Equipment Dealer Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue Growth

When you are looking to grow your revenues, you need to implement the equipment dealer marketing strategies that are most effective at identifying viable prospects, then converting them into customers. In order to develop this approach, you must understand which marketing strategies work best to generate a continuous stream of new leads, then convert those leads into customers that purchase regularly. The most effective approach is to implement several strategies that work well together, instead of trying one at a time.

For example, if you’re sending out emails, but the website you’re driving them to is not optimized for conversion, then your sales will suffer. Likewise, if you’re sending out emails but not focusing on expanding your email list by calling customers and prospects to obtain their emails, then your emails are probably not going to as many people as they should be, so the results are diminished.

We’ve put together some of the top equipment dealer marketing strategies that we find extremely effective in growing revenues.

Top ways to improve your equipment dealer marketing

To grow revenue effectively and consistently, you need a comprehensive system of strategies that support each other and effectively move prospects through your sales funnel. Below are the equipment dealer marketing methods that we use for our dealer clients which show extremely high returns on investment.

Send Emails Every Month

Winsby writes, designs, programs and distributes emails for dealers. Customers receiving these emails purchase 2 to 3 times more often than customers who aren't on the email list.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Winsby calls customers who purchased during the previous month to ask questions designed for various types of purchases to identify problems for the dealer to address. Dealers that have Winsby conducting surveys for them have a 30% higher customer retention than dealers that aren’t using these survey services.

Call Customers and Prospects

When Winsby calls your customers, they purchase four to six times more often with three times the revenue, compared to the ones that weren’t called.


How does your website rank in searches for relevant keywords? Winsby’s team develops websites and adds content to them to boost your position in search results and bring more people to your website.

Analyze Key Metrics

You have access to dashboards for your company that show the details about when and how often your customers are purchasing and the return on investment for Winsby’s marketing services. Plus, the forecasts tell you where your business is headed with a 95% accuracy.

Revenue growth: your next step

At Winsby, we act as your marketing department for the cost of a single employee. We’ll put all the right systems in place to help you grow your customer base and implement marketing that works. You’ll reduce your overhead costs, save time, and receive a fresh perspective on your business.

If you'd like to learn the details of hiring Winsby for your equipment dealer marketing and how their services will drive sales, contact the Winsby team today!

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