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Email Marketing List Guide

Email marketing only works if subscribers actually want to get emails from your company. Reaching the right audience with a timely message is very important for savvy marketers who are focused on driving results. It all starts with your audience and growing an engaged one is crucial to your success.

Growing your email list will take a bit of effort on your part, but you can still succeed in building a profitable list. Email list building only requires you to follow a few simple rules that will help you to effectively reach your target audience.

Don't be fooled into or tempted to buy an existing email list. Buying an email list will cost you money, and you will also run the risk of losing your reputation. If you're sending out irrelevant emails to subscribers who don't know who you are, they are likely to report you for spam, and you will end up running campaigns that will have little to no conversions.

How can you grow an engaged and profitable email list that is personal to your company? Email list building is one of the best strategies that you can use to grow a profitable business. Here's what you need to do.

Let Your Ideal Customers Opt-In

Create a resource that your ideal customers will like and will be happy to trade their email addresses for. Make sure you let them know that by opting into your offer, they are giving you permission to send them promotional material. Put your offer on your website, social media channels, and anywhere else where your customers can be found online.

In order to capture the email addresses of your audience, you will need to design a signup form that is easy to fill in. These forms should be brief and to the point.

With a hard-to-resist offer and a well-designed form, your email list will soon be full of good leads.

With a hard-to-resist offer and a well-designed form, your email list will soon be full of good leads.

Make sure you collect relevant data about your prospects right from the start. The right data will depend on your:

  • Business
  • Product
  • Goals

The right data is the kind of data that will help you to run a successful, hyper-personalised campaign. The more data you have, the more you can personalise your information. 

Keep Your Email List Healthy

Email list decay is a problem that you will need to find a way to deal with. In order to keep your email list healthy and engaged, you will need to regularly remove any inactive email addresses. This could be email addresses that bounce or those that don't react to your emails. For the addresses that don't react, send a re-engagement campaign to re-activate readers who might still be interested in staying on your list. 

Value Is The Key To Growing And Maintaining An Email List

Make sure you always provide valuable content and offers to your readers. If you don't, you will get higher unsubscribe rates and low engagement rates. Both lead to poor performance whenever you send out an email campaign to your subscribers. 

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