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Email Marketing Is Key to Your Growth

Sending out emails through a regular email marketing program will produce results and is crucial to any successful marketing strategy. Email marketing is one of the primary drivers of traffic to your website, and it is how you provide information on your products and services, remind customers to purchase, and help you convert prospects into paying customers.

If emails are key to your marketing strategy, then list building is key to successful emails. You can put in all the effort and take all the time in the world to develop email topics, write great copy, and design professional looking emails, but if they aren’t being sent to the right people, then it may all be for nothing. This is why having an engaged list of customers and prospects who are interested in your products is so important.

What is an email list?

A company’s email list is simply a list of emails, names, and possibly other information that they have gathered from customers or prospects who have opted to receive updates, discounts, information, and other details about the business.

Lists are important because email marketing is the best way to connect with customers and potential customers. By opting in and choosing to join your email list, a prospect is signaling that they are interested in what you have to offer. Once they’re on the list, it’s easy to see how engaged they are in a particular email from their activity with opens and click throughs. It lays the groundwork to make the sale.

You have to continually build your email list

It’s important to constantly build and develop your email list. That’s how you get your products in front of more potential customers, and how you ensure your emails aren’t just bouncing around the same people who have already purchased, or who aren’t interested in purchasing. But how do you continually add new people to your list?

Email list building seems like a simple concept on the surface. Just get more people to sign up and opt to receive information from your company.

The difficulty with this, however, is twofold. First, how to actually convince a customer, lead, or prospect that signing up for your list will be valuable to them. Second, how to make sure that when people choose to join your list, they actually care about what you are sending them and aren’t just going to have 50+ unopened emails from you sitting in the Promotions tab in their Gmail account.

Many companies will take a more passive role when it comes to overcoming these two difficulties. They will have an opt in form on their website asking people to sign up to receive news about deals and specials. Or they have a form where people give their contact info in the process of requesting information. Some companies will take it a step further and offer a free download, something tangible that the lead can gain value from just by signing up for the list.

How Winsby builds your email list

Although the strategies outlined above do help you build your list and should be a part of your email list building process, at Winsby, we also think you should take a more active role. That’s why we use calling to both verify your existing list, and to help you grow the list with interested, engaged prospects who are looking to buy now, or will want to buy in the future.

To do this, we first review your customer list, identify prevalent industries, and provide a list of those industries for your review. Next, we develop a script based on our success in verifying contact information and generating leads with similar companies in your industry. We then reach out to the company, get in touch with the person who makes the purchasing decisions, and add their information to your email list.

By reaching out, speaking with an actual person on the phone, and verifying who the proper person at the organization to receive your emails is, we help ensure your emails are not falling on deaf ears.

Expand your list, expand your customers

List expansion needs to be constant. Whether you’re updating current employee information or adding new prospects to your list, if you want to grow, you need to update your list constantly. A lot of work goes in to producing high quality emails that convert leads into sales. To ensure you are making the most out of that effort, you need to make sure your list has the right people on it. The people who make decisions and who are in the market for your products. That’s where Winsby comes in.

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