Distributing emails regularly to your customers and leads is a critical touchpoint. They provide information on your products and services, remind customers to purchase, and help you convert prospects into paying customers. Email marketing brings businesses in the US an average return on investment of 4,300 percent.

At Winsby, we handle email creation and distribution, so you don't have to.

Our Process

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The calendar

Initially, our account managers develop a six month calendar that details topics for all of the emails we'll be sending each month. Topics are picked specifically for each client, based their particular business, areas for potential growth, and capabilities. The calendar is then sent to the client to be reviewed and approved. This process works for the majority of our clients, but we can always change and adapt it to meet special requests and unusual needs.

Email copy that grabs attention

Once we determine the topics, our research team goes to work to find the latest, most relevant information for each subject. They also identify the appropriate content on your website to lead email recipients to seek more information. Then, our writers take that research and develop thorough, engaging copy that encourages readers to take action. The copy is thoroughly checked and reviewed by our proofreaders and account managers and prepared to go to the design team.

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Professionally designed emails

Our designers create professional, eye catching emails specific to your company. After copy is approved internally for each email, we design the email using appropriate photos and logos. The design is routed and reviewed by our account managers before we send you the design to review. We'll make any changes you request, communicated by the account managers to the design and/or copywriting team. Once you approve the email, we program it.

Programming and testing

Our programmers code the email to be mobile responsive and to look great on any device. Our proofreaders, designers, and account managers then view a test email to ensure all the design elements and copy are displayed correctly and check the links to assure they lead to the proper web pages. After the email is approved internally, a test email is sent to your team for final review before it is distributed to your customers and prospects.

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Email lists and distribution times

Winsby will either build your email list from scratch or add to your existing one through our calling and list building process. We will then distribute the email to your customers and prospects. Our analyses of open reports indicate that different people open emails when they are sent at different times on different days. We'll vary when the emails are distributed to make sure we're reaching the maximum number of potential readers. We can also resend the email to anyone who didn't open it the first time to reach the most people possible.

Email open reports

One week after the email has been distributed, Winsby will generate an open report that consists of the open rate, unique opens, click through rate, and other important metrics. The report will also indicate which contacts have expressed interest and engaged with the email, so your sales team can follow up with them quickly. We can add the sales rep for each contact on your list, to make it easy to figure out who should call anyone who opened the email.

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Identify who is purchasing

With our key metrics analyses we can correlate the email recipients to your customers who purchase to confirm the relationship between sending emails and purchasing. On average customers on the email list purchase twice as much as those who are not receiving emails.

Email marketing software

We have recommended software we use, or we can use one that is included in a CRM system you have. Our preferred software gives alerts via email and/or text to tell sales reps when customers are opening the emails and visiting the website, so you can follow up with them while they are engaged. There are big differences in delivery rates, too, in the various options for email marketing software. We monitor rates to assure your emails can be viewed by the widest possible audience.

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Email list updates

It's important to keep email lists current, so that your email send reputation is not negatively impacted by inappropriate emails in your list. We monitor opens and bounces closely and move emails to different lists, based on actions after sends.

Email marketing reports

We review the email lists each month and shift groups to other lists to increase open rates and clickthrough rates. Our goal is always to maximize these metrics and keep your deliverability rates high through constant analysis.

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