Manufacturer and Distributor Marketing: Know Your Customers

The Key to Increasing Email Opens: List Verification

When it comes to your marketing efforts, maintaining a healthy email distribution list is crucial. At Winsby, customers who receive the emails we send for clients purchase two to three times more often than those who aren’t on the list. Sending emails can greatly increase your sales by helping you connect with your prospects and customers, remind them of what you offer, and encourage them to buy from you.

But you have to make sure you have the right people on your email distribution list. That is where list verification comes in.

Your email distribution list goes bad fast

If you want to increase email opens and make your marketing more effective, you have to verify that the people on your list are actual people, and that they are people who can actually act on the information you send them. Because the sad truth is that as much as a third of your email distribution list will go bad every year.

That means that over 30% of the people you are sending emails to are no longer receiving them, no longer using that email address, or no longer the person that should be looking at them. The result is that your email opens decrease and your emails are wasted on people who can’t or won’t act on them. In short, your hard work and effort creating and sending emails is wasted.

How to verify your email distribution list

Verification will keep your list from going bad and prevent your emails from being wasted. The best way to verify is to first look at your customer list. You want to have emails for all of your customers, so if you don’t their email address, call and ask for it. Next, you should call anyone who has stopped opening or engaging with your emails, because they may no longer be employed with the company, so you need to find out who is in that position now. In both of these cases, you should ask the customer about their needs and then determine what the best email address to have on file for them is.

The critical piece is to make sure you get the email address of the person who can actually make decisions. You want your messaging to go to people who have the authority to decide to buy your product or service. Otherwise, your emails won’t be nearly as effective at increasing your sales.

How will your business benefit?

Your email distribution list is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. But if it’s not properly and diligently maintained, then it won’t work correctly. If you keep your list current and healthy, you can take advantage of the massive benefits that email distribution provides in terms of customer purchase frequency and retention.

At Winsby, we have list verification down to a science. We’ll call through your existing list and continually add new contacts to it by confirming your customers’ emails and by finding emails for companies that look just like your customers. As a result, your list will grow with contacts that are real prospects and customers.

If you want to improve your email distribution list, get more email opens, and make your marketing more effective, contact Winsby today!

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