Equipment Dealer Social Media: Why You Need It

B2b social media is an important way to communicate with your customers and prospects. It allows you to build a community around your brand, share things about your company, and remind people of what products and services you offer. Many equipment dealers do not have a presence on social media, but ignoring these communication tools is a mistake. Although a few posts might not immediately result in an equipment sale, posting consistently will help you stay top of mind for your potential customers and cause them to think of you the next time they need parts, service, or a machine.

How equipment dealer social media channels should be used

Billions of people use social media every day. The majority are going to be entertained, to look up information on a business, or to learn something new. The key for effectively using b2b social media is to understand that, even though you are selling to other businesses, people work at those businesses. You want to tap into the reasons why those people are going on social media in the first place.

Show them something they are interested in, tell a story, offer them a solution to a challenge, or pique their curiosity. The more you do that, the more you’ll build up a following, and the more people you can draw into your sales funnel. You don’t want to be selling with every post. At the end of the day, your equipment dealer social media account needs to offer some sort of value, so you can build your audience’s trust.

Here are some examples of the types things you should be posting on b2b social media:

  • Show your expertise – Post helpful tips and best practices to solve challenges people in your audience may face
  • Show how you help – Post videos and photos of equipment you sold or rented that are used by your customers. You can also share videos and photos of your technicians completing work in the field.
  • Show your success – Post positive testimonials from customers. Videos are best, but you can also share text with photos.
  • Show your company culture – Post about company events and milestones, employee wins and successes, and about any changes or improvements you are making. Show that you care about your employees and your customers.
The benefits of equipment dealer social media

Using b2b social media is a direct link to your customers. It’s basically free real estate where you can provide more information about your team, your company, and what you offer. You can establish yourself as an expert and gain more credibility with your customers and prospects than you would otherwise be able to. You also have the ability to respond to customer grievances in the form of comments and direct messages.

Social media is more than just cultivating an image and building a reputation. Using social media for equipment dealers can also help drive traffic to your website when you include links in your posts, pages, and bios.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of b2b social media for your equipment dealership, then contact Winsby today! We’ll help you set up your accounts, develop a posting schedule, and create posts for you.

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