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We Are Your Marketing Team

Whatever you need, we will complete it on time and intelligently to achieve maximum impact. This comprehensive approach combines the Core Program with Focus Online and adds trade show preparation and follow up, market research, advertisements, and anything else that might come up.

Trade Shows

Letting attendees know you will be at the trade show is key to making sure the right people visit your booth. We’ll plan what emails should be distributed and when to set up appointments prior to the show.

The booth
We’ll design your booth to convey what you do quickly and in a way that will attract visitors.

The interactions
There are offers that will attract the best potential customers to your booth. We’ll research them and set them up.

Post show
The critical step of following up after the show is one that some companies overlook. We have a comprehensive follow up strategy that includes distributing emails and calling to maximize engagement.

Market Research

The need
Would you like to find out how customers and prospects view your company and your competitors? Would it be helpful to learn:

  • Your competitive position
  • Key selling propositions
  • Customers’ expectations for key metrics
  • Offers that get response
  • Best ways to reach your market

The answers
By conducting blind surveys with your customers and competitors, we uncover the answers to each of these questions, so there’s no more guessing. You’ll know exactly what the key selling propositions should be and exactly what your customer’s expectations are for key metrics. You’ll know what offers customers will respond to and what the best ways are to reach them.

A marketing strategy
This information provides the key components of a marketing strategy that works. We’ll find out the information, then implement the plan, and watch your business grow.

Build Your List

The list
We’ll review your customer list and identify prevalent industries and provide a sample list for your review.

The script
We develop the script, based on our success in verifying contact information and generating leads with similar companies in your industry. You’ll approve the script.

The information
We’ll write and design a flyer that can be sent to anyone interested in your company. You will approve the content and design.

Distribute Emails

The calendar
Initially, we’ll develop a six month calendar that details topics for all of the emails we’ll be sending each month. You’ll approve the categories and topics. They can always change, however, if there is news to add.

The copy
We’ll write the emails, based on the selected topics, and we’ll identify appropriate links. If a topic needs more information that isn’t on your website, we’ll write it and add it to your website.

The design
We’ll design the emails and send them to you for review and approval. If you have changes, we’ll make them. Once you are happy with the email, we will program it.

The test
We’ll send you a test of the email, with all links. Once you approve it, we’ll distribute it to your customers and prospects.

The open report
We’ll provide an open report one week after the email is sent, so you can follow up with anyone who opened the email frequently. Certain levels of activity indicate interest, and your sales reps can follow up with them.

The list
If you have an email list, we’ll use that and add to it through our calling efforts. If you don’t have a list, we’ll build one. We can add the sales rep for each contact, to make it easy to figure out who should call anyone who opened the email.

Conduct Customer Surveys

The list
You’ll send us your invoices for the previous month at the beginning of each month. We will call your customers to see how happy they are with your products and services.

The script
We develop the script, based on our success in identifying issues with similar companies in your industry. You’ll approve the script.

The results
We have developed a proprietary online portal that provides both a summary of your results, over a selected timeframe, and the detailed surveys. You select the date range, and the questions that are shown, with all answers in detail and in graph format. If you are interested in seeing details of the surveys for a particular question, just check the boxes for the responses you want to see, click “View Respondents”, and you can see who answered that question with that response. You can also download the survey with all the responses. If you receive a negative score, we’ll alert you via email with the details of the survey.

Track Key Metrics to Judge Results

The data
You’ll provide two to three years of invoices, so we can load everything to our proprietary program to generate key metrics reports. Every month, we will update the database with your invoices for the previous month.

The portal
You can log on to the portal to see your business trends and aberrations. Your sales reps can have limited access only to their accounts to see when each one purchased last, so they can stay on top of everyone. There will be no more surprises. No one can be blindsided ever again by finding out too late that a customer is changing vendors!

Monthly reviews
Our financial experts will walk you through the numbers and provide insights about trends that may be happening with your business—good or bad—that you might not be aware of.

Revamp Your Website

Your website needs to be organized, so visitors can quickly reach the information they are searching for. The average session on a website Google organic search isĀ 53 seconds. For someone directly going to your website, the average session is 1 minute and 50 seconds. Those are average numbers. You need to make it easy to find what they need.

Because most visitors aren’t staying long to read what you have posted, it must be easy to grasp quickly the information they need. It’s important to organize the content so that visitors can obtain details within seconds, but there must be a significant amount of content to convince Google that your website a good place to go. These are two very different objectives, and we know how to accomplish both.

Your site must be optimized for mobile use, or it will be punished in Google’s rankings. It’s also essential that it’s programmed to load quickly. We take all of these factors into account when we’re looking at your website for improvements.

Review and Build SEO

We’ll analyze your site and your business to identify keywords that will work well with existing content and keywords that your competitors are focused on.

We’ll review content throughout your site and add words and phrases that will augment existing content to enhance SEO. We’ll also develop content to target specific keywords and push your ranking higher in searches.

Search results
We’ll log beginning search results for selected keywords and monitor your rankings as we enhance the site with content.

We’ll provide a monthly report to show the continual progress we are making.

Engage on Social Media

Establish account
If you don’t have accounts, we will create them. We’ll make sure the images are professional looking and reflect your company’s culture.

Relevant posts
The most important part of social media is to engage your followers. Posts must be in a regular pattern and must be relevant. The reasons someone would follow your company are to learn, to be entertained, or to be able to reference a thought leader. Whatever the approach, there must be a commitment to consistency and quality for it to work. We develop posts, obtain approval, and make sure they are completed on time.

Build Your Online Reputation

Obtain reviews
You’ll send us emails for your customers that purchased in the last 30 days each month, and we’ll ask them to rate your company. For positive responses, we’ll ask them if they would approve an online post. All responses will be sent to designated employees at your company.

Monitor online listings
There are over 300 online listings for companies. We will monitor them for you to make sure the information about your business is correct—address, phone number, online reviews, hours, products and services. We’ve seen instances where competitors will change your information if your listing isn’t monitored. Our service makes sure any changes are authorized.

Develop and Post Videos

Develop videos
We have a group of talented videographers to craft scripts, then shoot, edit, and add voiceovers and music to tell your story. You prefer animated videos? No problem. We have cartoonists who are amazing. They can develop new characters or animate ones you already have. Let’s brainstorm some ideas!

Post videos
We’ll open accounts for your online videos to maximize your exposure. For some searches, Google prefers videos and gives them preference in rankings. We can position your videos to rise to the top for those keyword searches. There are even ways to add revenues from your YouTube videos!

Identify Website Visitors

Tag your website
We can tag your website with a program that monitors visitors, so you’ll know exactly who is coming to your website and which pages they are visiting. You will receive emails whenever a frequent visitor returns. Research shows if you call someone within five minutes of visiting your website, they are 100 times more likely to purchase than if you call them an hour later. But you need to know right when they are visiting!

Add form fills to your website
We find that adding form fills to website pages increases the chances of a visitor actually filling one out. Most people won’t go to the trouble of trying to find a form fill on your website, then clicking through to fill it out. And they won’t call with a question, either. But if it’s conveniently located on a page when they have a question, they are much more likely to ask. We will add form fills onto relevant pages in your website as a service to your visitors.

Send emails through your web tagging program
When you have a program that distributes emails tied to your web tagging program, you are much more likely to be able to identify website visitors. You will see the engagement of the email recipients immediately after sending out an email, with notifications of visitors. Calling visitors to see what you can help them with is an important part of the lead process. We can also load any bounced emails into our calling program to find out the correct email address for anyone who has an email that isn’t being delivered.

If a visitor isn’t on your email list, we can call the company to find out who would be the correct contact for your products and services and add them to your list.


You will approve each step of the process, and we’ll make any adjustments needed.

Weekly phone calls and updates

We provide weekly updates via email and set up a call weekly or biweekly to review projects and strategies. It’s important that anyone involved in approvals is participating to assure quick turnaround times. We send out a conference line and a screen share link, so it’s easy to walk through everything that needs to be reviewed.


Once everything is up and running, you’ll see improvements in how frequently your customers are purchasing, and new customers will be added. Through the key metrics reports you will know exactly what the impact is to your business.

Monthly reports

Our monthly reports provide details on exactly what the results were for the previous month and what the trends are for the past few months. It’s a quick check to make sure everything is going in the right direction—up!