5 ways to improve your SEO

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO

Your website content determines where it will appear in search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is the most popular one, and their rules often change. There are two primary drivers that help boost your rankings: inbound links to your site and the presence of keywords throughout your site. Here are some helpful tools to increase both.

1. Ask customers and suppliers to link to your site
If there are businesses that refer your products and services to their customers, ask them to link to your website online. Make sure you're listed on all of your suppliers' sites—those are inbound links. Post customer comments on your site, link to their sites, and ask them to link to yours.

2. List your business in all the local referral sites
Check to see if your business is listed in all the local referral sites, because each one provides a link to your site, and each inbound link helps your SEO. There are many sites with business listings that will provide an easy way to gain inbound links.

3. Set up social media sites
If you haven't set up social media sites, do it! Each one provides an inbound link to your site. Make sure you're listed in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn , YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4. Add Best Practices to your site
You know your businesses, and you can provide a lot of advice to others on the best ways to manage all the things they come to you for. Add some helpful advice onto your website. It establishes you as the authority in the business—you're the expert, you can let others know what the best ways to do anything you're involved with. Your employees know what the most common problems are and how to prevent them, or solve them. Ask someone in each department to write up one, then put the best one in charge of gathering them monthly. More relevant content results in higher search engine placement.

5. Review your site
Look through your website as though you are visiting for the first time. Is it easy to find information? Find out through your web tracking program where visitors are going. Then, make sure those pages are loaded with your top keywords. Google Analytics shows the pages they're visiting but not much more. If you need help adding inbound links, listing your business in local sites, setting up social media, adding best practices, or implementing a web tracking program that gives details on visitors, contact us today!

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