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We've been working with manufacturers, distributors, service providers and retail businesses to help them grow their businesses for over 10 years. We have tested, developed, and rolled out marketing initiatives for hundreds of companies that continue to thrive and grow.

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We have experience with companies in a variety of businesses:

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Service Businesses

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Our strategies are effective

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We always recommend whatever is producing results for other companies with products and services, customers and markets that are similar to yours. Whether the marketing program includes online or print advertising, emails or postcards, calling customers or prospects, search engine optimization or reputation management, we will focus on the results and monitor what it costs to produce those results.

When we can analyze your results through our key metrics program, we are better able to suggest revisions to improve the results. By monitoring your revenues, customer retention and frequency of purchase, we can compare your numbers to industry averages to see exactly where you need to improve or whether you are among the industry leaders.

How Our Process Works

We are responsive

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When you need it, we complete it, quickly and correctly.

Naturally, we prefer to plan ahead and complete projects and efforts with plenty of room for changes and approvals. But things happen, and we can spin on a dime to get it done fast.

One client had competition move into their area and flood the market with online ads and sophisticated SEO targeted for the specific needs of that market. Within three days we had moved them back up to the #1 position for key search phrases. We are glad Google is able to scan the entire Internet within 24 hours now!

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Our staff is comprehensive

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Any talent that's needed, we have it.

We have the professionals in house to produce emails, online ads, brochures, SEO results, videos, social media posts, tradeshow booths, online reputation improvements, customer satisfaction surveys, verified contacts through calling, email lists, sales analyses, benchmark surveys, market reports, whatever you could use to grow your business.

Talented writers and gifted designers who develop ads that work, websites that are effective
Magical programmers
Tenacious media relations specialists
Perceptive list analysts
Engaging callers

Savvy web specialists
Creative social media writers
Curious researchers
Persistent account managers
Seasoned business analysts
Experienced videographers

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There are options

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We are always testing new methods while building processes that continue to produce results. We have set up ways to receive continual feedback to monitor results. If an effort begins to lose impact, we shift the strategy by testing and adjusting as quickly as possible without risking a loss of position.

New ways of gaining exposure to markets are being introduced constantly, and we are testing new approaches as soon as we find out about them. Does it work? Can we adjust it to make it work? What sort of impact can we expect? We will communicate the results to our clients as soon as we have proven whether the methods are effective.

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