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How Winsby helps build your social media presence

Social media is one more way of engaging with customers. Businesses use social media platforms to connect on a more personal level with their customers and prospects, develop their brand, drive website traffic, and increase sales. It's also used to monitor how people are responding and reacting to products, services, and brand.

Connect with customers and boost brand exposure

Developing a social media presence will help build brand awareness, educate customers on what services and products you offer, and increase your credibility. At Winsby, our team will create or improve your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube, develop relevant posts, and make sure posts are scheduled consistently.

What to post on social media

The key is to social media is to post content that creates value for your followers. Topics that gain attention include specials, events, contests, and posts that showcase customers using your products or services. Tips and best practices that are related to your business help establish your company as the authority in your field and are usually helpful to your customers.

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First, establish your accounts

If you don't have social media accounts, we will create them. We'll make sure the images are professional looking and reflect your company's culture.

Then, we develop relevant posts

At the center of our social media strategy is working closely with our clients to develop engaging, relevant content. The only way we'll be successful is if we are partners, and we know what your company is doing. We figure out ways that your staff can share stories with us about successes and events for your business. Once that process is put in motion, there is never a shortage of something to talk about.

We'll set up ways to make it easy for your staff to communicate the stories for us to post. We all learn what your customers want to see on social media and come up with topics that educate and entertain your audience, and establish you as a thought leader.

Finally, post on schedule

Once we have the topics and stories to share, we post consistently. We create a social media calendar that provides the schedule and posts to be shared. We submit them to you for approval and start sharing.

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