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The Packline Co.

4.8 53 surveys

Verified Buyers

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5.05 Robert Drouillard
Have no issues or complaints at this time.
5.05 Cindy Guo
Packaging comes quick and I never hear any negative feedback.
5.05 Darren Malloy
They had what we needed in stock, they are professional and that makes working with them good.
5.05 Bill Reid
They do a good job, no Issues.
5.05 Jim Landon
The service was good. The pricing was great.
5.05 Joe Stopinski
Packaging worked out great. And the pricing is good.
5.05 Charles Doan
Packline always have a variety of supplies and I never have an issue with getting exactly what I need.
5.05 Tom Carey
Packline does a good job overall.
5.05 Tony Shorrock
They had the supplies in stock and they shipped them to us quickly.
5.05 sierra donnelly
Everything went smooth.
5.05 Jennifer Donajkowski
They're quick, efficient and I don't have to wait for anything.
5.05 Mark Hervey
Quick response, quick delivery, and just good customer service.
5.05 John Wester
They had the supplies in stock and get them to us quickly.
5.05 Dean Bulusky
Have no issues or complaints about them.
5.05 Ron Alderson
They had what we needed in stock and it's easy to work with them.
5.05 Emily Kress
Their quality is good and we get them right away.
I just do the ordering and if the guys have no complaints, that means everything was good.
They are professional and friendly.
5.05 Dom Rosiek
They have the supplies in stock and get them to us quickly.
5.05 Mary Garcia
Easy to order from them, and they are always willing to help us out.
5.05 Tom Arthur
I'm very satisfied with them.
5.05 Martha Jaramillo
Have no issues with them we have a good relationship working together.
5.05 Cathy Trybuski
We have been using them for many years and we haven't had any issues with them. I know the family personally.
5.05 Michelle McNees
They are a great company no concerns.
5.05 Marc Fulker
They have good shipping times.
5.05 Sharon Langenburg
We like the products that they offer, it's easy to order from them and we haven't had a bad experience working with them.
Have used them for years and have no issues or complaints.
5.05 Linda Wiersma
They are easy to work with and product availability.
5.05 Barb Adamski
They have the products we need in stock, they shipped them to us quickly and I would highly recommend them.
5.05 Kathy Tobin
I am very happy with them, haven't had a bad experience. They are a good vendor to work with and they are always willing to take care of us.
5.05 Michelle Rea
They have a variety of products, they are easy to work with and the experience is always a good one.
5.05 Mike Louch
They have the products that we need they get them to us quickly, the quality is great and I have no complaints.
5.05 Amy Walling
Before the trying times, it was just the ease of ordering. They've always done well by me.
5.05 Mike
product availability
5.05 Sally Clark
It's just really easy to order from them.
5.05 Verified Buyer
Good service.
5.05 Sue Smith
The sales rep is very attentive and they're very close to our location.
5.05 Steve Bridges
They always deliver on time when I need it.
5.05 Teresa Haner
When I ask for pricing they send it. I have no issues.
4.55 Tim Wade
We like the quality of the products that they offer and it's just easy to work with them.
4.55 Nancy Ramalia
I like working with Casey. He is responsive and very helpful.
4.55 Kevin Graczyk
It's always a good experience working with them, and they usually have what we need in stock and get it to us quickly.
4.55 Serette Isaac
Easy to place orders, the variety of products they offer and they have good customer service.
4.55 Brenda Fritch
Haven't had any issues with them. We like the products that they offer and they deliver to us in a day or so.
4.55 Verified Buyer
It's always a good experience, they go beyond when we need something pacific and I recommend them to others all the time.
4.55 Beth Andrus
Have used them for many years, and have no issues or complaints. I have recommended them to others.
4.55 Deanna Hohn
Everything worked out well and they delivered the products to us quickly, would recommend them to others.
4.55 Verified Buyer
Product availability
4.55 Karen Smith
My salesman, Phil, is a great guy. He's easy to work with, helps me with any issues.
The personal service was pretty good.
4.05 Karen Roumpz
They are very responsive to my purchase orders.
3.55 Patricia Sullivan
Personal customer service. The rep checks in on us.
2.55 Angie Lewis
I call and never get a callback.
They do very well for me and we like the products that they offer.

About The Packline Co.

The Packline Co. specializes in providing packaging automation equipment, as well as packaging materials like stretch film, corrugated boxes, strapping, tape, poly bags, and more. They also develop custom packaging solutions, optimized for your specific business, products, requirements, and budget. The Packline Co. offers packaging options for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, fulfillment, ecommerce, agriculture, medical, food and beverage industries, and more.

Packline also provides packaging services like custom branding, predictive maintenance, packaging machine installation and service, inventory management services, and more.

Read The Packline Co. reviews below to see what people are saying about them in our phone surveys.

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1675 Fritz Dr
Trenton, MI 48183
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4100 Market Pl
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