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Why use video marketing?

Videos help tell your company's story and put that story in front of an audience that is constantly expanding. Your business can use them to inform viewers about products and services that you offer, educate your audience on important trends, and develop a loyal following. With videos your company can build a personal connection with customers and potential customers in a way that can't easily be accomplished with text.

About 45% of internet users watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week. YouTube alone has over a billion users and over 500 million hours of videos are watched on the platform every day. On average, business to business (B2B) prospects watch about 1.5 hours of online videos daily, and 59% of B2B decision makers prefer videos over text content.

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Video marketing is on the rise

Videos are everywhere on the internet and constitute an integral part of many successful companies' advertising strategies. Over 80% of businesses use online video marketing and more plan to increase their video marketing budgets every year, because of the results they receive from these efforts.

Videos help SEO

Over the past several years, Google algorithms have increasingly prioritized websites with video content. The more relevant videos that you have on your company's website, the easier it will be for customers and prospects to find you. Once on your site, visitors will stay longer, because people tend to spend more time watching videos than reading text.

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Winsby develops your videos

We have a group of talented videographers to craft scripts, then shoot, edit, and add voiceovers and music to tell your story. You prefer animated videos? No problem. We have cartoonists who are amazing. They can develop new characters or animate ones you already have. Let's brainstorm some ideas!

Then, we post the videos

We'll open accounts for your online videos to maximize your exposure. For some searches, Google prefers videos and gives them preference in rankings. We can position your videos to rise to the top for those keyword searches. There are even ways to add revenues from your YouTube videos!

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