a machine to get fixed and they sent it back and it was broken. I called a repair guy to come back here to fix it and he said he needed to haul it back to Kelbe. I am really disappointed

About Kelbe Brothers Equipment

Kelbe Brothers Equipment is a heavy equipment dealer in Wisconsin that offers construction and earthmoving machines, material handling equipment, and a wide variety of attachments. Manufacturers they represent include Link-Belt for excavators and material handlers, Takeuchi for compact equipment, Hitachi for wheel loaders, and New Holland a full range of earthmoving equipment. Plus, make your equipment more productive using Trimble/Spectra Precision laser levels and guides and construction and demolition attachments from Paladin and FRD.

Maximize uptime with heavy equipment service throughout Wisconsin, a huge machine parts inventory with fast delivery, and certified technicians. If you need equipment for a short term or seasonal job, rent from their well maintained fleet. They also have constantly changing equipment options available in their large used equipment fleet.

Read customer reviews for Kelbe Brothers Equipment to see what people are saying about them in our phone surveys.

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Milwaukee, WI
12770 West Silver Spring Drive
Butler, WI 53007
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Madison, WI
4621 Dutch Mill Road
Madison, WI 53716
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Green Bay, WI
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De Pere, WI 54115
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