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What Equipment Dealers Should Include in their Marketing Emails

Emails are a crucial part of equipment dealer marketing. They are an extremely effective way to put your brand, your products, and your services in front of customers consistently. The benefits of email are that they remind people of what you offer and encourage them to purchase from you. Plus, by adding tips and best practices to your emails, you can establish yourself as the expert in your market.

In order to take advantage of email marketing benefits, you have to do them right. We’ve put together the most important things to include in your emails for effective equipment dealer marketing.

Showcase everything that you do

It’s important that you display all of your capabilities. Not everyone is looking for new equipment all the time!

Constantly expand your list

As many as 20% to 30% of the emails on your email distribution list go bad each and every year. The result is that up to almost a third of your contacts may no longer be viewing your marketing emails. To fix this problem, you need to constantly verify the contacts on your list to make sure they are still the right people to send emails to, and you need to add new leads and customers to your list as they come in.

Include a clear next step

Make it easy for the recipient to take the action that you want them to take. Each section of your email should have a clear and highly visible next step. For example, if you have a section of your email discussing preventive maintenance, then include a way to schedule an appointment. If you have a section that talks about a new piece of equipment, include a way to find out more about the machine.

Accurate subject lines

To take full advantage of the benefits of email for your equipment dealer marketing, your recipients must trust you. “Clickbait” subject lines have gone mainstream as a strategy to increase email open rates. However, they inevitably result in frustrated customers. To avoid this email marketing mistake, equipment dealers should hook the recipient with a compelling subject line that offers them something or makes them want to learn more. But it should always be relevant to what’s covered in the email.

Make emails friendly for mobile

Equipment dealers need to ensure that their emails look good on mobile. Let’s face it, people are looking at emails on their phones just as much if not more than they are on a desktop. Emails that aren’t mobile friendly don’t project a good image for your company. Test your emails in different browsers on different devices to make sure everyone is seeing what you want them to see.

Send emails that are professional and easy to read

To get the most value possible from equipment dealer marketing emails, they have to be simple to understand. Though your emails can be conversational and engaging to fit your brand voice, they should look sharp and professionally created with high quality images and appealing designs. Plus, always be clear and concise to show how you understand your customers’ pain points and can help.

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of email for equipment dealer marketing, contact Winsby today! We can do it all for you and show you what’s working through your results.

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