We think it's important to love where you work. We depend on each other every day. Our environment is respectful and caring, but completing the project for the client—and completing it thoughtfully and creatively—is always our number one priority.

If you're someone who takes pride in your work, who cares deeply about doing it well, and who enjoys collaboration, you will love working at Winsby. If you prefer to clock in for the day, shuffle some things around, and focus on texting your friends, we're probably not the best fit.

We love new ideas, which is good, because they do seem to pop up a lot these days. If you want to try something out, we are almost always ready to jump in and test it. The nice thing, too, is that we have a lot of very long term clients who are open to these new ideas and are willing to test things with us. If they work, we'll show the results to other clients, so they can benefit from a new approach, too.

Positions that Are Often Available

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Account Managers

Our account managers coordinate projects among our departments internally and interface with clients to find out what they like and don't like and track what is working and not working for their business. They are on calls with clients every week or two to review the status of all projects and present any projects we are working on for feedback and approvals. They come up with new ideas by collaborating with clients.

Key attributes for success

You need to be incredibly organized, have an amazing memory, and be interested in learning about businesses. Attention to detail is critical, too.

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The Creative Group

The creative group is where almost everyone else falls. These are the people that make everything sparkle and come alive. By working together, they imagine the end product, like a project with a series of short videos that a client requested for their training program, based on a cartoon film noir style. It started with an idea in the client's head, and it made its way through scripting, character development, storyboards, animation, and voiceover coordination. We love learning and creating.

This group includes:
  • Talented writers
  • Gifted designers
  • Magical programmers
  • Tenacious media relations specialists
  • Savvy web specialists
  • Creative social media writers
  • Curious researchers
  • Experienced videographers
Key attributes for success

You need to love collaborating and creating, and attention to detail is important.

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We have a calling group in our office. There are two types of calling we do: calling to build our clients' contact lists, gathering emails and names and finding out who is responsible for what within an organization, and calling to ask opinions for customer satisfaction and for industry research. Many of our callers are students and work part time. But we also have a core group of full time callers who are dedicated to helping our clients grow by identifying prospects and by finding out what their organizations are doing right and wrong, so they can make necessary corrections.

Key attributes for success

You need to like talking to people. That's the job—and if you don't like finding out information by asking and engaging, well, you won't like this job!

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The Analysts

These are the folks that let us know whether what we're doing is working. We have a very strong love/hate relationship with them, because they tell us when we're failing, and they let us know about our successes, too. We are constantly asking, "Is it working?", because if it's not, we need to make adjustments. Clients send us their invoices each month, and we load them onto our analytics portal where we can see trends in revenues, customer retention, and the total number of transactions. We also provide data on the last time each customer purchased, by sales representative.

This group includes:
  • Perceptive list analysts
  • Seasoned business analysts
Key attributes for success

You need to love looking at numbers, spreadsheets, graphs, and trends to figure out the puzzle, to understand where a business is going and why.

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