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Where do you rank in Google searches?

Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on elevating your company position in the results of a search with selected keywords. We've seen search engine positions drop dramatically when Google changes the rules, which now can happen within 24 hours, because they can scan the internet extremely efficiently. That's why it's important to maintain top listings, no matter what the rules are.

SEO marketing strategy

A successful SEO strategy involves everything from text and videos, to social media and the speed and load time of your company's website. More than just meta descriptions and page titles, your site content has to be concise and appealing for readers, but also long enough for Google to consider you as a reputable source to send users to.

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You can't fool Google

Google and other search engine algorithms are no longer fooled by keyword stuffed, weak content as they have been in the past. The way to move your website to the top is to be the best answer for what your customers and prospects are searching for. You must understand what your customers are looking for and what they value most. We use research to develop data driven content, so your website provides exactly what people are most likely to be searching for through Google.

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Components of SEO Marketing


We'll analyze your site and your business to identify keywords that will work well with existing content and keywords that your competitors are focused on.


We'll review content throughout your site and add words and phrases that will augment existing content to enhance SEO. We'll also develop content to target specific keywords and push your ranking higher in searches.

Search results

We'll log beginning search results for selected keywords and monitor your rankings as we enhance the site with content.


We'll provide a monthly report to show the continual progress we are making.

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