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Develop a list

We'll review your customer list and identify anyone who doesn't have an email on file to call, so we can add emails for any decision makers. Then, we'll identify prevalent industries and download a sample list of prospects for your review. We'll find companies that you aren't doing business with that look a lot like the ones you are doing business with.

Gather information

Winsby will call through the list to identify who the decision makers are for your products and services, and we'll offer to send them information about your company, including any specials you might want to offer. And our team of callers will ask if they have any needs now. The sales cycle begins!

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Follow up

We can call back anyone who was interested in receiving information about your company to set up a call with your sales rep, or the sales team can follow up with them. Either way, we add them to the email list, and they will start receiving any emails you're sending out right away. We'll also email any specials you're offering to them.

Specials to offer

If you don't have any current specials, we can brainstorm some ideas with you. Then, we'll write and design a flyer that can be emailed to anyone interested in your company. Naturally, you will approve the content and design.

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The benefit of this process is to add your customers and prospects to your email list. We find that when prospects have a problem with the competitor they are doing business with now, they will know about your company, and they will call you. Often, it's an entry level purchase, but we'll keep sending them emails, and they will increase how often they purchase and how much they purchase.

Consistency is key

List expansion must be a constant activity. Once you add someone to your list, it's important to check periodically to see if they are still at the company. People change jobs, and when that happens, it's easy to lose the customer, unless you are updating their information routinely. It's an important component of your growth.

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