email marketing guidelines

Email Marketing Guidelines

How to Maximize Your Return on Emails

1. Verify emails for decision makers by phone
What does it matter how many emails you have on your list if they are the wrong people? Confirm spelling and job titles by phone periodically. Find out who is deciding where to purchase what you’re selling, and make sure that’s who is on your email list.

2. Review your email list for generic emails
If the email address begins with info@, there’s a good chance it isn’t going to someone who is making a decision. If you’re a business sending emails to other businesses, identify gmail, yahoo, Comcast and any other email addresses that may not be business emails. Call to verify that they are connected with a business.

3. Vary the days and time of day you send your emails
Different days and different times of the day attract different people opening your emails. Look at your own habits—some days, times of day you delete emails without spending time on them. Other times, you open most of them. Everyone has different habits, so vary your send day and time.

4. Send your open reports to your sales team
Sales people are busy calling on customers and potential customers. They can always use help in finding things to talk about. If they know a customer has opened an email a few times, they can talk about what was featured on that email with them, and it could result in a sale.

5. Help your customers with tips and best practices
You know your business better than anyone does. Help your customers identify issues and potential concerns in your field of expertise by including tips and best practices in your emails.

6. Make sure your customers are on your email list
Customers on your email list purchase more often. It’s a fact. Review your customer list and add any missing emails periodically.

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