Dealership Benefits from Consistent Marketing

A problem in many equipment dealerships is that marketing isn't usually someone's only job. Enthusiasm for marketing programs can wane over time as managers have more pressing issues to attend to. And sporadic programs usually yield lackluster results. Such was the case with Luby Equipment Services, a construction equipment dealer with eight locations in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and West Virginia.

Marketing before Winsby

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Doug Juergensen explained how they marketed their dealership before hiring Winsby in 2011, upon the recommendation of Case Construction Equipment. "We would get on a kick and put together a program, and we might send out two or three emails, then we'd get distracted and wouldn't do anything for three or six months."

And after Winsby

Today, Winsby is the marketing department. According to Juergensen they manage about 95% of marketing activities, including list development, email marketing, the website, and promotional materials.

"When we hired Winsby we had accumulated 450 email addresses and now we have 8,500," said Juergensen. "They are relentless." While it's difficult to track what these efforts mean to sales, Juergensen reports an increase in the number of active accounts and a broader customer base. "We're doing business with more people."

How Consistency Is Accomplished

What Winsby does which Luby Equipment could never do on their own was remain consistent and focused. This happens through a weekly 20-minute phone call with Juergensen, the sales manager Ted Rose and Bob Luby, president, where upcoming projects and ongoing results are discussed. Luby Equipment sends three emails a month to customers, and all Juergensen needs to do is approve them. "It's automated and allows us to focus on what we do best," he said. Strong supplier relationships allow the marketing agency to track down the necessary details without assistance from the dealership.

What Are Other Dealers Are Doing that's Effective?

Over time, Luby Equipment has expanded the scope of work Winsby performs from the website to a full array of marketing services. Just recently they signed on for a program that monitors parts department calls, StataPile. Juergensen enjoys a side benefit of working with an agency so heavily involved in the industry. "We find out what other dealers are doing," he said. "It's intelligence gathering."

The original CASE marketing program ended long ago, but Luby Equipment remains with Winsby because of the value it delivers. "They are efficient, consistent and reasonably priced," reported Juergensen. It's a marketing department that's a good fit for Luby Equipment, and many other dealerships who face the same challenges.

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