A Consistent Marketing Approach Keeps Customers Coming Back

The way Jim McCann looks at it, he gives up his sales and marketing assistant to work with marketing firm Winsby and so far it has been a very good trade-off. What the President and CEO for McCann Industries gets in return from Winsby is clear and consistent messaging, customer satisfaction research and full service support for every aspect of its marketing program.

Before Winsby was engaged, marketing was haphazard and home grown. Now, everything from customer satisfaction to collateral materials, email marketing, telemarketing, website and search engine optimization are handled by one source. "Winsby keeps us on task," said McCann. "One conference call a week keeps projects moving and all the parties accountable."

Begin with Market Research

To launch the program, Winsby conducted research that revealed what was important to customers, and the agency formulated messaging around it. Customers wanted in-stock availability of parts and 72 hours was the threshold. "Before Winsby, we never publicized the fact that we are open 24/7," said McCann, "Now that is one of our key messages." With marketing moving at light speed, McCann believes he needs to be best at selling construction equipment and materials, not marketing. "I am not a social media expert or a marketing message expert, but I need that expertise to stay competitive," added McCann. "My customers still drive pickup trucks and wear boots, but they are also carrying iPhones, smart phones and iPads."

Market Share and Absorption Are Up

The payoff for McCann Industries has been increased market share and absorption. "Our market share is more sustainable now because it is more contractor fleet rather than rental fleet," explained McCann. For McCann, one measurement means more than the rest. He watches the Winsby Referral Score with diligence. Based on the percentage of customers who say they would refer the dealer to their peers, McCann gets a good sense of the dealership's overall performance and if customers will be coming back. For him, this is an invaluable part of the program.

To calculate McCann's referral score, Winsby routinely gathers customer satisfaction scores based on a random sample of customer transactions. With each call, they not only keep tabs on their performance, but they increase their market intelligence, generating leads. Any negative response is channeled back to McCann and other key executives. Problems are immediately corrected.

At the heart of the successful marketing program with McCann and other dealers is a consistent approach and a belief that what's good for the dealer is good for the brand. "You need dealers to have a strong message to keep customers coming back," said McCann. Month after month, Winsby gets the job done.

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