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Why Your Business Needs to Send Emails

Of all the various types of digital marketing, sending emails on a regular basis is the most important and effective one. In addition to providing information about your products or services to current and potential customers, b2b email marketing reminds your customers to purchase again and helps you develop a relationship with prospects to convert them into customers who do business with you regularly.

Email marketing return on investment (ROI)

Across all types of businesses in the United States, email marketing brings in an average ROI of about 4,300 percent. Distributing emails even helps bring in more business and generate more sales for companies than massive social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to making your company and product and service offerings known to new customers or prospects, email marketing also encourages existing customers to purchase again and purchase more often. Emails help move your company to top of mind, remind customers that they may need purchase whatever you sell, and encourages them to buy from you, rather than a competitor, when they are ready to buy.

Emails help customer retention

According to Small Business Trends, increasing your customer retention by 5% can boost profits by up to 95%. And by consistently sending out emails and putting your company in front of existing customers, you have a higher chance that they will remain as customers and purchase your products or services again in the future. On average, customers on a company’s email list are more likely to remain customers and purchase three times as much as those who are not receiving emails.

We handle your email marketing

From building your email list to developing topics to designing and sending the emails, Winsby handles the entire process. We’ll ensure you are sending out emails consistently, and craft the content to assure you’re sending out emails that your audience will be highly receptive to. That way, you’ll retain a higher number of your existing customers and encourage them to consistently purchase more often.

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