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What Email Content Should You Be Using?

Email distribution is a crucial touchpoint with your customers and one of the best ways to increase their purchase frequency. When done correctly, emails keep your brand, products, and services top of mind for your customers and encourage them to buy from you. At Winsby, our emails double or triple the number of times that our clients’ customers buy.

If you want to produce these types of results, then you need to include the right types of email content in your messaging. To help you out, here are some examples of what you should include to boost your purchase frequency.

Examples of email content

One of the most important things to remember for email distribution, across all industries, is to touch on everything your company does. Many businesses will focus solely on new products or services, but that really isn’t the best way to go about it. Talking about new things is great, but it’s also critical to talk about popular existing products, as well as all the support services that your company offers. We also recommend including some type of tip or best practices in your email content, so that you can establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. Every email should at least mention every category of the things that you do.

For example, here is what we include in the email content for our equipment dealer clients:

  • Feature on new equipment
  • Feature on a service or parts
  • Feature on used or rental equipment
  • Feature on a best practices or tip

The email content highlights something new or that the dealer wants to push, but it also touches on the other main parts of their business.

How to present email content

How the content looks and feels in your emails comes down to the copy and the design. If your email distribution strategy is going to be effective at increasing sales and purchase frequency, then your messaging has to be professional. Copy needs to be simple, short, and engaging. No one has time to read more than a couple of sentences, which gives you precious little time to get your point across effectively. It needs to be free of spelling errors and avoid overly technical language.

Once the copy is completed, checked, and re-checked, you need a designer to give it a professional look. You should use high quality, high resolution photos, consistent colors that match your branding, and font types of sizes that are easy to read. Once the design is finished, the email should be programmed so it’s responsive and looks good on all devices.

Don’t forget about calls to action (CTAs)

The last primary element of email content are the CTAs. You want to connect your messaging about products and services with an easy way for customers to actually order or schedule them. The calls to action should be concise and easy to understand. It should be clear where the link will lead the reader when they click on it and take them to a relevant page.

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