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The #1 Way to Increase Customer Purchase Frequency

Purchase frequency is a metric that tracks the number of times a customer buys products or services from a company within a given period. Essentially, you want this number to be as high as possible, because it means people are buying from you more often. Maintaining or increasing your customers' purchase frequency is critical to the long term success of your business.

There are multiple strategies for increasing this metric, but the best way is through effective B2B email marketing.

How B2B email marketing is related to purchase frequency

Often how frequently a customer will purchase from you ultimately depends on how often they think of you when they need the products and services that you offer. B2B email marketing gives you a direct line to your customers, so you can highlight everything you offer, remind them about your brand, and give them an easy way to buy from you again through effective call to action links throughout your emails. Basically, emails help keep your company top of mind, so that when it comes time to stock up or schedule a service, they think of you instead of your competition.

The more you can increase your purchase frequency, the more likely customers will stay with you over the long term, buying more year after year.

B2B Email marketing: Look at the numbers

You might be asking yourself; how can I know that sending emails will help improve my customer purchase frequency? Well, we send out emails for a lot of clients, and the results that our emails produce really tell the whole story.

At Winsby, we consistently find that the customers on our clients’ email distribution lists who regularly receive emails purchase two to three times more often than their customers who are not on the email list. That means that sending out just a couple emails a month will double or triple the number of times a given customer buys your products or services.

The B2B email marketing services we provide pay for themselves and fast. In fact, the clients we send out emails for see an average return on investment of about 4,300%. 

How it works

At Winsby, we take the burden of B2B email marketing off your shoulders. Our team handles everything from creation to distribution, even list maintenance, so you don’t have to, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. We start by working with you to develop a calendar of topics. Once you approve the topics, we write the copy, design professionally looking emails, and then let you take a look. After giving your approval, we program the emails, test them, and schedule. List maintenance to add new emails or removed inactive one is part of our service.

We create and send a lot of emails, so we know how to do it well and what works and doesn’t work for B2B companies. The emails we send on your behalf will lead to more sales and increased purchase frequency.

If you want your customers to start buying two to three times more often, then let’s talk.

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