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Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Emails are the most influential source of information for B2B audiences in today’s digital landscape. They are a highly effective method for businesses to reach out to their customers, inform them about their product and service offerings, and convince them to buy. Plus, customers who receive B2B marketing emails spend on average 138% more than those who do not.

But email marketing is not easy — and results come only when it’s done right. Let’s explore some common email marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize the effectiveness of sending emails to your customers and prospects.

Sending too many emails

Customers do not appreciate being bombarded with B2B marketing emails. Sending out too many is nothing but an invitation for recipients to click the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Though the ideal number and frequency of emails varies for each industry, limiting the number of times you remind your customers to buy from you is smart; two to four emails per month is ideal for most B2B companies.

Sending emails with an unclear call to action

Without a clear call to action (CTA), the recipient isn’t sure what the next step is. Always add a primary action for the reader to take in each feature for your B2B emails. Your CTA should be very easy to find and simple to understand. Readers need to be drawn to it in your emails. It’s best to include prominent buttons to let your customers know “what’s next?”.

Using misleading subject lines

“Clickbait” subject lines have gone mainstream as a strategy to increase email open rates. However, they inevitably result in frustrated customers. Your main goal is to build trust with your audience, so you should never send emails that do not deliver on the promise, as it can lead to the recipients’ unsubscribing from the email list. Hook the recipient with a compelling subject line that offers them something or makes them want to learn more, but make sure it’s straightforward and relevant to the email content.

Sending out unprofessional emails

Unprofessional B2B marketing emails can turn your customers off and make them hesitate when deciding to work with you or not. Though your emails can be conversational and engaging to fit your brand voice, they should look sharp and professionally created with high quality images and eye catching designs. They also need to be grammatically correct.

Using hard-to-read language

Sending emails consistently is pointless if your customers do not understand the information. Only clear, concise, and direct B2B email copy will produce the results you want. Clearly explain how you understand your audience’s pain points and how you can help. Focus on the value and specific benefits you offer with a straightforward approach.

Not making emails mobile friendly

Many of your customers read emails on mobile devices, so if you don’t optimize the responsiveness of your emails, you are losing out on possible sales. Emails that aren’t mobile friendly will also look unprofessional. Therefore, make your B2B marketing emails fully responsive, so that anyone viewing them on a small screen can read them easily.

Not testing emails

Remember, you cannot change anything once you click the “send” button — that misspelled word or broken link will never be corrected! To keep mistakes out of your final emails, always send yourself and your team test versions before sending to your customers. Review the copy, links, and mobile responsiveness

Sending emails to an outdated list

Sending B2B emails to invalid email addresses is the biggest email marketing blunder you can make. Every year about 20-30% of the email addresses on your list expire. Therefore, keep your email list clean by removing bounced and inactive emails, and add fresh contacts and confirm existing ones by calling the businesses on your list and ensuring you have the correct contact information for the person with the target job title.

If you want help improving your B2B emails or expanding your list, contact the Winsby team today!

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