Media relations can play a key role in building a company’s brand. Placing articles or press releases about your business in reputable industry publications increases your visibility and credibility, boosts brand recognition, and elevates your company’s website rankings in searches, improving its search engine optimization (SEO).


Our media relations services expand your online presence

The more extensive your online presence is, the more likely you are to show up in search rankings. Articles, posts, and press releases added to publications will mention your company’s name, which improves your Google index. More mentions mean a higher index which translates into higher rankings in searches more quickly.

Media relations services also benefit you through links to your website. Not only can those links bring people directly from the publications to your site, Google also places a very high value on quality backlinks. Search engines see that a reputable publication has linked to one of your webpages, and they take that as a signal that your site is worth showing to people.

Increase your credibility

Media coverage is an implied endorsement of your business. Articles that discuss your company indicate to viewers and readers that your business is worth their interest and attention. Seeing any sort of positive feedback from the media is important in positioning your company as a trusted authority.

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Media relations are a cost effective marketing strategy

Positive media stories carry an implied endorsement from the publication that is including them . While journalists and reporters won’t explicitly endorse your products, their stories draw attention to your company. You can use press releases to gain publicity about your newest products or services and any company events.

Our media relations services

Our team will write press releases or articles about your products and services, new company developments, or any other newsworthy topic, then we will send them to publications that cover your industry. We handle all the follow up and let you know when your article was published and by which publications. We can also craft posts to share it on your social channels whenever the articles are published, further building your credibility and reach.

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