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Why Equipment Dealers Need a Full Service Marketing Agency

No business can survive without a steady flow of new opportunities coming through the door. This fact holds true for equipment dealers and distributors in every other industry. In most regions there a lot of options for contractors and construction business owners when it comes to new equipment, parts, service, and rentals. The question is, how do you make sure they come to you instead of going to one of your competitors?

The answer is a well planned and effective marketing plan that you stick to consistently. The difficult part is that equipment dealers have a lot to focus on. Owners and leaders are busy running the business, dealing with customers, working with team members, and just handling the day to day activities.

All those responsibilities leave precious little time to focus on things that don't require immediate attention, like marketing. But if you can't devote enough resources to your marketing, then your sales funnel isn't replenished consistently, and your growth becomes stagnant, especially if current customers change their purchase frequency.

The solution to this problem is to hire a full service marketing agency.

Top benefits of hiring a full service marketing agency for equipment dealers

Rely on the experts – Just as at your dealership has parts and rental equipment experts, a full service marketing agency is your expert to bring in new business. A great full service marketing agency will suggest doing whatever is producing results for their other clients and for you. They are constantly improving their processes and will only recommend to you what is working for similar businesses.

Save your time – A full service marketing agency takes a huge chunk of work off your plate. You and your team don't need to spend time and resources on creating and updating websites, ads, emails, or social media posts—time and resources that could be better spent on your core business. Using an agency that really knows what they are doing will ensure high quality work, effective results, and a steady stream of leads.

Reduce your overhead costs – Relying on a full service marketing agency costs a fraction of hiring an entire in house team. Plus, with an outsourced team, you don't have to think about managing their schedules, handling vacations or sick days, setting up their healthcare, or anything else that comes along with full time dealership employees.

Receive a fresh perspective – Sometimes you are just too busy or too close to your business to market it successfully. The parts of your equipment dealership that you think are most important to customers may not be. You might not even understand which top three attributes of your products or services matter the most to your customers. An outside full service marketing agency brings new eyes and perspective to your equipment dealership. Plus, they can help you conduct customer surveys to learn exactly what matters most to your customers and prospects. And they can show you the results, so you can see exactly what is working . . . and how well it is working.

If you'd like to learn the details of hiring a full service marketing agency for your equipment dealership and how it will drive sales, contact the Winsby team today!

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