The NEL team relies on Winsby's marketing strategies

The NEL team relies on Winsby's marketing strategies

Manufacturer Fine Tunes Marketing Efforts to Reach Just the Right Prospect

NEL Frequency Controls develops and manufactures leading edge frequency control products. Chuck Ulland, president of the company, calls them the heartbeat of an electronics system. It's a highly competitive market with new competitors and models entering the market at a fast pace. Customers choose NEL to supply the optimal solution for applications requiring crystal oscillators with challenging performance specifications such as ultra low phase noise, ultra low power, and ultra high frequency capability.

Building a List to Identify Customers

"We've had to become adept," said Ulland. "We know our strengths. We need to identify the right type of customer." With a long lead time of six months before purchasing, Ulland says it's important to get a prospect's attention early and then continue to market to them.

Marketing plays a significant role for the business, and they have relied on Winsby to handle their marketing efforts since 2000. Winsby helped the manufacturer build a qualified database and created program to make engineers aware of new products and capabilities. A trademarked slogan and branding efforts have helped position the company as "Your Silent Partner".

Sending Emails and Scoring Interactions

"A real effective tool for us is the bimonthly emails to our database," said Ulland. Since they began, their prospect list has grown significantly, and their email open rates are consistently over 18%. Data and analytics drive sales and marketing. The company uses the Cleartail solution from SharpSpring to manage leads. A tracking code embedded in a company's website allows marketers to learn who is visiting their website and what they are engaging in. Interactions with emails are also tracked. All of the data is then put into a customized scoring model, which identifies qualified leads and automatically sends them to the CRM program for sales follow-up.

Collaboration Is Key

Marketing is a collaborative effort between Winsby, Ulland and NEL's Marketing Administrator Darlene Koldeway. Weekly calls keep all projects on track. "We value the service they provide us," said Ulland. "They keep us up to date on all the tools available."

Cost Effective and More Effective

The professionalism and time savings provided by Winsby are benefits Ulland finds well worth their cost. "I would tell a similar size business that it's a very cost-effective way to go," said Ulland. "You're more effective, with Winsby filling in the gaps."

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