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Our numbers help target your growth

It's important for us to make sure what we're doing is having an impact on your business. That's why we developed our key metrics portal.

Once we run your data through our system, you will have access to real time dashboards for your company that show the details about when and how often your customers are purchasing. The real time data is accessible through the Winsby website via a password protected login.

You'll see purchasing patterns and details that will change how you think about your business and procedures to improve your operations and your revenues. See the examples below of the data that will be available on your portal.

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Your data

You'll provide two to three years of invoice data with all the details, so we can load everything into our proprietary portal and generate your key metrics reports. Every month, we will update the database with your invoices for the previous month.

Your portal

You can log on to the portal to see your business trends and identify aberrations. Your sales reps can have access only to their accounts to see when each customer purchased last, so they can stay on top of their customers and avoid losses. No one can be blindsided ever again by finding out too late that a customer is changing vendors!

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Monthly reviews

Our financial experts will walk you through the numbers every month and provide insights about trends that may be happening with your business—good or bad—that you might not be aware of.

The Winsby Portal Provides:
Reviews online
  • Google Reviews Rating
  • Glassdoor Reviews Rating
Revenue data
  • Historical revenue
  • Growth in number of invoices
Winsby calling & emails
  • Verified contacts called by Winsby
  • Email date sent, with open rate
Customer data
  • Historical customer retention rate
  • Net growth rate for number of accounts
  • The number of active accounts
  • How often customers purchase
  • When customers purchased last & who hasn't purchased recently
  • Top customers
  • New customers
  • Lost customers

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