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How Your Email Distribution List and Website Can Work Together

Most businesses look at their website as a billboard to showcase their brand and the products and services they offer. And while that is a primary function of your company’s site, it has the potential to do a lot more. More than just introducing people to your brand, your website can be an engine that fills your sales funnel with new leads and helps you increase your sales from current customers.

But for that to be possible, you have to be able to identify website visitors and understand what they are looking at on your site.

Why you need to identify website visitors
If you contact someone within five minutes of visiting your website, they are 100 times more likely to do business with you than if you call them an hour later. In order to contact them that fast, however, you have to know right when they are visiting. Once you identify website visitors, you can reach out to them, add them to your email distribution list, and get them moving through your sales funnel.

How website visitor identification works
Most websites will have form fills on one or more pages throughout the site. The issue is that 98% of people will not fill them out. It’s important to have them for that two percent, but you need another, surer method to identify website visitors. At Winsby, our solution is to use a software that tags each webpage and recognizes the IP addresses of anyone visiting your site. Armed with that information, you can see who is coming to your website and which pages they are looking at.

Connect website visitor identification with your email distribution list
By adding your email distribution list into your website visitor identification program, the system can cross reference any users on your site with people on your list. With that connection, you can tailor specific email messaging to match what visitors are looking at. For example, if someone is looking at your parts page, you can fire off an email advertising your large inventory or a current parts special you’re running. You can also set up an email drip campaign that triggers automatically when specific website visitors reach a certain level of engagement with your site.

Once you identify website visitors your site can serve as a tool to understand what different leads and customers are interested in. By segmenting your email distribution list based on that information, and conforming your messaging to it, you will have a much better chance of converting more leads and increasing sales from specific customers.

How Winsby can help
At Winsby, we’ll set up a tagging program and connect it with your email distribution list, including alerts to let you know when people with pre-determined levels of engagement come your site. We’ll also provide weekly reports showing exactly who visited your website.

If you want to identify website visitors and optimize your email distribution list, contact Winsby today.

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