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How to Improve Your Website Ranking with New Content

Improving SEO on your website with new content can help grow your business. Follow these tips to improve your ranking and show up more often in popular searches.

Post new content frequently
Popular search engines use web crawlers to scan the internet for new content and pages. Now, the entire internet can be scanned in 24 hours, so improvements you make on your website will show up quickly. The results of these scans are indexed and then ranked. While the various formulas for how search engines rank web pages are unknown, it has been noted that the more often you update your website with new, high quality content, the more often your website's rankings will improve.

Keep in mind that more content alone is not the key to success in SEO. The quality of the material is also considered. In fact, filling your web pages with low quality content stuffed with keywords will probably have a negative impact on your rankings.

Use the right keywords
Improving your SEO starts and ends with keywords. Knowing which keywords to include on your website is vital to gaining an edge in rankings. While you may be inclined to use every word imaginable when populating keywords, this can actually work against you. In fact, most search engines will penalize your website if you overuse keywords or try to include too many.

To find keyword relevant to your business, there are a number of third party programs that allow you to see how people are searching for your products or services. You can also check the keyword rankings in Google AdWords. Google will rank searches by volume and show the cost of those keywords if you were to purchase advertising. The frequency and cost of a particular keyword give you reliable insight on what impact including it in your website's copy will have on your SEO.

To access Google AdWords keyword planner, visit While a form of payment is necessary to sign up for an account, there is no charge to use the planner. Once your account is verified, you can enter keywords to see metrics and forecasts on how well they will perform. You will also be provided a list of terms related to your business and the frequency they are searched for by users.

Impress Google
Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Their rankings have a significant impact on how websites are written and designed in every industry. While Google does not share its ranking processes, it's a fact that when websites are updated frequently their position in searches improves.

Focus on adding articles or blog posts that can benefit to your readers. If you allow your audience to engage with your posts, their responses will also count as updates that will be indexed by Google.

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