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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Learn how your business is doing from the source

The importance of follow up
Customers are the lifeblood of any business. The best way to find out whether your customers have any issues when they deal with your business to ask them. What you think is a small change in your business can have a huge impact on the customer. The best way to avoid problems is to put a system in place where you are constantly receiving customer feedback. We think the most effective way to obtain feedback is with phone surveys conducted by an outside source. Customers will tell an outsider about an experience that they won’t discuss with your organization directly.

Turn bad customer experiences into opportunities
Following up regularly with customers is critical, because you can hear firsthand what’s working and what isn’t working with your company before you start losing business. In addition to identifying problems to solve, reaching out to customers to ask how things are going and to address their negative or positive feedback will remind them you are working to produce the best possible solution to their issues.

Positive comments are great, but negative comments are the ammunition you need to really improve your operation. For large businesses especially, there is a potential for problems or issues every day, and it can be impossible to track each one that might occur. By following up and conducting surveys each month, you are able to learn where your team may be dropping the ball in the sales process or at any point during the customer interaction.

Following up with customers makes a difference
Regularly asking for feedback is directly related to customer retention and your revenue growth. With equipment dealers, for example, business metrics are significantly better for companies that conduct customer satisfaction surveys compared to those that don’t. In fact, the retention of customers is 20% higher, the growth in the number of customers is 49% higher, and revenue growth is 123% higher for dealers receiving regular feedback through customer satisfaction surveys.

Third party surveys work best
At Winsby, we’ve found that the best way to understand what’s working and what isn’t working with your company is to have an independent party do the asking. If a company calls their own customers, they might be inclined to sugarcoat their issues or not be completely forthcoming about where they want to see improvement in your operation. When a third party organization calls them asking about products and services, they are much more likely to be candid.

Winsby Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Our process for Customer Satisfaction Surveys is simple. We develop a script, which you approve, then you send us your invoices each month, which we load into our calling system, then call until we complete a designated number of surveys. Our “take” rate is high: we talk to one in three people that we call, and if we reach the contact, 97% complete the survey.

If we receive a negative survey or even a negative comment, we’ll send the details to anyone at your organization that you designate, so you can call and talk to your customers and fix the problem. If someone mentions an employee in glowing terms, we’ll send that to you, too. Positive responses are just as important as negative ones!

Our customer satisfaction surveys allow your company to identify and resolve issues quickly, before they begin to impact your business negatively.

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