Effective marketing for a manufacturer of floor protection products

Effective marketing for a manufacturer of floor protection products

Winsby Helps Manufacturer Shift Focus

Complete marketing support helps Expanded Technologies grow new markets

Just about the time Winsby was hired by Brett Bushey, vice president of Expanded Technologies, the manufacturer of floor protection products faced a cloudy future. Its retail clients like Walmart, Kmart, Lowe's and other drug store chains had begun to seek out low cost producers in China. Expanded Technologies needed to develop new markets to replace what at the time accounted for 95% of their business. So they began focusing on patented floor protection products for niche markets—janitorial, hospitality, assisted living, restaurants—"anywhere there are a lot of chairs," explained Bushey.

Winsby Developed Company Materials and the Website

"When we started working with Winsby in 2000, we didn't have anything. We didn't have a website or catalog. There were no marketing materials," said Bushey. "Now, we rely on Winsby for most of our marketing needs."

Weekly Calls Provide Direction

Bushey is at the helm, providing direction to his marketing team at Winsby on weekly calls, but Winsby gets it done. The agency provides a complete range of marketing services, working on everything from case studies to email blasts, from custom brochures to ads, research, and websites. "They have given us a very consistent, clean look, that's very professional," added Bushey.

Sales in Target Markets Have Grown

The niche market strategy has proved successful for the manufacturer. "At one time our retail presence was 95% of our business," said Bushey. "Today the retail end of it is just 20%." Additional product lines such as AquaTrac, a non-skid synthetic flooring used in ski boats and yachts, has also helped drive a new customer mix.

Winsby Is Easy to Work With

Bushey appreciates the ease of doing business with Winsby—everything is under one roof. "I lean on them a lot," explained Bushey. "I call them frequently with special requests, and they have never failed to provide. They run a very professional operation and are easy to work with."

Comprehensive Marketing Services for a Flat Fee

Expanded Technologies pays a consistent flat rate for marketing services. "There are never any surprises," added Bushey. "They provide a scope and stick to it."

Bushey once investigated hiring an in-house marketing department instead of Winsby, but in the long run, decided against it. "The structure of Winsby, the staff and software—it would be hard to duplicate what we have now," he added.

Instead, they decided to stick with it. Expanded Technologies is now in their 20th year with Winsby as their marketing department.

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