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The Basics

Things you need, even when your sales leads are good

Every once in awhile we run across a company that has a nice, steady lead flow and is chipping away at their pipeline. They’re growing exactly they way they want to, and they don’t need to hear about all the ways we can help them grow. They already know how to do that.

If this description sounds like your company, there are still ways we can help.

Website Design and Optimization


Present your company clearly, but provide lots of information

Website Essentials
Everyone needs a website to help them sell their products and services. It should look cutting edge, and it needs to provide information about what you sell succinctly in easy to understand terms.

What are the most visited pages for all the websites we’ve seen statistics on? Home page, contact us or locations, and the primary product or service page. That’s usually how far visitors go when they are looking at your company.

The Importance of Content
So, why does content matter so much, when most visitors aren’t really spending a lot of time browsing through your site? Google likes content and reads all of it. You need to provide details about your products and services, so Google can help potential customers find you quickly.

We’re good at content. We can think of a lot of ways that your products and services are interesting. It’s important to tell Google everything that’s helpful and the best possible uses for your products and services.

We Do It All!
When you need a new website, we’ll write it, design it, program it, host it, and update it. As an added benefit, we can complete it quite a bit faster than the other folks we’ve heard about.

Market Research

If you’re not sure, just ask!

Our Benchmark Survey
We’ve developed a benchmark survey that we’ve used in all sorts of industries to answer burning questions about your market. The result is a compendium of everything that’s important in developing your sales and marketing plan. It’s a blueprint for how you should be selling your products and services.

What You Learn
You’ll hear from customers and prospects what are the three most important attributes for your products and services when they are looking to purchase. Often, these attributes are the things you’re taking for granted, and you’re forgetting to mention them in your sales pitch. Why? You know so much about what you offer that you think these key attributes are, well, too basic.

You’ll find out what are the metrics that are critical to whether they will do business with you or not. What sort of payment terms do they expect? What are their expectations for turnaround times for deliveries, for follow up, for appointments? Where do you fall in rankings when compared to your competitors?

What offers will they respond to? What types of communication are ways of reaching them effectively? We just ask, and they tell us!

How It’s Conducted
We conduct our surveys by telephone. The response is better than emails with individuals we would really prefer to talk to. And the results are accurate. We keep them engaged and interested throughout the survey.

Often emailed surveys are filled out quickly, and respondents don’t take time to read the questions carefully, which is why we prefer surveys by phone. Also, we find the decision makers for your products and services, to make sure that we’re gathering the most accurate information possible.

Benefits of a Survey
If you have questions about a particular part of your business that you’d like to find out more before you waste money and resources, a survey is an excellent way to discover the answers before you make spending decisions. We’ve conducted surveys to find out where buyers go when they are actively looking to purchase in many industries, what the buying process involves, what’s effective in convincing them to purchase a particular brand, where they go for advice.

The results provide you with everything you need to move forward cost effectively and successfully.

Professional Media Relations

Media Relations

When you have news, tell the world!

The best way to get your story out is to tell everyone who likes to be in the know on the latest—the media. They would never want to miss a good story, so you can be assured that if it’s newsworthy, it will be published. We just need to get it into the right hands … and be very convincing about why it’s critical that they tell the story as quickly as possible.

The Process
We’ll put together the press release and distribute it to the media that should be most interested in publishing the story. The press release itself must be written to pique their interest, and the pitch provides ways they can use the information.

The Results
Then, we follow up with them again and again and again, until they realize that they really do need to publish your story. We’ll send it to anyone who might have an impact on your market—national and regional newspapers and magazines, trade publications, and relevant bloggers. Every story provides a backlink to your website, and Google likes that a lot.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Identify your problems quickly, so you can fix them!

We’ve found that the fastest way to find out what’s good and bad about your organization is to ask your customers. They will be candid when an independent organization calls and questions them about the basics for your products and services. And they will provide a referral score, so you can see how you compare to other companies in your industry.

How We Do It
The process is simple: we develop a script, which you approve, then you send us your invoices each month, which we load into our calling system, then call until we complete a designated number of surveys. Our “take” rate is high: if we reach the contact, 97% complete the survey.

Results Are Online 24/7
The results are available at our online portal where you can specify a date range and see the responses for that time period. Do you want to see who gave you that particularly low score on a question? Just check the box, then click on “View Respondents”. You can see a PDF of the entire survey.

The answers to each question are shown both in actual numbers of each response for all the questions and graphically, as bar graphs or pie charts, depending on the type of question. If there are open ended questions, you can see those responses, too.

Negative Surveys
If we receive a negative survey, we’ll send the details to whoever you designate within an hour, so you can call and talk to your customers … and fix it! If someone mentions an employee in glowing terms, we’ll send that to you within an hour, too. Positive responses are just as important as negative ones!

What our clients like most about these surveys is they can fix problems quickly, as long as they know about them. This way, we find out quickly if someone isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, so you can fix it fast, before it starts to affect your business. Examples of problems we’ve seen corrected, once they were identified: incorrect invoices issued by the billing department, new employees who aren’t following procedures, surprise bills for services that customers hadn’t been told about before the invoices were sent, employees who were promising services and not delivering them.

The good news is that the problems were rectified quickly, and the customers who had been complaining became some of the company’s most loyal customers, because the problems were acknowledged and fixed within hours of expressing their concerns.

Key Metrics

Key Metrics

Measure the results intelligently

You’re spending money on marketing and sales efforts. Is it working? Are you acquiring new customers and retaining the current ones? Are your customers purchasing more often? Are they purchasing more? Who hasn’t purchased within the normal timeframe? Are you identifying them and contacting them before they’re lost?

Access Reports 24/7
We’ve developed an online portal where all your invoices are stored and updated monthly, so you can see trends and identify problems, then fix them. Our graphs show you 12 month rolling averages for revenue, invoices and customers. Your sales representatives can go online and see the last time each of their customers purchased, so they can call them and find out if there’s a problem with your company or with their own sales.

Are price increases affecting your customer retention? You can see the trends quickly. What is your customer retention? What should it be?

Gain Insights and Grow
We’ll review your results with you every month and point out issues that other companies aren’t having, so you can identify them quickly and get things back on track.