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How Equipment Dealers Identify Website Visitors

An effective equipment dealer website is really a cornerstone of your marketing and sales activities. It’s where prospects and customers go to see what products and services you offer, to judge whether they are interested in working with you, and to see how to get in touch with you. You have put a lot of work into it, making it easy to navigate, adding great copy, and optimizing it for SEO, so it shows up higher on Google's first page.

After all that work, you want to use your equipment dealer website as effectively as possible. To accomplish that, you need to identify your website visitors.

See who’s visiting your website

There are two primary ways that you can identify website visitors. One is by adding a form fill on multiple pages that visitors can fill out. You can offer to answer their questions or a lead magnet, like an ebook, brochure, or special pricing. They fill out their contact information in return for the lead magnet or having their question answered.

The issue with using form fills to identify website visitors is that it is very inefficient. About 98% of web visitors won’t take the time and effort to fill it out. A much more efficient method is using software that identifies visitors. These programs tag each of your webpages to determine the IP addresses of anyone who lands on the pages.

The same software then notifies your sales reps and anyone designated in your organization when a person visits your site, so you know who’s on your site, which pages they are viewing, and so you can contact them quickly. Plus, the best thing about using this type of software is that you can usually add your email and customer lists to it, so anyone on those lists will be identified as soon as they visit your site. You’ll see who is interested in buying as soon as they start looking!

Boost your sales

Research shows that if you call someone within five minutes of visiting your equipment dealer website, they are 100 times more likely to purchase than if you call them an hour later. Time is of the essence, and understanding who is on your site as quickly as possible will go a long way to help your sales team determine what a visitor is looking for and guiding them toward a purchase.

When equipment dealers can identify website visitors, it allows them to use their website to its full potential, develop new leads, and boost their sales.

Understand user activity

More than just using a software to identify website visitors, you can use it to track their activity once they are on your site. If you see which pages they visit or spend the most time on, then your team can use that information to understand what the customer or prospect needs and offer the best solution possible for their situation.

Use Winsby to identify website visitors

At Winsby, we tag your equipment dealer website with a program that monitors visitors, so you'll know exactly who is coming to your website and which pages they are visiting. You can then receive alerts via email or text when someone visits your site. Plus, we’ll send you weekly reports showing exactly who came to your website, including how many times and what pages they visited. Then you can reach out to them and add them to your sales funnel!

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