Winsby gets it done, then measures the results

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List Expansion

We write and test the scripts to make sure we're getting the essential information from prospects and customers. We train the callers at our in-house call center to ensure their efforts are productive. Our list experts identify who we should be calling, based on your current customers.

Start Expanding Your List

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Emails, Website, Brochures, Ads

Our in-house writers and graphic designers develop the emails, websites, collateral and advertisements that we use to help your business grow. In-house programmers ensure everything is developed quickly and any corrections can be turned around right away.

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Get it Right with Research

We have a research group, too, that conducts customer satisfaction surveys and benchmark surveys, then analyzes the results.

How Our Research Works

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Measure Using Key Metrics

To show you the improvements that are being made, our key metrics experts develop graphs that you can view online through your private portal and see the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in analyzing your business.

Which Metrics We Track

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