We asked a freelance writer friend to interview some of our longtime clients,
so you could have some insights into what it's like to work with us.


"Winsby manages about 95% of our marketing activities. They are relentless about growing our email list. As a result, we're doing business with more people. We also find out about services that are working for other dealers early in the process."

  • Doug Juergensen
  • Vice President & COO
  • Luby Equipment Services
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Very Professional, Responsive

"I call them frequently with special requests, and they have never failed to provide. They run a very professional operation and are easy to work with."

  • Bret Bushey
  • Vice President
  • Expanded Technologies
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Marketing that Works

"I know that I am getting a marketing campaign that works. Our name stays in front of customers and non-customers, and it doesn't take a lot of my time.

  • Jeff Williams
  • Director
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Seasoned Account Team

"Winsby has a seasoned account team with writers, designers, programmers, researchers and a call center. We give them guidance, and they get it done!"

  • Jim McCann
  • President and CEO
  • McCann Industries
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Increasing Purchase Frequency, Doubling Sales

"Winsby has expanded our customer base by identifying new potential customers and adding them to our email list. The emails remind our markets that we're active and ready to help them and communicate new offerings and specials to our customers and prospects. Winsby has definitely contributed to the increase in how often our customers buy."

  • Steve Northcross
  • Senior Vice President
  • Heavy Machines
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