Equipment Dealer Marketing: How to Build an Email Distribution List

One of the key parts of equipment dealer marketing is sending effective emails that drive sales. Before you can do that, you have to have an up to date email distribution list that includes people who are interested in the types of products and services you offer. Neglecting your list will cause it to quickly become out of date and potentially obsolete.

Your email distribution list will never stay the same. The people on them change job positions, leave the company, or stop engaging with your emails. If you want email to remain an effective tool for equipment dealer marketing, then it requires constant work and attention.

How to create an email distribution list that drives sales

Make it easy to sign up
Another key part of equipment dealer marketing is having a website that makes it simple to understand what you offer and for potential customers to find what they need. A component of that is having form fills on multiple pages to capture the name and contact information of people who are interested in your products or services. It should be quick and easy to use, so web visitors can enter their email fast and your list grows.

Contact prospects similar to your customers
Look at your current email distribution list in terms of SIC or NAICS codes. Find out which industries are most represented in your current customer list, then find companies that are in the same industry and similar to them. Create a list of potential customers, call through it to determine who the decision makers at each company are, ask them for their email address, and add them to your email distribution list.

Verify your current list
As we mentioned, your email distribution list is never static. In fact, as much as 20% to 30% of your email list goes bad every single year. That means that up to almost a third of the people on your list are no longer engaging with your emails or can no longer make the decisions you need them to make after reading them. If you want your emails to be as effective as possible at driving sales, then you need to have as many active contacts on it as possible.

Emails are the key to equipment dealer marketing

Email is the most cost effective method for growing sales, increasing purchase frequency, and expanding the reach of your marketing efforts. But they only work if your email distribution list is current and up to date. That way, your messaging is read by the people who are ready to use your products and services and who can make the decision to go with your dealership.

If you need help with making your email distribution list as profitable as possible for your dealership, the Winsby team can help.

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