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We start with a script

We'll talk with you about what's important in your business and develop a script to find out how your customers rate your business for key concerns. You'll review it and approve it. We will ask your customers about general metrics concerning timeframes and quality, but we can also address any particular areas that you think might be a problem.

One company was losing customers and didn't know why. When we suggested that they ask about invoices, they uncovered some unfriendly processes in accounting that no one had known about. Once that issue was resolved, their rate of losing customers decreased significantly.

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Find out where to improve

Your customers' responses will reveal areas that need improvement. Whenever a score is low, we can ask for details to uncover what they are unhappy about and what the best way of fixing the problem would be.

Monitor real time results online

Log into Winsby's portal to see real time results of the surveys. Select a date range to view the compiled results, by question. All questions are displayed, along with the numbers of responses in a table and in various graph formats, depending on the question.

Click on any response to see all the respondents that provided that answer. Then, you can download individual surveys to review all their responses in detail. We will prod them for more information if they indicate that they are unhappy about something.

Their comments make it easy to identify where improvements are needed, and you can go to work fixing any problems.

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Contact customers

Unhappy customers very much appreciate being called. Reaching out to them shows you care. Plus, you can ask for more details if anything is not clear. Then, you can make it right. Many of our clients say that these customers become their most loyal ones once the problem is addressed.

It's true, there are customers that you would rather not have, but it still makes sense to call them and apologize for anything that could be construed as the company's fault. It's better to avoid negative word of mouth whenever possible.

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Calling versus Emails

We prefer to call your customers, rather than email, because it simply works better. If anything is unclear, we can ask for details.

Phone surveys provide a better sample, too. We usually reach a customer on the phone on every third call. When we talk to someone and ask if they would take our brief survey, 97% agree to take the survey, versus a typical response rate of less than 2% for email surveys.

Your business can grow

The result is that your business can grow without any impediments. Continuing the process of surveying your customers allows you to identify issues very quickly, before they grow into big problems. Watch your business grow!

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