Run A Customer Feedback Survey Chicago

Find out how to run a customer feedback survey in Chicago and grow your business without spending a lot of money. Winsby Inc. can assist you in creating an effective email campaign that encourages your customers to leave feedback on products or services purchased over the Web. Reminding customers to rate the quality of products and the level of care received by your company will go a long way toward showing potential customers just how committed you are to meeting their needs.

Surveys Impact Sales

If you rely on customer retention as a portion of your monthly revenue, you'll want to learn more about customer satisfaction surveys and how they can help you achieve company goals. Our staff will work closely with you to draft a script that will be used to find out how your customers rate your business in several key areas. Through analyzing customer responses, we'll identify areas that need improvement and look for innovative ways to address problems you may not currently know exist.

Real-Time Survey Results

Log into your portal after you run a customer feedback survey in Chicago to see results in an organized format. Automated surveys will prod customers for details if they indicate they are unhappy or dissatisfied with a product, service, or a particular process during checkout. Using our protocol, you can reasonably expect an increase in customer retention by 20-30%.

Phone Calls Make a Difference

An unhappy customer deserves personalized attention from someone inside of your company. When you run a customer feedback survey in Chicago, you'll have more insight into how your customers feel about your company and how they rate your products or services. If you receive feedback from a less-than-satisfied customer, you'll have the opportunity to reach out to them by phone and make things right by addressing concerns and complaints. Nothing tells customers you care as much as giving them your time and attention.

Why Phone Surveys?

Telephone surveys are the most reliable way to reach customers. Compare the 97% response rate from customers who receive a phone call with the less than 2% rate generated by email surveys and you'll see why it's so essential that your company is trying to reach out to customers by phone. The most common reason listed by business owners for not wanting to call customers is a fear of hearing a negative review. We encourage our clients to look at negative responses in a new light, as opportunities for change and growth.

Full-Service Marketing Company

Winsby Inc. is your one-stop marketing department committed to helping you grow your bottom line one customer at a time. Our marketing experts will set up all of the services you request and offer them to you for approval, making any adjustments needed along the way. Once you're set up and operating, we'll show you how to measure the results and watch your business start to grow. You'll find a complete list of marketing services on our website that we believe are essential for business growth; feel free to reach out to us when you're ready to get started.

Improve Customer Retention with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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