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Manufacturer Marketing: Why Hire an Agency?

Often manufacturers wonder whether they should hire a full service marketing agency or should they hire an in house team? Ultimately the question comes down to which option will deliver the best results the most cost effectively. Another important consideration is how much time you have and what's the best way for you to spend your time to impact improvements for your business.

To help you answer this question, we've put together some ways we've seen manufacturers benefit by hiring a full service marketing agency.

Do you have time to handle marketing for your manufacturing business effectively?

Every day, business owners and team leaders have a lot to focus on. They are most likely involved in the day to day operation of their company, helping develop new and better products, and determining the best ways forward for their company's continued growth and success. That doesn't leave much time to focus on the things that may not feel like they need your immediate attention, like marketing.

But if you don't dedicate sufficient time and resources to finding new customers, then your business is going to stagnate and can even decline, if your current customers reduce their purchase frequency . . . which they are likely to do without effective marketing.

The solution is to either hire an in house team or a full service marketing agency. Below are some benefits of using an agency for marketing your manufacturing business.

Reduce your overhead costs

When manufacturers use a full service marketing agency, they can actually greatly reduce their costs. That's possible, because an outside agency has a wide range of experts that you don't need on a full time basis, so the agency costs are typically a fraction of the amount of hiring a complete in house team.

You don't need to manage people

When you hire an outsourced team, you aren't required to think about managing this staff . . .their schedules, their vacations or sick days, their healthcare, or anything else that is necessary with full time employees. All you have to do is pay the agency's fee each month, give input when necessary, and they handle the rest.

Take advantage of cross industry knowledge

Marketing for manufacturers often requires a fresh perspective, including testing new methods. A full service marketing agency generally works with a variety of clients, which gives you the advantage of their broad industry knowledge. Using experience in other businesses in the same field as yours, an outside team can develop the best, most suitable, and most effective marketing strategies for your business.

Utilize the latest expertise and technologies

Effective marketing for manufacturers requires the most cutting edge methods and tools. You may lack the experts in house, but when you outsource your marketing to an agency like Winsby Inc., you'll have an entire team of professionals working for you in a packaged deal. Plus, you'll gain access to the latest programs and tools that may be prohibitively expensive to purchase for an inhouse marketing team.

Choose Winsby for consistent results

At Winsby, we listen to your goals and marketing needs and then suggest strategies that produce results. Our team is always trying out new ideas to improve marketing for manufacturers, so you know you're receiving the latest and most effective methods. We always maintain clear lines of communication and focus on the ROI we provide.

If you want to achieve consistent growth for your manufacturing business, hire Winsby, a full service marketing agency.

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